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  1. Thanks. How long do these panels run; about an hour, correct? I may be able to watch it live - assuming we get a stream, that is.
  2. Is ANYONE streaming this? TSSZ and Tails' Channel streamed it last year but I haven't heard anything about them thus far.
  3. Yeah, this post needs to be put on a poster or something; truer words have never been spoken about this community. This too. Hats off to both of you. I really don't understand why anyone who's convinced this game will be bad still tortures themselves to comment on a thread dedicated to or watch footage of said game. I'm sure E3 gave you much better things to spend your time on and that's not even counting Mania with its own thread on this very forum. I personally like Infinite's design - sure, it's edgy but I don't think Sonic's ever done something like it before. That said I do hope the writers (or writers and localisation if Pontaff aren't writing from scratch) make this work. The press release did point out how weird it was for everyone to be here though so I hope they do in fact do everyone justice. P.S. THIS is how you do criticism, people: explain why you're worried about something and discuss the good and the bad, not just "this is gonna suck, ST is terrible, etc."
  4. Yeah, I was wondering about this. Either that or he's being blackmailed or - as said before - he's SA2 Shadow. The alternate dimension Classic Sonic is confirmed by Eggman saying as such in the boss battle and Generations' Sonic explicitly being stated to be a younger Sonic (not that that's stopping anyone from whining about inconsistencies...) I always thought that thing of Infinite's chest was hair like Shadow's (only metallic), but it would be amazing if this theory is correct! As for the writing, Pontaff translated Colors and Generations but entirely wrote Lost World themselves, so they may be at the helm this time too. That doesn't give me much hope, especially since this has potential to be the biggest Sonic story ever - not to mention the fact that with four of the villains already being established characters (granted Zavok could use more development) it can skip straight to developing the plot itself (and Infinite, of course).
  5. The Tvtropes page just got a bunch of entries saying Eggman won because he brought Classic Sonic into the present day (meaning he wasn't around to stop him in the past). Was this actually confirmed anywhere or is it just some people being trigger happy with speculation?
  6. SAGE ended last night, didn't it? Have we heard anything about when the demo will be released?
  7. IGN: Well, they've come a long way from their "people should play better games" response to reactions to their Black Knight review at least. GI: GameInformer's always had a thing against Sonic: I remember the common consensus here about their positive preview of Fire and Ice a while back being "someone just got fired". GameRevolution: Now this is just hilarious. How did that reviewer even het their job? xD
  8. Tell me IGN didn't actually do that. Did they change the score? (I refuse to use their site or YT channel so can't check.) Also re: Twinfinite...there's always someone who says that, isn't there?
  9. Thanks! I'll be keeping my eye on this thread for sure.
  10. Quick question: can you charge a Spin Dash with a single button a la Generations (when stationary) or is crouching and pressing X/ A the only way? Also, was the Lightning Shield changed in any way? I remember hearing (either from GameXplain or Cobani) that the Fire Shield was now a Homing Attack.
  11. I think Ken said in his interview with Roger that he and Warren put words to the outline SEGA gave them for Colours and Generations, but wrote the plot from scratch for Lost World. I assume they had free reign with SC and Fire and Ice too, save the inclusion of Lyric, Shadow and Metal Sonic (you can tell they threw the latter in just because).
  12. Has anyone seen/ heard of Fire and Ice at SDCC yet or is it too early to ask?
  13. I loved the not!A Team theme and the classical piece at the beginning (the same that plays when Homer eats those chips in space). I find it strange that the latter is identical to the original music, just played on different instruments. Does it belong to the public domain? I hope the Sonic Show does a commentary for this one.
  14. Posting my thoughts from the preview: That bit about the lower screen sounds like the frustration would REALLY build up while playing. Hope they can fix it soon, even if they have to sacrifice their map icon…
  15. I was thinking SC would take place during the time travel shenanigans of RoL, but this works too. Also, great music is great.
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