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  1. image.png.8cadb67d8a80f7a7e8d6266673f425a7.png

    Timezones are a thing, happy 6th anniversary to me.

    1. Milo


      @gala Happy 6th anniversary, dude!

  2. image.png.f1ad7fddd333ac1e6a9b2afb731cdb27.png

    Wow... it's really been 5 years, huh?


    1. Failinhearts


      10 thousand yeaaaaars will bring you such a crick in the neck!

    2. Kiah


      I was just a member back then and had no idea what was about to hit me 2 days later...*cries*

  3. tumblr_ogprh4PHyR1vkzl08o6_250.png

    Merry early Christmas!

  4. So today is my 3 year anniversary on here


    1. Failinhearts


      Happy anniversary!

    2. Kiah


      Happy SSMB anniversary, Gala! :D

    3. Menace2Society


      Happy anniversary!

    4. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      Happy SSMBversary!

    5. Milo


      Happy anniversary m80

  5. its back

    1. Radiant Hero Ike
    2. Forte-Metallix



      pls nerf

    3. Ellipsis-Ultima
  6. I'm so glad the whole event went to plan. It took longer for me to edit the Community Special together that I thought it would, but thanks to the rest of the Motobug team's constructive input, it was better than it would ever have been had I done it alone.
  7. set the scene: sonic 2017 is released, you buy the game day one, you run all the way home to play it.

    you turn on the console/pc

    you boot up the game

    suddenly, the opening monolouge starts up:




    1. Haalyle


      First thing you see:


    2. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      Money well spent  .

      Love Pawn Shop so I know I wont be disappointed 


    1. Milo


      >coin collecting


    2. Osmium


      this is why youtube fucking exists 

  9. You still doing your stream at 10 tonight?

    1. gala



  10. In regards to the recent topic by Zaysho outlining a new 'zero-tolerance' rule when it comes to member-to-member drama, I feel as I'm definitely not the only one who is concerned about it. First off, the severity of "starting shit" and what exactly counts as "drama" is subjective. Something that is intended as non-offensive can easily be misconstrued as offensive and/or a genuine jab at someone. With an insta-ban rule in place, it's not really going to give the member a chance to explain their intention and explain that they have made a mistake. This leads into another concern: if clashing over something petty can lead to an easy ban, people are obviously going to be more afraid and less willing to actually discuss their opinions on the forums, despite the fact that is one of the main things the forums are supposed to be for. I'm not going to sugarcoat it, because we all know it's true: There are people here who blow things way out of proportion and make a big deal of things that anyone else would brush off as not a big deal, which could essentially start some form of drama when the original intention was not to cause any drama. What is stopping these people from being banned when they don't even deserve it? It's bunching people who made a mistake with people who are legitimately insulting people and getting a kick out of causing drama, which in my eyes is very unfair. I just feel that this is an overly harsh course of action for something that really shouldn't be a big deal. I like to think that most of us are mature enough to settle our own disputes between us rather than running off to the mods to get someone banned as an easy-way-out card (of course, if it is serious harassment/bullying etc, then it makes sense for the mods to be involved). What I'm getting from this rule is a sense of restriction on what we're allowed to say around here due to the chance of it being misconstrued and mistakenly seen as an attempt at starting drama, or for it to be blown out of proportion. To close off, I also notice that the SSMB guidelines state that staff are required to hand out 3 strikes, with exceptions such as "demonstrating yourself to be especially hostile or idiotic", which I think is a little too extreme to describe these kinds of incidents, provided that they do not lead to serious harassment/bullying.
  11. I kind of am, I definitely recognize a fair bit of game music when I hear it (plus I almost always like to put on video game OSTs in the background when I'm doing work too lmao)
  12. No problem! I'm actually surprised you were able to get it as accurate as you did in your piano rendition after that long since hearing it. Glad my knowledge of video game OSTs was able to help!
  13. I believe that this is Dust Man's theme from Mega Man 4.
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