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  1. I have watched the original series and quite enjoyed it, but I do feel as though it doesn't really do Alucard justice for how much of a moster he truly is. Hellsing Ultimate has always been on my bucket list of anime to watch, but sadly, Funimation and Crunchyroll only have from OVA 5 - 10. Which if I'm fully honest with you, is a bit of a joke. I can't seem to find a blu ray copy of the first volume anywhere either. I get that Manga Entertainment lost the license to the series a while ago but come on. It feels as though there is no legal way to watch this show anymore unless you know where to buy it (which in my experience isn't Comic Con either). Any ideas where I could watch this series, preferably dubbed because I am weird like that.
  2. As we all know. The Crash Bandicoot: N'Sane Trilogy came out just over a month ago and received both critical and commercial praise from reviewers and consumers alike. It is still currently in the top 10 charts of both The United States of America and in The United Kingdoms of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and is still currently unavailable in most UK retailers to purchase brand new and physically. It became so popular that it even out ranked sales of Horizon: Zero Dawn, an original intellectual property by Sony Computer Entertainment that received a lot of advertising. Needless to say, this game was a success for Sony and Activision who are now looking into maybe making more remastering' for I.P.s that they own, the Spyro The Dragon trilogy comes to mind for me personally although nothing has been confirmed. But this those raise a reasonably big question that I'm surprised nobody has yet been talking about. Those who grew up playing Crash Bandicoot primarily played the original trilogy that was available on the Playstation 1. Some of you may have grown up with Crash Bandicoot: and the Wrath of Cortex, Crash Twinsanity, Crash of the Titans or maybe even Crash: Mind Over Mutant but for most people it was the original PS1 trilogy. As obvious as it may seem, these were the games that got remastered in the Crash Bandicoot: N'Sane Trilogy. So that brings up my topic, is there any point in even going back to the original games anymore since we have a remaster that in most situations those everything the original trilogy did, just better? I do mild retro game collecting and have the original trilogy on my PS1 but no longer see the point in having them and now I feel as though my money was slightly wasted because I might never going back to them. The same could be said for other remastered titles out there such as Metroid: Zero Mission for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance or perhaps the upcoming Mertroid: Return of Samus for the Ninendo 3DS. Persona 4: Golden for the Sony Playstation Vita (and Sony Playstation T.V.) is considered to be the definitive version of Persona 4, a Role Playing Game by Atlus Company Limited, therefore is there a point in playing the original Persona 4 on the Sony Playstation 2? Those anybody sort of understand where I am coming from? I love remasters as much as most people out, but when you can get all 3 Jak and Daxter, Sly Cooper and Ratchet and Clank games on the Sony Playstation 3, do you not question whether there is even a point in collecting the original games? Too long, didn't read? Do remasters make the orignials pointless? Thank you for reading.
  3. I just want fun and interesting stories that don't make me feel as though I need to have read any backlog material in order to understand what is going one.
  4. Very interesting topic indeed. Honestly, in my own opinion I always Identified with him as a witty character with a huge likable charm. He is cocky and has an attitude that gives him a "don't mess with me" vibe but he isn't so cocky that it comes off as this whole "I'm better than you, and I know it sort of thing". He's cocky where he knows he is, he knows he's the fastest thing alive and he proves it time and time again. So basically, I always saw him as a guy who practices what he preaches. And I feel his games need to show that as well. Ideal Sonic game is a tough one for me as I grew up in the Gamecube, PS2 and Xbox Original era which many to be considered as the dark age so to speak. As a result I have no nostalgia for the retro 2D games which is why I find it hard to be super excited to Sonic Mania. I don't know what I want out of this franchise besides good games and other forms of media. But that's just me.
