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  1. The system changed a good bit as to how you do it. I was disgusted with the game until I started getting mods. I suggest who ever is having trouble with learning the controls use someone with very high handling. The Mods for this are great too. To be honest, I still have no clue how to pre-race boost. And I'm halfway through the game.
  2. I just got the game a few hours ago and although it's easy to pick up and play, I'd have to say there is a pretty big learning curve to it especially when compared to the first game. So I say we get a good tips and tricks thread going to help poor souls such as myself out! I apologize if I'm going out of line in anyway or misusing the forum in anyway, I'm really tired and can't make much sense of things at the moment. If any mods or admins like they can move or edit the thread to make it conform better.I had to drive all over town after work to find a place that had it in stock early. Thank you Toys R Us of Redlands California. You saved me from driving 40 miles out of my way. Back on topic though. I'd like to ask if anyone's mastered the boosting section before the start of a race. I had it once or twice but can't figure it out for the life of me. Any help would be appreciated guys.
  3. Just got home with lots of swag. More pictures video and whatnot latter. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iqF61dMUh0 Hope it makes some of you guys happy Ugh I'm so exhausted. *sighs* I love you guys XD
  4. Oy, >< Sorry, I'll fix it soon. Poor mistake on my part sorry again.
  5. I'll admit that I, like many of us here, had a crush on Amy ._. And it was a hard crush. I still support SonAmy 110% though. I think it would be adorable and fitting really. I still have my Sonic and Amy wall-scroll as the center-piece of my bedroom. And I have actually forced my girlfriend into cosplaying as human-Amy. Now then I'm off to read SonAmy fan-fic. Also I used to think every Sonic game was completely perfect. I have a tendency to obsess over the big Sonic game of the time. Like in 2007 I was obsessed with Sonic ASR, in 2008-2010 I was Unleashed obsessed, and since November 2010 I was obsessed with Colors. Now I'm Generations obsessed. Also I think Rouge is drop-dead hot and love "properly-made" naughty pictures of her... ._.
  6. Found these on his Facebook. And here's some statues And lastly Naka-san with Sonic XD
  7. Hmm seems the policies of club Nokia prevent me from being of much service to you guys I'll see what I can do though, maybe I'll just use my phone for on-floor coverage, maybe they'll let me in with my dinky little camera too though. I'm used to taking things into events like this.
  8. Well just about 26 hours till the event. Be sure to stop buy and say hello while we're there. I'll be the gentleman with the bucket hat, green bandanna and classic Sonic shirt.
  9. Thanks for the link. I'll probably bring my copy of Sonic Adventure 1 or 2 for the GameCube. Or maybe I'll just have him sign my old Dreamcast. I think having a Dreamcast signed by him might be a tad bit cooler. Edit: Actually I'm going with my copy of Sonic Mega Collection. It was my first Sonic game. It has my name on the cover, booklet, and disc though. Thus further proving I had it since I was a dumb little kid. I was scared of getting that one game in particular stolen so I put "Zach" all over it, maybe Mr. Naka will actually like the story behind it.
  10. Hmmm... Hey guys, I need some opinions. What should I bring to get signed?
  11. Haha nice to see that Dread and T-Bird are going I was skeptical at first about that. I guess I'll wear a T-Bird hat too XD Also if you guys are concerned I'll be hunting as much memorabilia/swag as I can I'm so excited to see everyone there.
  12. To be honest I think this would be a bad move. Namely because the only title characters in the series should only be of the Hedgehog Trio (Sonic, Shadow, Silver) though I'd love to see Ol' Knux back in the games as a playable character. I think he could fair well as a non-treasure hunter as he was in Shadow the Hedgehog. But he'd be very fun in treasure hunting situations now thanks to new hardware. This whole generation we've seen a lot of Parkour in gaming, I think using a bit of this in Knuckles gameplay would be fun thanks to his wall-climbing ability and gliding. Like I've been saying, if fans want it, eventually SEGA will listen if there trend to please the fan-base continues. So I'm sure Knuckles will come back sooner or later. (Hopefully soon, I miss playing as him and Tails)
  13. I think that SEGA can do it fairly well now. Blaze is perhaps in the top 3 fastest characters in the series (Sonic, Shadow, Blaze, Metal Sonic, ect) and because of this I think she has the speed to run off of the Hedgehog engine very well. We can even keep the boost the same because she has had boost from the get-go in Sonic Rush. Her game play is unique enough to be different from Sonic but she essentially uses a similar engine. I say her and Silver should come back in there own game in there own dimension/time. Silver's game play was actually rather fun in 06, give him a jump that works as an attack (Spin Jump or even have him spin and give of telekinetic energy like Blaze does with flames) and refine the physics for him. Have a story with the ability to play as either Silver or Blaze whenever wanted, and use Super Silver and Burning Blaze for the fight with the final boss. Perhaps even have Sonic in there for his own story mode paired with Shadow. And maybe add a third campaign with other characters. The villains can be related with Eggman, Eggman Nega, Metal Sonic, Iblis, Mephiles, Solaris, Dark Gaia ect, Hell even involve the Wisps. We don't need a grand "new story line with new characters". USE THE OLD ONES. I'm a bit sick of seeing a new set of characters in every Sonic game. The game could be very good as long as SEGA takes caution and time with it. Also it might not be Blaze game per se. The smartest move would be to call it something along the lines of "SILVER THE HEDGEHOG" because when consumers see the word hedgehog they'll know it's sonic related instantly, versus calling it something like "Blaze the Cat" or something like that, it can revolve around both characters though. Both silver and Blaze desperately need more games, fans are begging for more of both of them. SEGA has been making the fan base very pleased lately so I'm sure we'll see more of them as time goes on.
  14. I like the way you think. Because it's the truth, as long as SEGA publishes it and the title has ANYTHING Sonic related in it, it's a Sonic game.
  15. I must quickly hurry and prepare for this! Oh wait I've seen this countless times before except now Jesus is labeled on it, making it so much more believable now. -sarcasm- Anyway just in case, someone prepare me a harem of young nubile Czech women to make love to!
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