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About Me

James A.K.A. JaiRo

Artist, animator, and cool guy.




Who the fuck is this chump?

I'm James a high-school student with a cynical attitude. I'm also an amateur artist with interests in Digital-Art, Game-Development, and music. I don't know exactly what I'm going to do with my life yet, but I know it'll be great.


Where can I see your shit?

Well I have an art thread a DeviantArt page here, and a Youtube channel here.





My mother was a gamer and a huge fan of Sonic, so when I was born in '97 it only made sense to introduce me to the series. When I was 4 years of age she gave me her SEGA Genesis to play, I played alongside my sister as we tried very hard to make it through Sonic 1, Sonic 2, and Sonic 3. Mom never bought Sonic and Knuckles, but nonetheless me and my sister played the Genesis until it broke. We never did beat any of the games biggrin.png. My father left around this time, due to committing adultery. Without a male father figure to base my personality off of I used what I had: My school friends, Mom's male friends, a few cartoons, and Sonic the hedgehog. I know that sounds like a recipe for disaster but I swear I am a delicious concoction. Sonic was cool, and everyone wants to be cool like him, so I just sort of mocked the confidence and cockiness as seen on AOSTH and Adventure. My mother continued to buy me Sonic games as their price's steadily dropped, and this is when I was introduced to my three favorite games of the era: Sonic Mega Collection, Sonic Adventure DX, and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.


That year I finally beat my first video game, Sonic the Hedgehog 3 as Super Sonic, as I child this was my crowning achievement.  Soon after I played and beat Sonic Adventure despite being very lost in the hub far too many times. The Super Sonic v. Perfect Chaos fight pumped me more than any video game has to date, and Open You Heart planted seeds for my then forming musical tastes. Sonic Adventure 2 was probably the coolest game of the 3, and it's dark story really enticed me. Tails' fury at the supposed loss of his best friend, Sonic's unbreakable will,  and Shadow's confused future all shaped up to be the coolest thing ever in the mind of an 8 year old. This was the first game to breed my gamer rage, Crazy Gadget sent me for a real loop, I couldn't wrap my mind around the gravity changing portion. I suck at depth perception (See: I'm bad at video games). 


Eventually I got an Xbox 360 for Sonic '06 and I loved the Sonic/Shadow sections as well as the laughably easy game-breaking with Silver in CoOp. All good things must come to an end, and so my love for the blue guy which guided me my whole life started to fade upon playing UnWiished and Sonic and the Secret Rings. I pretended these games never happened and stayed with what I knew, clutching to the thing I had held so dear always. It is ironic, nowadays UnleasHD is my favorite Next-Gen Sonic title, the other ones just seemed less fleshed out.


Stuff I did because of my love for the series


-  My favorite toy, named Froggy, became a Sonic knock-off. His personality was just like Sonic's and he was super cool just like Sonic. I'd even tie a little washcloth around his neck when I was pretending he went super. I still have him biggrin.png. I played with him everyday as a kid, making my own little pseudo-Sonic fanfictions around his adventures.

-  Spent butt loads on the games/merch.

-  Bought an Xbox 360 just to play Sonic '06, I didn't have internet so I didn't know how bad it was!  I would've bought it anyways though smile.png I kind of like it actually.

-  Became one of the fastest runners at my school for a time.

-  Joined this message board!

-  Became interested with art through drawing Sonic.


​Stuff the series did for me


-  Gave me a hobby. I never would've started drawing if not for Sonic.

-  Gave me a community, that's you SSMB, to talk and relate with.

-  Provided hours of enjoyment for me and my siblings.

-  Influenced my musical taste and personality.

-  Introduced me to Xbox and the many things that came with it.


Sure, there are more dedicated fans out there, but this series was something I can always fall back on. I love it and even when I've moved on from playing his games I will still remember the blue guy that shaped me, making me the man I am today.




Best posts ever?

Why Sonic '06 discussion will never stop.


It is a significant part of Sonic's history, it nearly killed the fucking brand for god's sake. It's a controversial topic, and maybe you're tired of hearing it, but it's so deeply ingrained into Sonic's history that asking us to stop discussing it, is like asking us to stop discussing Sonic all together.


It's the Sonic game non-Sonic fans know, and is arguably the most important part of Sonic's history.


Silver is a cool guy!


Sonic Generations should've had Silver going to the past to try to erase Sonic '06. "I'VE GOTTA SAVE THE FUTURE!"


Animal Crossing is creepy as fuck?


I think that air of mystery adds to the game. Why are you the only human? Don't worry about it. Why are all these animals talking?! Dontworreeboutit. I DON'T REMEMBER GETTING ON THAT TRAIN! DONWORBOTEET! 


See my finest hour: Here

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