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    nintega137 reacted to Baconjack in Popular and unpopular Sonic opinions you agree and disagree with!   
    Unpopular opinion:
    Mania's level design is not great. In some levels it feels like playing a Modern game from a 2d perspective and 16 bit graphics. 50% of levels like Stardust Speedway and Hydrocity are automated. 
    The treasure hunting stages in Adventure 2 are garbage.
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    nintega137 reacted to Dr. Detective Mike in Sonic Forces Me To Look Ahead: Where does (3D) Sonic go from here after Forces/2017?   
    For me it is. Definitely.
    I appreciate and get more out of the things that comparably a lot of other people wouldn't care about. There seems to be specific motivation and mystery behind the drive of what the bad guys are doing and individual reasons for their commitment for one. That's at least been hinted at for both Shadow and Infinite. In Lost World, the Deadly Six are just... evil because I guess its tradition? Like they're pissed off at Eggman for enslaving them but it's never explained why Zavok has such a hard-on for World Domination. So much so that its literally written in his bio as a thing he likes. The fact that they've come out and said there's an actual reason behind Infinite's origin and that they made a free DLC add-on in support of not just explaining that but Shadow's involvement already makes the villain angle something to, at the very least be curious about.
    The characters have also been allowed to not only be in the action again but the dialogue spoken throughout the stages are detailing individual scenarios that are going on that make it feel more like there's an explicit reason the characters are running through the levels.
    From the jump, the fact that Sonic was racing through Sunset Heights to reach Shadow told me that there was an actual goal he was trying to achieve, effectively closing the gap between the fusion both the narrative and gameplay need in order to work together. The speaking throughout the stages about what the others are doing or reacting to also helps that along.
    Lost World had some of that but only really in one way every single time whenever it decided to give a fuck. Some stages, not all, would have him confront one of the Zeti, they'd say something either mildly entertaining or worthless then run off... and then somehow they're MILES away from a guy who can run faster then the speed of sound. Like how the hell did that fat fucker Zomom run THAT far away so quickly? And other times Sonics just randomly in a Casino. Or a world full of donuts. No reason for it. He just is. Its never referenced or brought up in anyway.
    Just listening to Amy ask for back-up for the citizens who haven't been evacuated yet at the beginning of the Avatar's stage of Park Avenue and then hearing Espio come on and say that they can't help because they're really preoccupied with giant fuck-off robots and that being the thing that pushes the rookie into action set up the objective for me and allowed their reactions to his progression through the stage reach an ending where they've succeeded at getting the rest of the people out and Espio congratulating everyone on a job well done.
    Now I understand that this could all come off as very arbitrary and basic to someone else. But thats also kind of the point. Structuring your game so that each individual level has some sort of objective to complete and passage of time simulated throughout it as a result is a very basic thing that they don't normally do. Whether or not the initial plot is more or less complicated, the story told by that plot is effected by what they decide happens within it and what the characters are allowed to do.
    It isn't fully ideal the way it is now, as I prefer more focus on the others in the future that's something other than text boxes, but it's noticeably better than what I've seen before, especially in comparison to the last few games. I don't really need this to be that complicated. I never even really mentioned the tone. I'm not asking for a ton. Just simulating everyone contributing to something, whether it be ultimately relevant or not, goes a lot towards enhancing the experience for me. 
    So it definitely is focusing more on story for me. I don't begrudge anyone who views "story" as something else though. Maybe some people just count it as something that happens in cutscenes in the same general pattern over and over again. That's fine. 
    I'm not getting that from this though. Its the one thing I'm at least confident I'll enjoy well enough. I'm someone who freaks out and can get a ton out of just hearing someone speak so you know.
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    nintega137 reacted to Strickerx5 in Sonic Mania Reviews/Impressions Thread   
    Well, having completed the game with all 7 emeralds and replaying it a bit again, I figured that now was a better time than any to give my thoughts on the game.
