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  1. The member Summer cannot receive any new messages *CRIES* T~T


  3. Oke, the longer you don't do it, the longer chu will suffer wiff...

  4. Hmm~ That's quite a tough question. Tails is certainly the more 'active' hero; as many have said, he travels with Sonic and helps him to overthrow Eggman or whatever threat looms over their world, whilst Knuckles is often fixed to Angel Island. We see Tails doing heroic things more often, and he's had a couple of plots surrounding him becoming a hero in his own right as opposed to just being seen as "Sonic's cute kid sidekick". He's very intelligent, mature, and skilled for his age, and he puts himself on the line to save people out of nothing but choice; he's not always the most confident, but he pushes past his insecurities and gets things done. As the Sonic Adventure series has proved, he's quite the hero in his own right. One can only imagine how much he'll shine when he's older and develops more confidence in himself~ But on the other hand... This. Knuckles can't always get in on the action because he has to stay on Angel Island and protect the Master Emerald; when he does, it's in a group effort with Sonic and Tails, not usually as a stand-alone hero. But he's not only protecting the Master Emerald to keep his ancestors' home afloat and out of reach, but also because that gem is perhaps one of the most powerful artifacts in their world, with the ability to neutralise the Chaos Emeralds. If someone with the wrong intentions, or someone who doesn't know how powerful it is, got their hands of it, who knows how catastrophic that would be? By dedicating his life to guarding that sacred gem, forcing himself into a life of isolation, Knuckles is being a hero just as much as Sonic and Tails. It's not 'active' heroics like theirs, but it's heroic nonetheless. Knuckles is quite an overlooked hero; I think this is partly why he is jealous of Sonic - Sonic is a recognised hero, whilst Knuckles' heroic deed remains in the shadows of obscurity. :< So at the end of the day, I'd say Tails and Knuckles are both great heroes, they just need a chance to really shine some more~
  5. Hmm~ Personally I enjoy the general tone of the Sonic Rush stories; they generally seem to have a happy-go-lucky, idealistic and progressive outlooks, yet still have some deeper undertones and can take themselves seriously when need be. And of course, lots of character interaction and even some slice-of-lifey breaks from the action too, especially in Rush Adventure~ But I don't really mind where it stands on the Lighthearted<-->Serious scale, either can work well (although I do believe that Sonic stories shouldn't be too serious/dark/gritty), though in terms of depth I'm hoping it'll be at least a little less minimalist than Sonic Colours, and maybe have more characters appearing (not counting Sonic Colours DS, as their appearances were just cameo sidequests with no bearing on the actual plot, though I certainly appreciate their inclusion~)? At least Knuckles, please? I need my Knuckles fix to hype over, Sega! Anyhow~ I'm sure whatever Sonic Team come up with will be awesome - it's Sonic's 20th Anniversary, after all, I'm sure they're gonna give it their all this time~
  6. Blazey's back! O: Hi! I'm not really knowledgable about game dynamics and how to make things work in gameplay, but outside of that I like the female cast~ I don't think they're any less stereotypical than the male cast. Amy There's so much more to her than just her crush on Sonic, which prolly does need to be toned down a tad (though it already has been in recent games, showing her to be a good friend rather than just a fangirl), it just hasn't been explored so much lately. She's bubbly, energetic, sensitive and a bit preppy, but she can become forceful and protective when need be. I don't really appreciate the kind of over-aggressive tsundere who pummels her love interest for the most stupid reasons or just for not getting her own way type which Amy had kind of devolved into in some stories, I think it serves to make the character look like a jerk rather than be an endearing trait. I think we need to see more of her friendly and caring side, both to Sonic and other characters when Sonic isn't involved. Though this probably wouldn't fit in a game for obvious reasons, I can kind of imagine Amy playing match-maker with characters that are too shy to admit it themselves, or persistently trying to help a more shy character come out of their shells - kind of like she started to do with Silver in '06, only that becomes her priority rather than her getting sidetracked because finding Sonic becomes the only thing on her mind again. Perhaps her intuitiveness could be expanded upon more as well; she has her "Sonic Radar", but perhaps she could be intuitive about other things unrelated to Sonic as well? Rouge Rouge is actually a really fun character. She's a morally-ambiguous bad girl, but she's so playful and snarky with it that it's made fun XD She's probably the most mischievous of the cast. She can do pretty much anything and get away with it - she can 'flirt' with Tails, a child, because we know she's only doing it to bother him, she can be manipulative either with an actual intent or just to play a kind of prank or mess with peoples' heads... She's just so versatile! She's the kind of character you don't really know what her intentions are; she's vague and misleading, and has contradictory jobs as a GUN agent and a jewel-thief (perhaps the latter could become more prominent). As others have said, whilst it's nice that she has friends in Shadow and Omega, I think she needs to have more screen-time herself - especially so we can see her mischievous character with characters that would react to her teasing more than Shadow - Knuckles, Amy, Tails... I'd love to see Rouge and Blaze interact for this reason - Rouge, a flighty and devil-may-care jewel-thief and femme-fatale, and Blaze, a shy and withdrawn guardian who's insecure about her underdeveloped body... XD Though that could be inappropriate for a series like Sonic. But yeah~ Rouge is awesome, she just needs more time to shine for herself. Cream Cream's a bit hard to place, especially gameplay-wise since she's an established pacifist. I think, as JezMM said, she's better suited to roles where she can be a good character without having to get in on the action all the time. I actually really liked her in Sonic Advance 2, she seemed like both an innocent, vulnerable and polite little girl whilst also being brave and adventurous, it allowed her to fit into the game more. But later her being an extremely sensitive pacifist became more focused upon, it's harder to fit her into an action series like Sonic. As for my personal