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  1. My Hero Academia: One's Justice (PS4, Switch)

    Yeah, I'm expecting the vast majority of Class 1-A to be playable in the game, too. Tsuyu 100% will be in the game. She's a fan favorite and was even playable in the Hero Academia 3DS fighter. Somewhat think that characters from season 3 will be playable and no manga exclusive characters, too. Website has updated with putting Bakugo under the Hero side. New screen shots! I'm feeling so impatient because I really want more character reveals and information on game modes/online, etc. lol
  2. MKG Teaches Japanese

    I may honestly take you up on this offer in the future. I'm currently trying to learn Katakana and trying to expand my vocabulary and whatnot. Just started self teaching myself last year in September and its been amazing!
  3. When you and your friend get the idea of visiting Japan next year and this happened because you wanted to watch the Hero Academia movie in theaters. 

    Please don't save me from Hero Hype.

  4. Ain't nothing like getting on Splatoon 2 on Christmas day and showing the n00bs their places. Squid N00b Hunting Season is gonna be going for awhile.

  5. Top 5 Nintendo Switch games this year?

    1. Ferno


      all 5 of them


      but nah nintendo did good this year

    2. Strickerx5


      1. Botw

      2. Odyssey

      3. MK8

      4. Splatoon

      5. Idk... Fast RMX?

    3. Cobalt_Bolt


      Breath Of The Wild


      Xenoblade Chronicles 2

      Sonic Mania (Switch Version)

      Pokken Tournament DX

    4. Adamabba





      Mario Kart

      Sonic Mania

    5. Dejimon11


      1. Odyssey

      2. Sonic mania

      3. Puyo Puyo Tetris

      4. Xenoblade 2

      5. Metal Slug X

  6. Archie Comic Subscriptions please read.

    Oh, maybe I should do this. They sent me an issue of the Mighty Crusaders to help get rid of the rest of the issues I had left for Sonic. Will try to give them a call in regards to a refund or something when they're open.
  7. Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    So, for anyone who had issues left over on their Archie Sonic subscription, did anyone else receive an issue of The Mighty Crusaders from Archie to try and finish the rest of the issues you've had left for Sonic? Because they just sent me one and despite Ian Flynn writing it, it's something I highly doubt will appeal to me. lol
  8. My Hero Academia: One's Justice (PS4, Switch)

    Well, we currently have a new scan released from WSJ. Confirms that Bakugo is playable (Which we already know), but also confirms a new location! The outside of U.A. being a field that we can fight at seems pretty cool, mostly with you being able to fight on the building and looks like you can crack the glass for more dynamic look during the fight. I really like the whole environmental destruction this game has going! Scan translations by ShonenGamez
  9. Hero Academia season 2 wins IGN Anime of the Year 2017! ✌

  10. One Piece: World Seeker - PS4, XB1, PC (Release date: TBA)

    Looks absolutely fantastic. Developed by Ganbarion who are known for making quite a bit of One Piece games. I just wonder will Luffy be the only playable character and everyone else are NPC's? Because I can kinda see the developers wanting to build a world centered around Luffy and have it where his potential is really utilized to the fullest while playing as him.
  11. My Hero Academia: One's Justice (PS4, Switch)

    At Jump Festa, the Bandai Producer was stressing that the game is still a work in progress and that Bakugo model looks rough because it's not finished. It seems this was made just to show up how the fighter would be like with the destructible areas as well. Namco Bandai has confirmed the game is coming to the West on PS4, Switch, XBOX One, and PC. So, everyone can join in!
  12. I'm pretty shook. I'm just trying to buy Hero Academia manga from Amazon JP. What just happened to my order. 


    1. MKG
    2. MegasonicZX


      The new villain has a quirk that transcends time and space and sent them to you a few months too early.

  13. Black Clover PS4/PC game is a 4 vs 4 third person magic fighter game.


  14. One Piece: World Seeker looks so good! Quite possibly a day 1 buy for me next year.


    1. Ferno


      I really love how rubbery his movements are, as well as his base movement speed being faster than Link's was in BotW.

    2. TCB


      His movement is literally lifted from Unlimited World Red...but BETTER AND FLUID AND AAAAAAA I WANT THIS GAME NOW

    3. Ferno


      so many times in BotW i was like "can i just punch these guys" "i just wanna punch these guys"

      and it looks like in world seeker you get to punch the guys

      i want this game

  15. Chapter Black is the best arc of Yu Yu Hakusho.