    I think we can all agree that I've been one of the more... skeptical users here when it comes to this game. From the beginning I voiced that I really wasn't as hyped as others on here for this due to me not generally liking the classics to begin with. It's why I've held Forces in a brighter light as (even with its shaky foundation) its doing more of what I want from this series than Mania. I'm the kind of person who appreciates things like technical specs, story, the sense of speed, ect. So, going into Mania, I had no strong feelings for it one way or the other. Coming out, well, I'm in a rather odd place with it.
    The game has charm and ambition behind it, there's no arguing that from my end. With every level you can tell that a painful amount of work went into it. From their scope to their gimmicks, right down to style, this game is no simply rom hack or copy and paste job. It's a full fledged 2D Sonic game. Even some of the older zones that were brought back felt new; almost to the point of actually being a new zone entirely. It's amazing how much work went into these second acts and their gimmicks. This is all done in some of the smoothest sprite work I've seen which is honestly one of my greatest pros for the game in general.
    Another highlight is this game's soundtrack. My god can Tee compose some mean classic tunes. I don't think there's a single track in this game that I actually dislike. Tracks like Chemical Plant Act 2, Studiopolis Act 2, Mirage Saloon Act 2, the final boss... I can really go on here, they're all amazing. The only nitpick I have here is that I wish Tee would've allowed himself a wider range of instruments. It's not a Jun case with Sonic 4 but I feel that he was sort of limiting himself with staying too true to what a Sonic game on the Saturn would've sounded like.
    The story/ plot on the other hand... well, it's a bit more than what I expected but it's still pretty bare. I appreciate them not going the lazy route and just throwing Sonic from level to level with no reason put behind it (though they do kind of start falling into that trap later on in the game) but the entire thing did seem rather simple; even from a classic standpoint. Put this up against Sonic 3&K and it would get blown out of the water. Things just sort of happen and there's no real depth to any of it here. Even the ending didn't seem all that eventful. It's not really a major flaw for me as I feel the classic styles has never really lent itself to stellar storytelling but with other games nowadays coming out right along side this, it is noticeable.
    In terms of extra features and the special stages, I have to say that I'm impressed; especially with the specials this time around. They were challenging but didn't demand perfection to be conquered. It made for a much more enjoyable experience collecting the emeralds than I can remember from any other title. Combining the best parts of every main special stage from the series is a brilliant move in my eyes. Add in the small little extras like debug mode, time attack, multiple characters, multiple saves, competition mode, no save mode, ect. and there's a lot of replayability to be had here.
    Though, this isn't to say that the game didn't fall into some of the same traps for me as the other classics did. The level design specifically is where the game begins to dip for me. Don't get me wrong, pretty much the entirety of the first half, with zones like Studiopolis, are done to near perfection; offering up multitude of different pathways that can be played through without sacrificing the flow in platforming segments and speed. These levels represent why I personally play these games to begin with. Though, when we get into the second half, things start to fall apart for me.
    The later levels suffer from the same problems a lot of the classics had. You'll still get thrown into a re-appearing and disappearing spike set (spikes are literally added in multiple places just to enhance difficulty ala the Unleashed dlc), enemies are still placed haphazardly, and a lot of the level design devolves into a stop and go format. These problems for me just increase as the game progresses which all comes to a boil in the final zone where not even its gimmick is all that fun in my eyes. Add in a good amount of classic crushing deaths (when sonic is in between two moving platforms but the game acts like you're actually being crushed and triggers a death sequence) and it leaves me to believe that maybe the game didn't do enough to innovate and only stuck to its goal of bringing back the classic style. To me, especially towards the end of the game, it brings back both the good and the bad aspects those games had. Not to mention the pretty weak old to new level ratio and it makes me wish that they hadn't had shied away from some more modern gameplay elements and new material.
    Like, call me a heathen for this but I'm starting to think that newer move-sets like the wall jump were implemented into later games for a reason beyond "avoiding platforming". Hell, and this is more of a nitpick, taking a page out of Sonic 4's book (well... any other modern sonic game tbh) and giving us a proper level select screen wouldn't have went unnoticed either. To put this in a better light, the drop dash is a completely new maneuver and it's amazing (until the later levels start to discourage its use at at least). I believe the game would've benefit more from more modern elements like this.
