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  1. Bring Sparx’s gem detecting ability from Spyro 2 into the first game because in some later levels like Lofty Castle, finding the last few gems can be a goddamn nuisance and could take ages.
  2. BLOPS 4 was announced out of the blue just last week. So were the Crash ports. And someone already said Tomb Raider so that’s covered.
  3. It’s because people are assuming it’s nothing and just think it was an accident they decided to take advantage of.
  4. I'd like to see the excuse when it actually does something sometime this month.
  5. Honestly, literally the only way that could be unintentional is if you're a sloppy UI programmer.
  6. It’s funny you say that because Matt Mercer replaces Josh Keaton as Spyro in Skylanders Imaginators.
  7. Jess is already on Acti’s payroll since he just did Crash in N. Sane/Skylanders and was Spyro at one point so if anything, he’ll probably reprise Spyro for the potential remakes. Or they could just go the other route and get whoever voices him in Skylanders*. It saves time than to just ask Tom Kenny or even Carlos Alazraqui to reprise the role (Tom sounds totally phoned in in ETD but we don’t ever talk about that game and Carlos only did Spyro once). EDIT: Now that I recall, VV did say a while back they made the effort of asking Clancy Brown if he was interested in coming back to Crash for N. Sane but ultimately turned it down. It can apply to Tom Kenny coming back to Spyro as well, y’know if Acti or VV makes the effort of doing so. Tom actually did a few voices in the Skylanders games as well so that adds more fuel to the fire. *I swear Spyro has gone through more voices than Sonic ever did so it’s hard to keep track. @VEDJ-F This is actually the first time I’ve heard of Clancy getting lousy treatment. Could you explain it a bit more? I just figured he ditched Crash since he was making more with SpongeBob/DC.
  8. It also helped that N. Sane itself was marketed as a “straight-up” remaster with little nuances to make the games better to play and experience (such as easing Crash 1’s bullshit difficulty and playable Coco) so those got the attention of casuals and such. Not to mention good PR like weekly gameplay trailers and the idle animation contest and such. Forces didn’t get that kind of “attention” until like, two weeks before release and it was just sporadic and mediocre because of how much of a letdown it was. Also, people wanted Crash. As weird as it may sound but the near decade long hiatus did Crash a good thing. All the shouting and begging after the numerous subtle hints and teasers, they listened and it tremendously paid off.
  9. Well to be fair a lot more hype was surrounding Crash’s big comeback more so than Forces since it was a remake of his first three critically praised adventures plus Crash wasn’t seen in nearly a decade. I really haven’t kept track of Forces but I’ve saw very little pre-release besides the gameplay previews and such and the response was lukewarm to say the least. It may sound bias (my username and such) but to say N. Sane was anticipated is an understatement. The game practically sold out almost everywhere around the globe in its initial launch.
  10. To be fair, Crash just came off of three newly remade games a few months ago. It’s still fairly recent. You’ll probably get a new game announced at E3 give or take. Spyro was a no-show at PSX but Spyro’s definitely a given at a revival, I’d fully expect an announcement this coming E3. Activision is not just gonna ignore the nostalgia sales Crash pulled in (it reached 2.5 million by the end of September so it has to have reached 3 million by now) and not do Spyro.
  11. Didn't the producers/director say that Mario has sort of a role in it or am I misremembering?
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