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  1. Count Mario

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Lord & Miller, 2018)

    http://www.ign.com/articles/2018/04/24/spider-man-into-the-spider-verse-villains-revealed Ultimate Green Goblin, the Prowler (who we briefly see in the trailer), and Kingpin are confirmed to be in the film. So just like I assumed, the movie seems to be focusing primarily on the Ultimate Spider-Man universe with the "Spider-Verse" titling being reworked into meaning multiple people getting bitten by spiders who may or may not reference different Spider-Man universes but are still born in the Ultimate universe.
  2. Count Mario

    Incredibles 2 *can it live up to the wait*

    I will give Brad Bird the benefit of the doubt. But ironically enough, he just stated in an interview yesterday that he has planned to swap gender roles between Bob and Helen ever since developing the first installment. While the main conflict of the story is what he's constantly struggled with and redone over the past few years. http://www.ign.com/articles/2018/04/16/why-did-incredibles-2-take-so-long-brad-bird-explains-the-sequels-delay It also mentions how he wants to dig into gender norms, father participation, and women being just as vital in the workplace as men. Which are valid truths and concepts to explore. The idea of Helen becoming the protagonist for a movie is a great move, although I would personally prefer a movie giving the whole family around equal amounts of focus rather than relegating most of them to a B plot at home for half the film like both of these installments seem to love doing. I get that they want to have their cake and eat it too by having both superhero and family drama, and it's extremely difficult to not have a film focus around a specific protagonist. But is having one member recruited into some sort of secret agent program while the rest of the team is left out of the loop the only premise they can come up with? Seriously? But I'm really REALLY hoping they go for something more than Bob feeling insecure/emasculated about being stuck at home with the kids and Helen feeling liberated from the typical monotonously inhibiting and unappreciated housewife lifestyle. And even if you get past how cliche that conflict has become, I still always find at least the male side of that conflict so shallowly trivial. Because I've seen that a million times and the moral messages to tell for those dilemmas are obvious nowadays. Not that I'm pretending as if there still isn't clear societal gender disparity, but stay-at-home dads and working moms aren't anything new. Unless, I don't know, you're really deep in American bible belt territory. I'm sorry, but all I see in these trailers are either what I just described or running gags loosely from the first film. Oh, and apparently the villain is an electronic media obsession/manipulation metaphor for modern society too, how clever. Although that power can be used very interestingly if handled right, like with the Purple Man's mind control in Jessica Jones (not that Pixar should ever go that dark). Pixar also knew that a sequel to Monsters Inc was clamored for too. And we all got was every college movie cliche splattered with monster paint. Finding Dory wasn't much better or original. I wouldn't be surprised if this movie's only getting made now because Tomorrowland flopped and Incredibles 2 was always a back pocket nest egg Brad could bring out if he hit hard times. But even so, if he makes it all work out, great! I am praying that I will be proven wrong after waiting over a decade for this film.
  3. Count Mario

    Incredibles 2 *can it live up to the wait*

    The movie parallels are actually what worries me. I worry that this sequel will mainly "just" be a spouse swap. The cinematics look amazing, but the the amount of story that's been revealed in these trailers hasn't really wowed me. And the only Bob parenting joke that made me crack up a little bit was the "MATH IS MATH" scene. Even Syndrome and Screenslaver seem like they could occupy similar "rich person using resources to reform the world" supervillain niche, even though they obviously appear to have different costume/power gimmicks and opposite motivations. Judging by the cast list released for the movie:
  4. happy birthday!