    Also, as a side note, while the game's level scope is quite impressive in terms of how many paths each zone has; later on in the game, I started to grow annoyed with it. If there's one thing that Eggmanland from Unleashed has taught me, it's that there is such a thing as a level being too big. Specifically, when you have a time out timer placed on it. I got more time overs in some of the later levels than I ever have in my entire history of playing these games. With the level gimmicks getting a bit funky towards the end as well, it all sort of sours these levels overall.
    Lastly, I found that the bosses were also a hit or miss. You had some pretty innovative ones like Studiopolis's act 2 boss but then you also had some duds like...
    Though, to give the team credit, each boss was very memorable, unique in their challenge, and I can easily see a certain group liking each specific boss for their own reasons. 
    So, in conclusion I can't say that I didn't have a good time at least playing through this. The game's pure charm won me over in a lot of areas. Though, with that being said, I also can't say that I've moved my stance on the classic formula in general. While solid in foundation, I do feel that the formula had a lot of issues that simply weren't addressed here for the most part. Add in a fair amount of down right bugs/ glitches that I've encountered and, simply put, I don't think this is the perfect Sonic game many are touting it of being. It's certainly fun and might just even be the perfect scratch to an itch many classic driven fans have been needing for the last two decades. Though, as a fan who doesn't have that strong of a connection to the classics, I can't say that it holds that same value for me.
    It's an above average game. The pure amount of work that went into each line of code is evident while you're playing. Though, unfortunately for me, you can also feel these old issues pop up right along side that sentiment. At the end, it all makes for a package that can be a fun, visual, and audio treat that (while not extraordinary for me) should be a good time for any platformer fan simply looking for a light and classic experience.
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    nintega137 reacted to Strickerx5 in What would you say to someone who doesn't like the "stop and go" of Classic Sonic   
    My idea of the "ideal" Sonic gameplay experience is a style that can weave both platforming and the thrill of flowing through levels seamlessly. To this end, most Sonic games have managed to have at least one level do this well but games like Unleashed, SA1&2, Generations, the first half or so of Mania, and a few levels of Rush seem to have this more down pat than others. When I refer to the classic gameplay as being more "stop and go" than the rest, I do mean just that. Most of the levels there are segmented with clear areas where the game gives you speed (often to the point where you don't have to even touch the controller) and other areas where you're literally forced to wait on moving platforms, push a switch, or stuck in a bubble; areas that have no speed to speak of.
    I get the popular mentality of "speed being a reward" but I feel that there is a clear difference between "speed being a reward for playing well" and "speed being a reward for making it through a slow-ass platforming segment." If I'm running through a level and make a mistake that causes me to slow down and have to find my way back to that flow I had then so be it. That is showing me that my skill has a reward. Though, have me literally be stopped by a hand that forces me onto a treadmill object, then throws me into some loops, across fans/ water, through some descending spiral staircases, that then throws me onto some slow moving boat section or (in Rush's case) a beat'em up section and that's where I take issue. At that point you've forcefully broken the flow of gameplay and have trivialized it to a style that any half baked Mario Maker stage could pull off.
    Sonic may not be solely about speed but it's still a damn big part of who he is (especially considering the character was made on the premise and advertised with it). To that end, I personally do find a game that has a substantial amount of levels being purely "stop and go" to be a bad thing. And no, it's not because I hate platforming. It's because I hate inconsistency. Look at a level like Chemical Plant act 2 in Mania where most of its new gimmicks keep the player moving through segments but also require the player to skillfully use them to keep pace. Then look at a level like
    I'll tell you right now that I greatly prefer the former. To put this in a real world example, CP act 2 is like cooking a full meal well. You're constantly flowing, doing things, moving things in and out of ovens, with the end result being a good meal. The other is like driving a car until you hit a red light or have to stop to get oil. The less experiences I have in a fucking video game that remind me of those latter feelings, the better.