  5. So I remember playing YuGiOh a lot when I was a Kid. It mostly started in Primary school and summer school where I even had the fortune to have a shiny Summon Skull that I got from a booster. Which to my stupid 7 year old self I ended up trading for a shiny Scape Goat (I will never forget that day where I made that mistake). When Secondary school came round, like most people it was time to grow up and be into more "mature" things, and by mature I mean "I have absolutely no idea and come to think of it, secondary school was stupid in that regard". However during year 10 I believe I got back into the card game thanks to a few people I was friends with at the time. It was a bit cringe worthy though if I'm honest since one of us was a full blown Weaboo who every time we played a match would always act as though he was in the first generation anime, with the expressive hand gestures and over the top characterizations of playing cards. Sadly as most people out there, once I left secondary school it was time for college and from this point on all forms of YuGiOh or pretty much any card game for that matter was lost on me. After leaving college I got into Magic the Gathering for a good long while but eventually stop playing because I didn't enjoy the whole pay-to-win aspect of it (even though I know it isn't pay to win, but I could imagine most MTG players out there have a slight understanding as to what I referring to). More or less MTG just became too expensive for me to want to keep investing into especially since I wasn't seeing progress with my decks. But anyway I feel as though I am getting a little off topic slightly. Basically, I would like to get into YuGiOh again but my only question is how? My local game shop I think those a YuGiOh night everyweek, but just like I wrote before with that one friend in secondary school, the posts this guy who runs the YuGiOh side of it puts on facebook seem a little cringey if I'm honest, putting post just saying "Time to Duel" and such. So I'm not sure if I'm willing to go to that sort of event if that is the type people that are going to be there. I also here that the Steam game YuGiOh: Lagacy of the Duelist is now really out of date and that nobody plays it. Forgive just sounds as though I'm being a bit of a douche with everything I just wrote. But I mostly just wanted to hear what you guys would have to say.
  6. Personally I don't think classic Sonic should need to be in Forces purely because we have Mania coming out. But I see there you are getting at and I'm glad they aren't calling Generations 2 because I'd like to see some original level design rather than seeing Green Hill again (Though knowing SEGA/Sonic Team they will probably still add that in knowing them). Otherwise, everything looks original for the most part.
  7. Maybe they choose not to reveal it (if he is in) because he shows up later in a game and could turn it into a spoiler.
  8. I think he is asking what everyone on this post thinks is a positive to Rise of Lyric. Well in my opinion nearly everything about this game to me looks incredibly exciting. And I know that is feels like I'm the only one saying it but I am truly looking forward to this game. Nothing in particular about this game gives me chills of enjoyment with maybe being the gameplay it self. I'm perfectly fine with any game franchise changing its formulas so long as that formula looks good.
  9. Perhaps their trying to have at least a little bit of sonic tradition here in terms of speed and make a level/loading area be lengthy to boot so that it makes the game feel fast. It could be this whole "woh we are going really fast this looks really cool" but then all of a sudden it only last 10 - 20 secs and all of a sudden you are feeling down because you want it to last longer.
  10. Same here, but there is nothing wrong with a little local multiplayer. I like having friends over.
  11. Can I just ask. Have we even seen the system of any of the other characters besides Sonic. Suppose sonic hasn't got a great combat system compared to the others because he might have a bigger emphasis on platforming. But I could be wrong.
  12. Ok well I was kinda generalizing a little bit, I wasn't directly talking to you.
  13. Does anyone know if Sonic Boom will be shown and have the demo available at any other conventions or showcases. Because at the moment we have only seen journalists views on the game. No person on this forums from the looks of things has played it yet to have a legit thought on it.
  14. Much agreed. Rather than people saying that they don't have high hopes for the game judging by the previews, all we are getting is the "THE GAME SUCKS". I mean, holy mother! the game hasn't even come out yet and people are straight away jumping the gun. Once again I seriously hope this game sells well just because I want the franchise to continue. But you know what I think I want most of all. I want this game to be launched and end up being the most amazing thing ever, just so all these journalists can get a slap round the face. I know that, that is never going to happen, but is it too much to ask for people to stop with the whole "the game sucks and it hasn't even come out yet".
  15. In my honest opinion. Even if Sonic Boom those end up being bad or mediocre, I can only hope that the game sell enough copies to get SEGA to say "We'll give you guys another chance because your concept has potential but please learn from you mistakes and make the game 10 times better than before". It's shocking actually how many people are looking at Boom and instantly going NOPE on it. Seriously. One person I work with I don't has seen anything about the game except for the re-designs and he has automatically said "it looks s***". But whenever I look at Boom I can't but think of Ratchet and Clank, a game franchise that I'm not a huge fan. But with all that said I am still excited for Sonic Boom both Rise of Lyric and Shattered Crystal.
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