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  1. Hunnid P? More like Hunnid PP! huhuhuhuhuhuh

  2. hey can i get mod... Only joking, Happy Birthday Chris!

  3. Tumblr is saying Hunnid P (Singer of SA2's shitty Knuckle's raps.) has been jailed. Seems his crimes against the music industry have caught up with him.

    1. goku262002


      find a source and we'll talk, I'm not gonna believe otherwise.

    2. Sixth-Rate Soma

      Sixth-Rate Soma

      "give up the emerald, or die i don't love you" hunnid was reported screaming at the jewelry store clerk

    3. #AR



      no way

    4. Chili Dawg
    5. MykonosFan


      But it's his birthday!!!

    6. MykonosFan


      But for real he's engaged and having a kid some time but that's about it

    7. Celestia


      If it's true, I wonder what he did?

    8. JAiRO



      Well, it's just Tumblr. It's probably some bullshit rumor that people reblogged.

    9. MykonosFan
  4. So I finished my second piece of art for today, 3 request should not be taking me this long...

  5. Hey I finished your request! Not sure why I made it into an autograph, but I did.

  6. So I finished the second request I received. It's G1 Soundwave, from Transformers! I never really cared for Transformers as a kid, it usually bored me to sleep. But you know who does like Transformers? Spin Attaxx! I know I sort of messed up the design but Google images gave me like 3 different versions of the guy so I just sorta morphed them together. It's an Autograph... from an Autobot! Or at least I think he's an Autobot, I have no fucking clue.
  7. Hey, I finished your request broham.

    1. Komodin


      Hey, thanks, dude! I love it! =D

  8. Thanks dude! I've really been working at those expressions, your acknowledging my improvement has made my day!
  9. Today I asked for requests from SSMB, I got 3 but have only finished one. This one is for Komodin.
    1. JAiRO


      I need to redo the top two. Woops.

    2. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      Are Soundwave's muffins tasty :3

    3. Goldenlink64


      My bad, wrong comment. Looks cool yo.

    4. Milo


      omg i didn't think you'd actually draw them lol

  10. Hey dudes, give me something to draw!

    1. Milo


      zeus and roxanne

    2. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      G1 Soundwave

    3. Komodin


      Sonic holding a chili dog.

  11. There is a Shrek Musical on Netflix. Oh dear...

    1. Lucky


      It's actually quite awesome.

  12. Someone is remaking Mystic Cave Zone in Generations. It doesn't look half bad.

    1. Cyrus


      That light is adorable

    2. JAiRO



      I know right? The people in the comments are begging him to remove it.

    3. Cyrus


      NO TASTE

    4. Milo


      i posted this earlier :u

      anyway the hat is adorable, i'm indifferent about the light

  13. Captain Falcon has a really good face. That is the nose of justice.

    1. SuperLink


      chiselled by gods

  14. I was hoping Super Meat Boy was going to get in Smash Bros. at least as a trophy. I know the devs have expressed interest in it, and some indie representation would be nice.

    1. spinny


      a super meat boy trophy would actually be pretty damn awesome

      especially if it's a 3d render and not just a 2d sprite like that one ice climbers trophy in melee

    1. JAiRO


      Why is he making that fucking face?

    2. Cyrus


      Ooh, a 2007 Rayman skin

    3. Milo
    4. JAiRO



      Lol, nice.

  15. Main site got a little makeover.

  16. Remind why we need more pointy, blue haired, anime people again?

    1. SuperLink


      considering everyone was expecting Chrom (who is exactly the same kind of character as Marth and Ike) this instead is far preferable

  17. Ew, Fire Emblem characters.

  18. C'mon guys we all know it's going to be the Chorus Men, from Rhythm Heaven.

  19. So today I decided I needed to work on making characters more expressive, and I experimented with the coloring technique I used. Yup, SonAmy. While I still need to work on those expressions, this came out pretty good.
  20. I started another Art thing today. I'm practicing larger facial expressions and colored lines. http://i.imgur.com/VZAY0vp.png

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