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    nintega137 reacted to MegasonicZX in Popular and unpopular Sonic opinions you agree and disagree with!   
    unpopular opinion: I like the new sonic games more than the classic ones. Also, classic sonic is better in generations
    popular opinion: I think that the first sonic riders was the best out of the 3 and they really shouldn't have kept trying to change it so much.
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    nintega137 reacted to Clades Jin in Sonic Before The Sequel   
    I have a severe lack of attention for classic styled Sonic games. Generations' 50% being the exception.
    I just get bored of it.
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    nintega137 got a reaction from Scott in FCC's policies being reversed by house. Internet privacy be gone!   
    Delete all porn! DELETE ALL PORN!
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    Delete all porn! DELETE ALL PORN!
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    nintega137 reacted to Legosi (Tani Coyote) in Police Brutality Thread   
    I'm going to guess these are the soft supremacists. They love the idea of making non-whites second class, but actual violence and murder make them uneasy.
    It's a cliche, but this is how a lot of the anti-Semitism in pre-Nazi Germany was. Many Germans got on board with the idea of marginalizing the Jews, taking their wealth, etc. but suddenly got cold feet when actual genocide was in play.
    Unfortunately, even if you don't desire any violence, a supremacist doctrine will inevitably cause it. Jim Crow is a great example. Not only was the government packed with supremacists who sent countless blacks to needless deaths and sentences, but supremacist police forces turned blind eyes to angry white mobs lynching blacks the moment an accusation dropped. Even if a racist does not personally condone violence, their support and/or enabling of a racist system will inevitably lead to more of it.
    Consider how effectively the free press is silenced in places like Russia not because of the government ordering assassinations, but because of how often a blind eye is turned to murders of reporters, effectively making it legal. A supremacist order will inevitably be violent because the "blind eye" will inevitably be part of the day to day proceedings of government.
    I'm going to guess many supremacists want to have their cake and eat it too. But the fact is you are indirectly responsible for violence if your behavior enables it. You cannot be both a supremacist and a good, peaceful person, as supremacy inevitably undermines peace.
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    nintega137 reacted to Nepenthe in Police Brutality Thread   
    Here's some heinous and frustrating news for you:

    An elderly black man was stabbed to death with a 16-inch blade by a white dude in New York some time ago. Said white dude literally rode the bus 200 miles to get to New York to specifically target black men because he hates them. He freely admitted as such. Not only are some outlets reporting that the man was "well-dressed" to downplay the severity of the crime, but actual white supremacists are saying that they fear unfair judgement and retaliation from this attack.
    This is why black people ain't got the time of day for people's racist bullshit anymore.
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    nintega137 reacted to Nepenthe in The General 'Murican Politics Thread   
    Further on the point of the maintenance analogy, people don't even go to the doctor for their annual check-ups or minor procedures because they can't afford to pay even those initial upfront costs and deductibles, which inevitably compounds onto problems over time and increases the chances of more catastrophic health problems. If we had a more progressive health care system, I'd personally be in and out of the dentist all the time trying to keep my oral health on the up and up. But we don't, so I have to put a buffer time between procedures I know I need right now, because even with insurance I can't constantly fork out the money needed to catch me back up.
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    nintega137 reacted to Tara in The General 'Murican Politics Thread   
    I want to talk about health care a little more.  There was a comment posted earlier which said something along the lines of "you're not likely to get so ill you require hospitalization."  This is what we call the fallacy of youth.  Your body is like a computer.  With proper maintenance, you can prolong problems but no matter what, hardware deteriorates overtime.
    This is especially true for women.  With menstration, childbirth, and other functions, even healthy women are at risk for a variety of bodily issues that require a doctor's input.
    Even if you don't have a family history of breast disease, regular mammograms become an integral part of your life at a certain age.
