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  1. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS - Settle It In Smash!

    i'm waiting sakurai
  2. Unannouncend Pikachu Game in the works: Pikachu - 1998-2013

    I'd say this is pretty damn mouse-y. I mean what, make him eat electric cheese or be chased by Meowth with a hammer around the house?
  3. Unannouncend Pikachu Game in the works: Pikachu - 1998-2013

    I honestly think they're going to give him a sword. NO IDEA WHY But mark my words. We're getting Pikachu and the Black Chesnaught.
  4. [Badge Contest] Werehog Winners!

    Any Kill la Kill fans here? ... what? Thought I would do Ryuko? NOPE. MAKO MANKANSHOKU TIME.
  5. So uhhh remember how I said I'll do it in one take flawlessly? Well uhh about that. I WAS WRONG http://youtu.be/n-M8rXF4Oqs don't worry though a good copy is sent jeff
  6. Woah. So I can like, post stati here? Cool beans man. Although why does it make me write like I'm on something. I assure you I'm not. Only coffee.

    1. Bird
    2. Knux's gal!

      Knux's gal!

      yup! welcome to the fun :D

    3. #AR


      Don't worry, most of us are on somethin'.

  7. Naww man, we do it real we do it LIVE ONE TAKE FLAWLESS
  8. I was singing this in the shower like, last Friday. I love it. TIME TO BREAK OUT THE CRAZY RAP SKILLZ
  9. Kill La Kill

    I was hooked from the first minute. My entire body was exploding as I watched it. It was so hype, I think I had a nosebleed. Not the sexy kind, but the "holy crap I can't take this level of awesome" type. And I have to laugh at people bashing the costume. It's a parody of fanservice. That's the point. Can't wait for episode 2, and more. This is my number one anime this season for sure.
  10. I still haven't beat Sonic 2