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  1. We're still around, if you look for us. Minty reporting in again, just for the giggles.
  2. I remember SZF. Fairly well, since I used to "help" run it. Day / Minty / any other name you can think of. That was me. After Adam/Sonikku sold the site, there wasn't really much else we could do. The guy who bought it was never on, and without full access to the ACP, there wasn't a whole lot we had in the way of advancement. So we ran it into the ground, until Xash came along and shut it down. Fun run, really. So yeah, I recognise a few names here. I still talk to Rusty on a regular basis, and Sipher, and Sanic, and Valtiel. Funnily enough, it was Stormy who mentioned SZF, so I figured I check for it. Find this, and here we are. Interesting to see who remembers though!
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