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  1. Okay, well I just got back from my local GaneStop playing the Crash N. Sane demo and here are my thoughts.

    Keep in mind these are just my opinions. I played the ORIGINAL Crash 1 and 2 it's fresh in my mind for comparison as well.

    N. Sane Crash 1 is the new definitive version of Crash 1 for me. Hands down, bar none. The physics feel like Crash 1 but they turned off his weird inertia shit so he doesn't feel as much like a fucking runaway tractor trailer. So the box bridges and stuff are both "easier" and "harder". They feel like a good medium. The Brio bonus is a good example. Never once was the fucking up on my part anything but my fault. 

    Crash 1 has been made to feel more like Crash 2, NOT the other way around like SomeCallMeJohnny and Caddicarus and people were saying. The Crash 1 controls feel JUST as correct on analog as they do on D-Pad. Better, even. D-Pad is great for 'precision' though. 

    Crash 2 N. Sane feels lighter than Crash 1 N.Sane. They are similar, but in no way do they feel exactly the same as the aforementioned YouTubers expressed. I question when the last time they actually played the original games was. For me it was a week ago so I have a great frame of reference. There's a clear difference. Crash is faster and snappier to control in N.Sane 2 than in N.Sane 1. The slide jump is spot on and feels great. Even the spin slide jump technique popular for skips in speedruns is in the game and does jump higher and farther than a regular slide jump -- though that's where the biggest difference lies -- it's not QUITE as high and the window to make it happen (the timing of the button presses) is slightly narrowed to make abusing it harder, but it's perfectly usable as an actual move the same way it is in Crash 2. 

    It FEELS like Crash 2 with some modernization. Crash 1 and 2 definitely have "feelable" differences though. 

    The graphics in person are not done justice by trailers and captures. The saturation and color is phenomenally done. The HUD and menus are fantastic and animated. The startup screen and stuff is simple but good. 

    The difficulty is retained, especially in Crash 1. It has not been softened up at all, but the controls are BETTER so you can get used to it a bit quicker and if you have played Crash before, when you pick this up you feel right at home, just... better. There's no real adjustment period. Crash 1 feels like so much better than OG Crash 1. It feels more like you're skilled and chaining the jumps and obstacles together in a much more satisfying manner than OG Crash 1 where you feel like you're getting lucky sometimes. 

    Overall, this is the best Crash since the originals. Like the way it plays, looks, sounds. It's top shelf shit. Because it IS the originals, just... better. I keep saying that, but in terms of the little things, ESPECIALLY Crash 1 vastly surpasses the OG Crash 1.

    1. MightyRay


      That's great to hear! I always thought the controls in 1 could do with some fixing up. I hope they polished up the controls for Hog Wild and hog other levels. Because damn they were annoying to play.

    2. Jango


      Post this on the official thread my boy!

    3. TheOcelot


      It's very pleasing to hear Crash 1's controls have been tweaked.

      Good stuff.

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