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  1. So I went back to play the classic sonic titles in an attempt to convince myself that I'm still a fan of this series and I'm trying so hard to find something good or something I like about them but I can't. 

    Honestly, they're some of the most miserable experiences I've had in a long time. It makes me feel really sad and depressed. It's not just a meh feeling it's almost active hate (except for sonic 2. That one is more of a meh feeling for like 80% of the time). 

    1. Osmium


      why so? 

    2. nintega137


      Well, it depends on the game, but it mostly boils down to the very nature of the gameplay itself not being fun to me. Just listing a few problems off the top of my head.

      1. I simply don't find the classic 2d sonic gameplay that fun anymore.

      2. There are a lot more glitches than I remember, and they screw me over quite a bit. (I was playing sonic 1 yesterday and then died from touching the lava in marble zone..............................despite having 16 rings, a shield, and the invincibility power-up activated. It happened twice in a row. )

      3. I don't really enjoy the physics, which is weird because that's what everyone praised those games for, but for me, it just doesn't feel good at all with momentum based platforming. It gets even worse when one of the technical problems I mentioned earlier pop up because it makes the control feel so odd at moments. I've had moments where sonic just burst forward at a high speed all of a sudden from a stand still for no real reason at all without me being able to stop it. It feels like the control is fighting me it feels awful.

      4. A common issue I have with the classics (and possibly all sonic games in general) is that I feel the game kinda just drops after the very first level is over. The only level in sonic 1 I like is green hill. Everyone after that is boring. In sonic 2, emerald hill and chemical plant are okay, but I just get so tired after that. In sonic cd, I hate all of the levels for feeling so cluttered and bouncy and Sonic 3 and knuckles have too many annoying level gimmicks to be fun to me. 

      5. Also, I'm not that fond of the music in sonic 3. It just doesn't do much for me. 

      This is why I'm not really excited for sonic mania. I know you can get used to the levels and speedrun and explore them too, but it's not fun to do either to me, and I don't find the games that hard (even though I did get a game over in 3 and 1 recently but yea). Something about having sonic on a 2d plane no longer feels right. 

      6. Also at times, I wonder if the games would feel better to me if the camera were further away and I could see more of the screen or something.

      7. I remember now as a kid that I only really played as far as the first couple levels in the game because I didn't like the rest of them. I could get past them sure, but the game lost all interest for me after the fact. 

      8. Unrelated to the games themselves, but I feel a prevailing feeling of loneliness in my opinion because I've never met or heard of anyone else on or offline that isn't immediately chastised for thinking so. 

    3. TailsTellsTales


      That is okay if the 2D games do not work for you. That is why luckily there are other styles of gameplay to choose.

    4. nintega137


      Well true, but I'm playing Unleashed right now, and it's okay so far. Kinda fun, but I'm at the very beginning of the game so we'll see. But it's kinda not good to like the boost gameplay right now with sonic forces on the way right now (which admittedly doesn't excite me at first glance either, but I might still wind up liking it). 

      It's hard for me (along with bad self esteem) to not feel bad about it. 

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