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  1. Dunno if anyone else posted this, but I just love this animation!
  2. You can't be serious. A petition to the white house to bring back Flappy Bird... http://news.cnet.com/8301-1035_3-57618931-94/dear-white-house-please-bring-back-flappy-bird/ It's more addicting then I thought it ever was.
  3. Here is what smosh.com says: http://www.smosh.com/smosh-pit/photos/hilarious-reactions-flappy-bird "Even though the game was out since last May, the game really didn’t take off till it gained some traction on Reddit in January, which led to PewDiePie playing the game and uploading a video about it on Jan 27. Since then, Flappy Bird has gone SUPER VIRAL, with people of all ages playing the rage-inducing game, trying to beat their high scores." No, you gotta be kidding me. Pewdiepie?! Well, of course! He ruins games he plays with horrible jokes and his stupid, annoying voice, and finally, his fans swarming most of the copies of the games he plays! Sp, he and his fans are the reasons why the game was #1 on the App Store charts? He is just not making the internet world any better :/
  4. GodDAMN! You can't be serious!! Anything would be better than these pieces of crap!
  5. -_____- I should just say that things like these are the WORST crimes there could ever be.
  6. I played that game, but it's just too hard TO GET TO 30 NO MATTER HOW HARD I TRY! I had to delete that game to avoid further frustration.
  7. This site isn't really optimized for mobile devices, which should explain the cropping problem.
  8. https://www.eff.org/issues/tpp https://www.citizen.org/TPP http://www.exposethetpp.org/ http://wikileaks.org/tpp/ Everyone read them. This is really urgent.
  9. I'm not sure about that. I was on a forum once, and I was on a 'newbie' level, and that made me really uncomfortable and I think some members had a preference of looking down on newbies. As much as I like your opinions, Knuxgirl, I'm afraid it wouldn't end well if that suggestion took action.
  10. I will start you off with this: http://www.exposethetpp.org/TPPImpacts_InternetFreedom.html Feel free to explore the other sections.
  11. Try hitting on MegaGWolf. Sonic isn't everything he does for his channel, but, what he does is review Sonic hacks and fan games. They are a bit fun to watch.
  12. I don't know how they are going to respond, but they would just look at when the petition was made and say first of all: "You serious?" While many people hate him that much, I don't care about Justin Bieber, nor his music at all. I didn't know he was such a douche until I heard he did the drunk driving, smoking marijuana, resisting arrest, etc. Then I looked at his past actions. Yea, now I think he is some rich, spoiled brat who just uses his Beliebers to keep him at the same spot. And really... his Beliebers are unbelievably brainwashed, metaphorically speaking.
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