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  1. do you know where the amy sprite sheet is? because i draw sprite drawings and look at them.i draw concept art for game pitches too! so can you tell me where the other sprite sheets and amy sprite sheets are? please and i mean PLEASE reply after reading

  2. Shinbs

    Shinbs' Sprites

    Hey. I've been out of the loop with Sonic for some time, but I did a a thing. The Sonic spriting forums I used to visit are all down, so I was reminded of this place. Just dropping by to post this here: ------------------------------------------- Classic Sonic Sheet - 2015 version Classic Sonic Sheet - 2012(?) version (Last released version, for the sake of comparison.) This sheet has been sitting around on my PC for pretty long now, but I never posted it. I originally planned to add some more poses before I considered it "finished", but since I haven't touched it since March, it's clear that those additional poses won't get done anytime soon (if ever). So I'll just post it as it is or else it'll never see the light of day. Frankly, I'm sick of Sonic, but if this gathers enough interest, I might end up expanding on it a little and/or finishing the other characters sheets that I've started long ago. But for now, here's a new Sonic sheet for a whole new generation of DA kids to recolor and bastardize.
  3. I tl;dr'd the entire thread,but to answer OP's question,yes it did age well. It's still one of the best games of that era,in all aspects even.Music,Gameplay,Graphics etc,still hold up pretty well and overall seem more impressive than other games from that era. This is seriously ridiculous,it's like people are starting to let their hatred for the bad/3d Sonic games creep their way into the more acclaimed titles,just like "Was Sonic ever good to begin with?" I'm pretty sure that,if Sonic games were still great,then nobody would be asking those kind of questions,but the current stigma of "Sonic is shit" is so strong that it's carrying over the time when he was actually good. Of course the game did have it's flaws,but most(or maybe all?)of them have nothing to do with "aging bad". Sure,the barrel is stupid today,2015. But it was already stupid back in 1994.
  4. Metal Sonic got two lines from what I rememeber.I thought he would remain silent,but it's not much of a big deal to me really,he looked preatty beast in the issue too. So the new uniform is indeed a stash and a berret,seems like a middle finger to some skunk I know,nice. Sonic looks pretty damn cool in that off panel,very different from Evan's usual work too,I wonder if she's switching up her style.
  5. People actually made a poll to get Ian fired?Hahaha,how fucking ridiculous can this possibly get? I actually feel bad for a few,a select few,of the people I know who miss the old continuity,but I honestly wish this whole thing got nuked,and it was a FULL reboot,starting fresh from the start,with no flashbacks to the old continuity at all,but bringing some characters from it and adapting them just like they are doing,but with the old continuity not being directly canon to the new one i any way. I know that would please me greatly,because I think the old continuity was just outright disgusting,and while I really enjoyed most of Ian's run,it alwas bothered me a little that all his stories were tied to the crap fest that was the early comics.It didn't make me mad to the point of making a DA hate club,but I just pretended all the old crap never existed,and enjoyed the current stories just fine. Besides,starting from scratch would be literally easier to pull out than the patch job Ian's attempting to do to appease the old fans. How would that supposedly affect the old continuity fans? I suppose that if the old universe wasn't directly tied to the old one,then the nu252 techinically wouldn't be "messing up" the old universe.Kinda. I understand prefering the old universe over the new one,it's complete shit taste imo,but that's just different opinions,and I'm cool with that.But what puzzles me is that some people blame SEGA and Ian for everything even if they KNOW that there are lawsuits and crap involved.I mean,what the hell does those guys even want Ian to do,how would it even be possible to keep the old canon,given his situation? I understand being upset over the lost,but pretty much everything from that Anti Archie Club,for example,is just...too disturbingly retarted for this to be real life. *sigh,another unintentional wall text rant*
  6. Shinbs

    Shinbs' Sprites

    Thanks for the comments and all the likes guys,I appreciate it. Yesterday on a google search,I saw a thread here in which I learned most of this forum (rightfully) dislike Mighty,I'm working on something that attempts to make him a bit more unique,while still keeping close to his original design: Made this last night,and I'll hopefully have a complete sheet of this guy done soon enough. Mainly the basic gameplay poses,nothing too fancy,but not a single pose will be edited off of Sonic,I want Mighty to be his own character rather than just Sonic in a wig,speaking of which.. I made this after finishing the running animation. A is the original,C has a longer,differently shaped snout and sharper eyes,B is an inbetween,with the edited snout but keeping the original eyes. I personally want to keep C,as it's the most original,but I'm offering B incase you guys think C is weird.I'm definitely not keeping A though.
  7. I wish SEGA would have allowed those levels at least as DLC. The LW catterkiller looks cool,and the 06 Eggman look surprisingly cool for something I hated ingame.
  8. Shinbs

