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  1. uh, happy birthday?

  2. They should release our demo now this isn't fair I want to own stages.
  3. Hopefully it is easier to control and not uncontrollable like the modern games before Generations :/.
  4. I think everybody wants Dr. Robotnik as the final boss so that's what sega is going to do.
  5. I asked to be unbanned but lets stay on topic here. Who here is glad Dr Robotnik is the final boss in this game? I am.
  6. Well I think the Deadly six will always play as pawns and will never be as good as a final boss such as Dr. Robotnik.
  7. Well, I didn't like what I saw in this Spanish gameplay footage. Because for one the guy talking should just be quiet who the hack is Spanish on youtube anyways? Secondly he should have not did cuts for the footage its very unprofessional. Lastly, it just makes the game look worse than it already is for me.
  8. The title would be misleading for the game if I was forced to play as any other character besides Sonic.
  9. Its life depended on Sa2 which epically failed and moved the project with added bonus features to the gamecube.
  10. Yet, the system didn't sell well till sonic was invented. Forcing them to give away the game.....
  11. Box art wise buddy, back in the day it was hard to present different designs with those graphics duh. Normal people who just play videogames and dont care which games they play consider the american sonic to be the most cool and iconic
  12. First of all you are basing your facts of the present but not the past secondly I stated sonic 1 was remade many times next time read and comprehend the meaning of a user's post before pulling a phoenix wright on them. Also classic games outsell almost all the modern games I consider that really horrible for the current sonic games at the moment.
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