    This impacts you regardless of race, regardless of minority status, regardless of income, etc.  We were ultimately born to this fate, our personal decisions having marginal influence on the matter.
    One of my friends is only in her mid 20s, eats like a nutrition PSA from the 90s and exercises regularly but still loses so much blood once a month that she comes very close to passing out.  She shouldn't have to spend an arm and a leg for medicine, especially when mainstream doctors ignore her and tell her it's normal (rule of thumb: anything that almost makes you die isn't normal) which is frankly rubbish.
    Universal health care would help her and other people in her position and it would allow all women to live to their better potential as opposed to paying for medication that is priced inequivalent to the laws of supply/demand.  There is none object with a greater demand than life, and the medical industry takes full advantage of that.  Not to say that doctors don't deserve good payment for what they do, but most medicines are dramatically overpriced, and whence your life literally depends on it, you're not in a position to call them out on it.  This is something that's got to stop.
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    nintega137 got a reaction from FFWF in Are modern gamers getting worse at video games?   
    Anyway, I've been playing the original Zelda trying to 100% the second quest now (help me), and I've been speaking with other people on Zelda forums about why I don't think it's held up very well (despite me still overall enjoying the game). The response I get is more about how all modern games were shit because all they do is hold your hand (and they weren't just talking about Zelda games although that's included too). It's the reason why several of the people on that forum aren't looking forward to BOTW. There's something here that bugs me, though. 
    Why is it that "well I was able to beat it and I'm only 14" or "I beat it alone without a guide or map or anything when I was a kid" and other comments of that nature the main excuse people tend to use? Just because you were able to do it at all, doesn't suddenly mean the game doesn't have major design flaws. Most of the responses I got were "The game doesn't suck! (I never said it did) You just suck at it!". Come in with the whole special about what's wrong with modern gamers and how we need games to be more like the old days. 
    I could be wrong here, but I think this problem might be a slight extension of the generation gap. I don't mean in games, I mean in society period. Think about how most people feel about "millennials" for example. To most people, the current gen is lazy, has poor work ethic, is self entitled, wants things handed to them, blames their problems on everyone else, (never mind the evidence to the contrary, in fact, most people speak purely from anecdotal thoughts, not experience, just thoughts with only a few I've met speaking from real experiences and then inflating their importance)  
    So with that said, I think it's no major surprise that this would extend down into the video game community too when it comes to gameplay. Video games especially because they're an interactive medium. But that's just my thoughts on that. 
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    nintega137 reacted to Tara in Females in the Sonic Fandom   
    I think you pretty much hit the nail on the head, and I think that's personally why I have so many mental blocks creatively.  I'm quite close to having a degree in music theory and have composed a number of pieces, but haven't uploaded them yet, and I think a lot of that stems from the fact that I'm scared of not being taken quite as seriously as other (read: male) musicians.  I still remember things like my brother (who also wanted to pursue a career in music) telling me that -I- shouldn't be the one to know the most about music in the family, that I should be learning from him, etc. and how it subsequently has me absentmindedly limiting my own potential because I'm afraid of making him insecure or otherwise hurting his feelings because I can do something he can't.  On the flip side, I know I'm not the best musician and composer in the world, so naturally I'll never be able to be in line with the best, because I won't be a composer, but a female composer.  And then, I'll be opening myself up to all that attention again, and ugh.
    It's not just video game communities, either.  In general, there's not too many safe places to talk about these experiences or to get away from them.  Trying often earns you the label of "feminazi" and claim you're making it up.  I've tried my hand at creating safe spaces in certain fandoms for this sort of thing, but I'm starting to think I'm not nearly prolific enough (or responsible enough) to handle that sort of thing.