    Shinbs' Sprites

    Thanks guys.Now that Majhost is back I can post some more stuff: I'm redesigning the characters from Tails' Skypatrol. And about animating,I'm the one who made the sprites for Sonic ATS,(they were reshaded by Lake and MJ though).I made this Tails sheet for ATS,but Lake didn't use most of them because it was too late in development: I did start sheeting the main 6 of the classic era too,but those are mainly outdated,specially Knuckles: And this is the Sonic sheet that was used for After the Sequel: It's outdated,and I already revamped most of it,but I would rather finish the current sheet before I post it. And about that damn Rockman sprite everyone seems to like,here's the original file and text from when I first made it: "I wanted a Blue Bomber in-scale and in-style with my Blue Blur,so I came up with this. Originally it was made from scratch,but I wasn't happy with the body,so I just took parts I liked from my original sprite and merged it with the MM8 sprite,tweaking it along the way. Given the nature of the sprite,making poses for it is quite easy,so I might be able to expand on it and make a mini sheet if people would like to see that."
  9. Shinbs

    Shinbs' Sprites

    So SSMB,I like this place,and figured if I'm going to stick around,I might aswell show some of my work,so you guys get to know me a little better. This file should be a good jump to the point,it's a compilation with most of the character I made: ---------------------- White Outline - Way outdated sprites that need to be completely remade. Red Outline - Wips,sprites that I'm either still working on,or that I don't consider finalized. Yellow Outline - Sprites that even though are "finished",I'm not quite happy with their quality,so they might still be minor or majorly revamped. ---------------------- Just posting this so people know that I actually do something,heh. I may or may not actually upadate this topic whenever I make new stuff,but for now,I'd like to just see SSMB's opinion on my work.
  10. @CSS: I won't reply to most of your post at people's request,just gonna say that yeah,the romance was pretty much gone for a while now.What I was saying is that the comic as it is now (and been for a while) is how it should have been all along instead of the crazy stuff we got early on. -------------------- Anyway,I've got the PPP comics,but strangely enough I never really felt like really reading them,despite liking Blaze quite a lot,strange. Just read 255 though,it was okay,I like those Egg Uniforms and how they managed to portray Metropolis,and Bunnie's ponytail isn't as odd as I thought it would be,even with the bad art.He did draw Bunnie's face pretty cute though...occasionally. I personally can't wait to get an issue fully drawn by Bates,he's my favorite of the comic artists,and I think he'll show the best of the FF's new designs.
  11. To the guy(s) saying that the comic will be oh so predictable beacuse it's adapting the games,take a look at the Megaman comics,so far they've adapted MM1,2 and 3,quite faithfully most of the time,while still adding new content,characters and filler arcs.Remember when Roll,Splashwoman and Tempo teamed up to save a beach,yeah that was my favorite part of Megaman 2 for the NES. Or disregarding Megaman and sticking to Sonic,rememeber in Tails Adventures for the game gear when Bunnie acted as an uncercover agent for the BBA?Too bad they copied that in the comics,so predictable. But that game is too obscure,let's talk about the ever so popular Sonic 2,like when you reached the final stage for the first time and dropped the Genesis controller,surprised that Sonic used the energy in the Death Egg's wires to go Super. Let's not forget we could only beat the S1 final boss thanks to Antoine messing things up. They're adaptions dude,not straight copies,the only predictable thing is the story's basic outline,and the fact that Sonic smacks Eggman in the end.There WILL be differences and twists,and what makes you think game adaptions are the only things from here on out?How is the upcoming Shadow Fall even an adaption rather than an expansion to an actual game,and how is it predictable when there are two new characters made up for that arc,for example? I mentioned Genesis becuase it was recent and relevant,but that was just a little nostalgic homage made for the franchise's birthday,I'm pretty damn sure future adaptions will differ more (in a good way) from the source than Genesis did. This is what the Sonic comic should have been all along,not some pretentious furry drama romance shit as it used to be,I'm thankful that that crap is finally gone.
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