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  1. I don't know about anyone else but do you guys think the NX is too soon? It could be me but going by the rumors, seems like Nintendo's dropping the Wii U bandwagon real quick after just about three years in the market.

    1. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      I personally feel that my Wii U ride is gonna be a little too short seeing as I didn't get get on board till 2014, but it unfortunately seems that no matter what Nintendo does at this point, they are not gonna get people to pick up Wii Us in droves. While I personally love the system and wish we could have had more time with it before the next generation, I understand that a failure is a failure and a shorter than expected console cycle is necessary to escape the sinking ship and sail to the land of milk and honey. Hopefully.

    2. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET



    3. Marcello


      It'll be four years by the time the NX releases. Roughly gen 6 length, and that with the Wii U being a huge failure.

    4. JaidynReiman


      The big problem with NX isn't so much the possibility of it cutting the Wii U short. The big problem is Nintendo cutting the marketing short. They've always given a significant amount of time for a new console to sink in before just up and releasing it.  And that's after giving out an official announcement of what it is.

      When they mentioned a new console was in development last year, they had no intention of even bringing it up. They only did so because they didn't want fans to think Nintendo was abandoning the console market. That and the fact they're waiting until E3 to even talk about the NX would normally indicate the console isn't seeing the light of day until next year at the earliest.


      The rumors, on the other hand, mostly indicate a release of this year. Some even as early as June (which is COMPLETELY ridiculous, there's no way in hell its releasing that early). Of course, said rumors first started... just after the first time we even knew the console existed, and not a moment sooner.

      The only real rumor to have any possible leeway so far is the one that listed the 2016 3DS lineup in addition to saying Zelda NX in 2016. That one rumor is the first to have any real backing, because they got the Pokemon 2016 code name right and got Disney Art Academy. Of course, its also missing some things as well, so its entirely possible the Zelda NX part is right, but not the part about it being n 2016.


      I totally agree on the NX being too soon. Not necessarily for the Wii U being cut short, but because based on everything we know for a fact and Nintendo's usual deal with consoles, the rumors of it releasing this year are just ludicrous if its a home console.

    5. CrashRatchetFan


      @JaidynReiman Yea, me and a few others on another forum were thinking that as well.  Even if the console itself wasn't a commercial success and the GamePad integration was mostly shoddy, I wouldn't expect them to shift their focus this soon, even when it's only been in the market merely three years. 

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