  5. There might be a chance that Miles in his Spidey costume is on the bottom.
  6. Count Mario

    Telltale Batman Season 2: The Enemy Within

    As somebody who played the Vigilante storyline first and watched the Villain storyline later And I must say... I am so overwhelmed by the dissonance in plot quality that I am going to replay the entire Telltale Batman series for reevaluation to end with the Villain scenario next time. The Villain storyline felt like a much tighter, properly paced, and thematically compelling narrative. The Vigilante storyline was decent and Joker's dialogue is freaking beautiful, but I don't have many other praises. Don't get me wrong, the Villain storyline is still far from perfect. But for all of this season's faults, I really liked what it was going for. If anything, most of its flaws stem from the baggage of having to wrap up poorly developed plotlines from the rest of the season, while everything new they did with Joker's transformation managed to engage me at least somewhat more than I expected. So the Vigilante storyline: In the Villain storyline though: All in all, the Vigilante storyline feels like an afterthought checking off boxes that were developed around planning the Villain storyline ahead of time. Which is a damn shame given how much I love Vigilante Joker's design and character interactions with Bruce, Alfred, and Waller. I love the themes for both Jokers and the final fight though, here they are if you want to listen: What a coincidence, I considered the same thing. But considering the difference with the Villain ending, nah. Both after-credits scenes were seriously meh, although the Vigilante one did tug my heartstrings a tiny bit. As for Hush, well... They can't disappoint us more than Arkham Knight did. At least, that is what I'd like to say, but I just remembered that Mr. Freeze doesn't return in either episode 5 version. I don't know where he'd fit, but that still sucks. Bane doesn't show up for closure in the Villain storyline either, but... who cares lol.
  7. Count Mario

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Yes, a few pages ago. https://imgur.com/a/Ms6vA
  8. Count Mario

    Telltale Batman Season 2: The Enemy Within

    I can't even get into Freeze's conflict because he doesn't get that much individual focus besides one conversation where you manipulate his obsession to get on his good side and having mercy because he needs low temperatures. I only feel bad for him because of my nostalgia for Heart of Ice. So rather than seeming sympathetic, he looks more like crazy Dr. Frankenstein iceman with necrophilia. I only hope that he comes back in Episode 5 so that your actions mean something. Harley's practically bipolar. The most I can say is that at least getting on her good side does not seem too easy...? This series went the manly steroid junkie brute route for Bane, the mistake that so many stories make instead of tactical mastermind with flexible prideful morals route. I think the only scene he impressed me a little bit is when he confronts you out of nowhere at the spa. And I think that's only because the situation reminded me of this scene from Dexter that always makes me crack up: They should have held back on the urge to throw in so many villains without proper direction. I wonder where the story will go next season though. I hope they tackle Ra's and Scarecrow. I have a weird idea that might work if they fuse some comic book concepts and be as radical as they were with Dent and Cobblepot.
  9. Count Mario

    Telltale Batman Season 2: The Enemy Within

    I forgot that mystery was even a thing lol. I remember how Selina tries to claim that he seemed like a nice person before despite us having no indication of that whatsoever. I can see both of those scenarios happening though, good job. Although I can't really get into the dramatic reveal of John killing Riddler, aside from never seeing them interact and Riddler barely being focused on, when we know it stems from something as trivial as Nygma "rudely" cutting off John's jokes.
  10. Count Mario

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Boy, seeing all of those final bosses together on the first page really hammers in how dull Forces' Death Egg Robot design looks.
  11. Count Mario