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    nintega137 reacted to Nepenthe in Females in the Sonic Fandom   
    I've gotten my fair share of sexist crap in gaming circles of which Sonic is naturally included in. This ranges from my own brother telling me to never talk in randomized online matches for fear of retaliation, to standing next to someone at a Microsoft gaming convention who said "girls can't play games" (despite going positive on the winning team in a Battlefield 4 match just minutes beforehand). And in regards to my time in the fandom I've been subjected to: irrelevant comments about me potentially looking like a fat whale the day I was promoted to mod, stalking, having my social media handles posted on porn sites, someone making an anonymous post on the SSMB Tumblr that they got off sexually to my posts, and being thrown a deluge of gendered insults (bitch, slut, whore) and rape threats for doing my job over the course of the few years I've been here. It's not on the level of Anita Sarkeesian's bomb threats, but the nastiness this fandom has personally dealt me on the basis of my gender hasn't been forgotten. Furthermore, we just had a topic on here not too long ago about the poll in question and naturally half of the discussion was casual sexist jokes in the vain of "of course women like Sonic; he's hot", and further back there was a topic asking SSMB who was a girl and why they even liked Sonic at all.
    It's draining, but I avoid putting myself in that position by presenting myself in a more gender-neutral or male-centered light as well. I rarely make sexual humor on here and when I do, it revolves around dicks, and my avatar is of a male voice actor. It makes people presume I'm a guy most of the time so they just carry on as normal (that and it's fun to troll people by revealing to the newbies that I'm a black woman versus an Asian dude.)
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    nintega137 reacted to Nepenthe in The General 'Murican Politics Thread   
    If you got any of your news from outside of alt-right sources you would know that most people of any demographic outside of "murderer" don't go around murdering people.
    Immigrant status is a range of states versus a strict binary. Not being a citizen doesn't mean you are necessarily illegal. Green cards, visas, marriage, DREAMERS-- we have a range of immigrants here who are in a sort of limbo. This is on top of the fact that our judicial immigration system is backed up to hundreds of thousands of pending court cases where people are sincerely trying their hardest to attain a permanent legal status but simply cannot because there's not enough lawyers and judges to deal with the workload, meaning deporting these people now is punishing them for the inefficiencies of our system. This is also to say nothing of children who were either brought here and are too young to begin the process of naturalization or children who were born here who rely on their parents of differing status for support. This is also not taking into account the fact that many Latinx, natives, and others who are coming from south of the border are legally classified as refugees as they are escaping cartel violence.
    If you are an advocate for just deporting anyone and everyone who "doesn't belong here," well, first of all, white people wouldn't be here on these pretenses because y'all came over here by force and didn't give a fuck what the natives had to say about it (y'all still don't care about natives considering Trump is about to ram the Dakota Access pipeline down their throats). And in general it's a legally and morally-complicated issue that requires at least some kind of general knowledge of all of the systems at play and empathy for your fellow man. By saying "deport all illegals," you are at the very least automatically condemning children with no say in this to either to a life of foster care away from their real families or even certain death in their original country due to cartel violence there. If you're okay with that then that's fine, but you don't get to claim any actual moral high ground because "well, it's the law" anymore than people who returned runaway slaves to their masters had any kind of moral high ground because "well, it's the law."
    You're a Trump voter. Don't be so presumptuous about how much you know, because--
    You have no fucking idea what you're talking about.
    Black people are an ethnic group just like Chinese people are. Mexican is an etonym denoting where one lives and is raised, like "British;" there are multiple ethnic groups who are from Mexico (Louis CK has ethnic Mexican blood in him despite being white). A "minority" is any social group that has disproportionate sociopolitical under-representation within a given society which, in the case of America means black people, Chinese people, Latinx people (not Mexican) and every other non-white ethnic group are "minorities."

    Also, it's racist as shit that you think Trump meeting with one black person and treating them as a damn spokesperson is somehow solving things in a sincere way. Black people in general do not give a flying fuck about these kinds of PR stunts. The fact is, Trump called black neighborhoods- my neighborhood- war zones on the campaign trail, when the fact remains that from an individual perspective I probably have a higher quality of life than a shitload of the poor-ass white people who voted for him. I just graduated from one of the top and most expensive animation schools in the country and my parents just bought a goddamn Bentley and had it shipped from Chicago like it was nothing. So this insistence that all of my people are poor savages living primarily in war-torn ghettos is the kind of racist ignorance that can only be described as typical of the GOP and their constituents. Y'all can kiss my ass with that.
