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  1. Sonic Colors or Sonic Forces?

    Edit: Too busy to edit everything but I don't know anymore. lol I would probably still put Colors over Forces because for me Colors had better gameplay/controls, music, levels... With the controls, I've never felt like it was a big struggle playing o something I just need to get used to like it is in Forces with the Avatar where I really needed to adjust to, or Classic Sonic where I feel his controls are a big struggle to deal with. Outright bad if I'm honest. I do like that for Forces it gives you Boost type gameplay more akin to Unleashed/Generations. And Im pretty tied on Wisps in Colors and Forces. Both games handled them well, I think. I think having the Wisps as weapons in Forces is an interesting choice, but I kinda hate that they can't be switched on the fly. For what it's worth, cool that there's different types of the same weapons that does different things from giving your Avatar a shield, giving you rings for destroying enemies, or making your Avatar stop on a dime. Colors has arguably the most upbeat and poppy soundtrack among all 3D Sonic games and to this day still remains one of my top favorite 3D Sonic soundtracks of all time. In the top 5. It's hard to top classics like Sweet Mountain or Planet Wisp. This isn't to say Forces has bad music. Oh no. Definitely not. FAR from that. It's music is really darn good and brings back a personal favorite thing I've been wanting brought back for a long time and that's vocal songs. I just think as of this moment there's only a handful of songs I can remember/go back to listen to. Talk to me within a few more months and Forces may have the better soundtrack to me in the end. Maybe. I honestly find myself loving the level selection more in Colors than Forces. Forces has some really nice stuff like two city levels (I'm a sucker for those), but that's really all I care for. Everything that aren't the city levels are like...alright to me. I don't care that much to replay them. Some levels I outright forgot existed and only could remember the song for them, and when I realized the song was played for that specific level I forgot, I ended up going "No wonder I forgot, the level isn't that memorable or special." It never felt that way with Colors. I'm not the biggest fan of a big level being broken up into acts, and there's some acts I don't find to be that memorable in Colors, but I play the majority of acts and find them mostly memorable. I'm not sure on story anymore. Because on one hand I quite enjoy the nice light story Colors had with its funny dialogue and nice character interaction between Sonic and Tails, along with Orbot and Cubot. The latter two are big favorites of mine and I'm glad they've been with Eggman to give him company since I find them to be hilarious. They didn't really do anything in Forces but did have some funny moments. Though, with Forces I appreciate the more serious story and it being more action packed. It brings a ton of characters back and give them funny lines and nice character interactions. Episode Shadow DLC was great for more Team Dark interactions. Maybe I'm leaning more towards Forces on this one. While typing this all up, I honestly see how very close both games are... I like them almost the same or like one a tad bit more than the other in the grand scheme of things? At first, I was going in with a solid Colors > Forces attitude and now I'm walking out going Colors ? Forces. I enjoy both for what it's worth. Both have meh boss fights but Forces are more exciting to look at, and while Forces is has dropping beautiful thanks to the Hedgehog Engine 2, I still find myself loving the look of levels much more in Colors because of the bright colors and it's impressive how gorgeous the game looks on the Wii. Huh.
  2. Whenever I go to Japan, the thing I want to do the most is experience walking into a store and buying an issue of Weekly Shonen Jump. I've experienced it here in America picking an issue up monthly from Walmart as a kid, but I want that same experience but as an adult in Japan.

    1. Izuku Deku Midoriya

      Izuku Deku Midoriya

      The current #1 place I want to visit in Japan is the Shueisha headquarters. You're not allowed to go into the editors room or any higher floors in the building, but people are allowed inside to explore the lobby filled with Shonen Jump goodness.

  3. Should The Next 3D Sonic Game Forget About Story?

    No. Instead, SEGA can learn to get better writers. I was one of the people who appreciated Colors story quite a bit, and even enjoyed stuff from Generations and Lost World, but I was wanting a more serious story. I got that with Forces. It wasn't perfect, but it did carry some moments that I found were legitimately good. Still it's just that the story itself forgot what really makes a story good or at least getting the basics right. If you don't get it right then you just don't throw it all away and give up, you identify the problem and fix it. I feel this should be common sense, but sadly it seems as if SEGA/Sonic Team doesn't completely get this themselves, but anyways... This franchise has some amazing characters and I'm sure the reason why we've all grown attached to them was because of specific moments where they were written pretty well that helped made them standout in some way. If they want to stop doing serious stories, then okay, whatever, but they can still mess that up if the writers aren't good. So, better writers are the answer. And personally, I really love character interactions a lot. I can even take that over having some sort of serious story. I loved Colors so much because I found Sonic and Tails to be very funny and enjoyed their bromance completely.
  4. Scanned the Sonic Mania Introduction Manual. Hope the scans are of good enough quality!


    1. Kiah


      It’s just fine! Thank you so much for doing scanning it and sharing it with us! 🙂

  5. I find it interesting that Iizuka said ever since Sonic 3 he's wanted to make another 2D pixel Sonic game, and that Mania has been a dream for years. I would have thought he could have done that maybe with Sonic 4 (or maybe anytime Sonic Team wanted?) unless SEGA or Sonic Team themselves decided it wouldn't be a pixel game for whatever reason.

  6. Currently scanning the Sonic Mania instruction manual. A shame that no one has bothered to scan it as far as I know. It has some really neat concept art and nice words from the developers inside!

  7. Finally got my Sonic Mania instruction manual! Was surprised to see Somecallmejohnny name at the end of the book.

  8. Sonic Mania nominated for Best Family Game of the Year award. I hope it wins that and Persona 5 wins everything it was nominated for.



  9. My Sonic Mania Jones Soda has finally arrived in the mail. More Mania merch is always good.

    1. Red


      Do the sodas have an expiry date on them? I want to buy some lol

    2. Izuku Deku Midoriya

      Izuku Deku Midoriya

      I'm looking at mine now and I don't see one. lol

  10. Finished Sonic Forces at 2am. About 50ish minutes ago. Did get enjoyment from it. Sonic Generations > Colors/Unleashed > Forces > Lost World for me in the end.

  11. Made it to Casino Forest in Sonic Forces. Overall enjoying the game despite having some gripes with it such as overall controls at times or some level designs. But game isn't that bad honestly.

    1. PaulyBFromDa303



      I'm not too crazy about the casino levels myself on this game. Don't get me wrong, I love Casino levels, but I don't think there's a point when there's a ring a limit of 100


  12. Picked up Sonic Forces on PS4 and Switch from GameStop this morning. Will get to play after work.

  13. Beat Super Mario Odyssey. Great game. I...actually may like it more than Zelda. 

    Sonic Mania is still the best platformer this year tho.

  14. Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 Vinyl Soundtrack - "Bye Bye Money"

  15. I love it when RightStuf delivers my manga before release date. Just got Hero Academia volume 10. <3