    Telltale Batman Season 2: The Enemy Within

    That example you pointed out with Hush is VERY interesting. It is so easy to have the morally ambiguous character's flaws threaten the relationship rather than the protagonist's own. And I will always appreciate stories where Batman isn't perfect lol. I didn't mean to portray Batman and Catwoman's relationship over the decades as NEVER being compelling, there had to be some moments where it was. I was more so talking about the common type of interaction we see from most writers, especially in the New 52 and most adaptations. Sort of like how you described Black Cat lol. I am a Batman fan, but haven't read too many of his comic book stories involving Catwoman. I have much more intimate experience with reading Spider-Man. With Telltale specifically, I was sort of fine with Bruce and Selina's interactions in season one. Aside from how they tried to push a dumb love triangle conflict with Harvey (what is it with Telltale having face-heel turns because of love triangle drama?). Although I must say that the season 1 chapter 2's ultimatum between saving Harvey or Selina at the mayoral debate is probably my favorite sequence in this whole series so far, the build-up, scenario, and tense atmosphere was perfect. But their relationship getting rehashed this season with even less interesting relevant conflict because... I don't know, John's risk of going bad only because he's a codependent lover boy and Harley spontaneously hitting on you in front of John for no reason apparently doesn't bring enough romantic tension. And it makes the finality of Bruce and Selina's separation near the end of season 1 look redundant. Black Cat in the comics has sometimes had Catwoman's conflict, but most adaptations prefer her only caring about adrenaline highs from parkour antics and embody selfish temptations just like you described. There was a point in 80's where she accepted and tried to work with Peter having a double life and focused on trying to do heroics only. Although now she's a crime boss because Superior Spider-Man (Doc Ock was in Peter Parker's body for a year or two) clocked her right in the face when he caught her stealing and left her to get arrested, which made her crave revenge and villainy on the drop of a dime. Which... was a petty development for her. Since he was doing his job as a superhero and Felicia expected complicity because she's a love interest. Although I freaking cheered when Ock actually acted like a hero instead of playing up the repetitive "will they, won't they" BS like Peter does. All in all, I completely agree with you about the problem with Catwoman being her lack of evolution. I could complain about all of the villains this season. Especially Riddler, they completely wasted his potential. He deserved a revamp like Two-Face becoming mayor or Penguin taking control of Wayne Industries instead of being Jigsaw with riddles who gets killed off to hype other villains. All of the John bonding and Joker molding is still the best part though.
  12. Count Mario

    Telltale Batman Season 2: The Enemy Within

    It's pretty clear that her, Bane, and Harley are a new Suicide Squad being forced to follow Amanda Waller's orders because of explosive necklaces. Not that putting Catwoman into yet another circumstance where her agency is inhibited by needing you to save her by putting your life in jeopardy is still great. And personally, I never really like comic book femme fatale thief romances like the ones Batman and Spider-Man have. It always gets old and I think the only time I liked it was in the Spider-Man 2 video game because it only lasted the length of a single game and Black Cat came to a friendly understanding about the type of double-life Peter needs to be responsible. Rather than milking the dead horse that is "will they/won't they, arrest them/join them" for years on top of years. Add in how the protagonist's conflict is based on superficial temptations like flirty sex appeal antics, "hey we have this costumed lifestyle in common so I don't have to feel lonely", and owing each other favors if they save the other person, and I don't really care that much since it feels more like an over dramatic shallow love-at-first-sight high school romance than something actually "real", if that makes sense. I feel like that type of romance only works best for a year one amateur story when the hero is still settling into figuring out what type of morals and lifestyle they should embody, especially since you can only give someone so many second chances until it is obvious that they will never change. Which then makes the hero look like a hypocrite for giving this one criminal constant exceptions from being caught by the law because, well, they're hot and do good things sometimes despite still stealing, hurting people to a minor degree, and even helping other more dangerous criminals otherwise. This type of dynamic only stays interesting if actually develops towards both parties trying to finally have a serious relationship, but that hardly happens. And when it does, like Batman and Catwoman's current betrothal in the comics and Spider-Man/Black Cat in the 80's, it will inevitably get undercut by the story reverting back to the status quo somehow after a few years at most. So yeah, Tara's last comment sums up my feelings succinctly.
  13. If so, it still feels like such a minor nod that could have been done more cleverly while still looking unique. Like having red shoes two white straps per shoe forming X-shapes. Or maybe white shoes with red straps to invert Sonic's shoe colors while still obviously looking similar stylistically? I digress, but this would look weird if Sonic and Mighty stand side-by-side with 3D models. Good thing that still has a, I guess, 95% chance of never happening.
  14. It's cool that they're willing to update the designs since Ray design took inspiration from the Archie attire to make his shoes stand out. But I wish that Mighty's shoes also looked different. They look way too similar to Sonic's. Tails is also rocking red/white shoe colors, but that works since it's handled in a unique 50/50 color balance without straps. I know this sounds nitpicky as hell, but it still irks me. Although I guess the white strips are slightly rounder on the sides than Sonic?

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