    But you want to know what Trump has actually done to disenfranchise black people? He redlined his own housing to block black people from buying any of it and got sued for this shit twice. He took out a full page ad demanding that five black boys who were exonerated from false rape charges with DNA evidence be put to death anyway. He has played around with the endorsements of KKK leaders- a terrorist organization- and in general done nothing to distance himself from it. He treated his black casino workers like garbage. He uses individual black people as shields from criticism. He attacked John Lewis, a friend to Martin Luther King and one of the most respected people and civil rights leaders still alive today. And ultimately, he was the one who led the charge that Obama wasn't born in the US on the basis of nothing but the color of the man's skin. 
    In general, his plan to solve the disproportionate socioeconomic inequality in black communities? Is it to address the fact that this country has systematically wiped out black-owned wealth cyclically over the years, by creating programs or grants or funds for these areas to create their own start-ups and businesses and jobs? Is it to do something about gun availability? Is it to stop the War on Drugs which criminalizes a goddamn health issue (which further gets on my nerves; black people are primarily being thrown in jail for marijuana, one of the most harmless drugs in existence, and have been given no real care for issues like crack cocaine addiction which the FBI all but outright admitted to introducing in our neighborhoods for the sake of fucking with us, while I'm now hearing white people call the increased heroin and opioid usage in poor white communities in the west and Bible Belt an "epidemic" that must be "helped." Funny how drug use only becomes a problem worthy of empathy when it's killing white children. Where were these bleeding hearts back in the 70s and 80s for black people?) Is it to address the harassment and statistically-unsupported overpolicing and ticketing that only serves to burden poor black people with fines and court dates that interfere with work and thus the ability to escape poverty? Is it to address the school-to-prison pipeline? Hell, is it even to say racism exists? Nope; it's to do none of that. It's to send in more militarized police to crush and oppress my people even more.
    Fuck Trump, fuck his administration, and fuck the notion that his ass isn't racist against black people.
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    nintega137 got a reaction from MightyRay in The General 'Murican Politics Thread   
    There isn't already a hell of a mess?
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    nintega137 reacted to Legosi (Tani Coyote) in The General 'Murican Politics Thread   
    Which is funny, given they're found to lie the most of any major news network. This has been the bogeyman of the right for years: faced with an inundation of critiques about Fox News' trustworthiness (though it's worth noting none of the other networks always tell the truth), the simple defense has been to just accuse everyone else of "liberal bias."
    So if Trump decided to slam Fox News as fake, that'd probably create one Hell of a mess on the right.
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    nintega137 reacted to KHCast in The General 'Murican Politics Thread   
    It's always interesting how they cite that group, when that's the group whites have actually positively helped and done business with the most. (Europeans in the early centuries did much trade with China, after WWII America basically revitalized Japan into the industry powerhouse it is today, there's never been mass skave ownership of Asians like there was for blacks and even Hispanics. )Not to mention there's much to gain both financially and physically(as in goods that Americans use, i.e. Tech and automotive) Of course there's much to gain from not harshly discriminating these people, and upsetting Japan. Even if they are overlooked in college, they still usually have ways to get into college,  and even if they don't, can find well paying jobs easier than any other minority group. Not to mention Americans essentially did a concentration camp-light with them, and Americans probably feel guilty still about that. The comparison just can't be made. As blacks, Hispanic and Muslim Americans and people have never recieved positive treatment that good in a long time. This is to say nothing of Asian groups that actually DO protest about discrimination and demand equal treatment. 
    Anyway, I'm still baffled that these people claim there's no such thing as institutionalized racism, and have the balls to ask for evidence and examples and also say the only racist policy is affirmative action. 
    Im also curious where that guy got his statistics about "white men having it worse when it comes to having opinions and job searching and judicial punishment (lololololololol)
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