opinion, I go back and forth a lot with Cream; sometimes I find her adorable, other times grating and shallow. It depends on how she's written, like any character really. Blaze Probably my favourite female character of the cast~ I like Blaze, I think she's awesome. She's not overtly girlish or femenine, yet doesn't seem quite like a tomboy to me either; she's quite gender-neutral and adrogynous personality-wise to me. I think I prefer her when she's written as being shy and insecure, hiding her real feelings behind a calm and rather gruff facade (but sometimes slips and loses her composure and/or starts acting like she has an inferiority complex like in Colours) than when she's completely just calm and "closer to earth"; I think the former is far more interesting, and gives her a secret vulnerable side which is just so... cute for a character that generally seems so tough and competent. I like her fear of heights too, I find it funny and ironic for a cat that can jump high and do impressive mid-air acrobatics to be scared of heights XD I like her though, I hope she stays around. As for her backstory ordeal, I tend to think that, like Cream was created for Heroes but appeared in Advance 2 and Sonic X first, Blaze may have been created for Sonic '06 with Sonic Rush being a sequel (like she was from the future but sealed herself into the Rush dimension), but Rush ended up being released first. Marine Aaah, Marine's so much fun! I think she makes a good foil to Tails in that whilst she has some potential as a child prodigy inventor, she's just such a hyper kid that she tends to rush into things and goof up, in contrast to Tails being calm and mature for his age. I also think her interactions with Blaze are quite fascinating as well - Marine, whilst reckless, is open and free about her feelings, thoughts and desires, but deep down I think she's more self-aware than she seems to be, and can be more competent when the time calls for it. Blaze is like the opposite, she's competent, but very repressed and withdrawn, and deep down she's self-conscious and insecure, and tends to lose her composure and needs to be calmed down when things get out of hand. I think they go well together, and of course there's the fire and water theme they seem to have going on. I wonder how Marine would be as a playable character...~ Wave Hmm... I can see where Wave's purpose is within the Babylon Rogues and as a "corrupted" rival/counterpart of Tails, but I'm personally not over-keen on her. She's just so mean and haughty... I tend to only like arrogant characters if they fall flat on their face in some way, get knocked down a peg or two (even if they then go right back to being arrogant, but that's for silly characters really XD). I'm not sure what else to say about her to be honest, I'm not completely familiar with the Riders games due to sucking at them too much to get anywhere. XD Shade I guess Shade's sorta interesting for her backstory, but she didn't seem to be very... characterised in her one appearance. She seemed a lot like Blaze, only without the secretiveness and hidden feelings - she really did just seem like a calm, collected and competent soldier with no defining quirks or flaws that I can remember (I may be wrong though; I haven't played Chronicles for a while). If they do make a sequel to Sonic Chronicles, I hope they expand on her character and flesh her out a bit more. She does open a window of opportunities for character development for Knuckles though~ And yeeaaah, I think I've ranted enough already, so I think I'll stop there. As a whole, I don't see too much of a problem with the female characters. There may be some questionable turns in their characterisation at times, but the same goes for the male characters as well.
  7. Hmm~ The thing I found odd and somewhat irking in Sonic Colours' story is that it sometimes seemed to set things up, only to never go anywhere with it and forget about it for the rest of the game. Perhaps the most egregarious example would be Eggman's brainwashing plan - to my memory it was never really brought up again after the machine ran out of juice. It's also a shame it ran out so quickly after he managed to brainwash Tails; a Sonic vs Tails boss battle would have had such a great impact, both on the aforementioned characters and on the audience, and could have so easily led to a heartwarming hug or some other such gesture of adorable brotherly affection when Tails returned back to normal afterwards~ X3 The other scene that particularly stands out to me with this is Tails worriedly saying that they hadn't seen Yacker in a while when they see the Wisps being converted into Nega-Wisps. I was honestly expecting Yacker to either be converted (but of course be returned to normal by the end), or for him to start being drained of his Hyper-Go-On, but Sonic and Tails save him just in time. But he just kinda... randomly separates from Sonic and Tails at some point, and then randomly appears again later. Whilst the Wisps all had a character in mind according to the site, they weren't really characterised as such besides Yacker; I thought it'd have more impact for him to have been converted or the real imminent threat of him being converted. The audience has gotten to connect to him more than Wisps in general - it woulda been more motivation to stop Eggman's plans and save the poor Wisps. I personally don't mind whether the tone of a Sonic story is serious or lighthearted (though I do believe it shouldn't take itself too seriously), in fact I tend to focus more on the characters than the story itself, but I think there can be a balance between games like Sonic '06 and Sonic Colours. It doesn't have to be serious, but it doesn't have to be so bare-bones either - Sonic Colours seemed to build up for some scenes that could have held emotional impact, only to completely miss the opportunities. That said, I did really enjoy the relationships between the characters~ I really missed Sonic and Tails' adorable brotherly love, and am so happy they've brought it back to the surface <3 It also served to show other fascets of their characters - Tails playfully ribbing and snarking at Sonic, and also having more confidence in himself, seeing himself more as Sonic's equal despite their differing assets; Sonic's protectiveness over his lil' bro, and also hints of a vulnerable side (as odd as it was for him to be trash-talking a dead robot, his embarrassment at Tails calling him out was priceless~ I also found it cute when he walked off dejectedly when he realises they hadn't made a bet, just the way he did it was so... awwww~). I'd love to see more of this and have it expanded upon, they are the Unbreakable Bond, after all~! <3 Eggman is, as always, fantastic all around. I feel they really nailed the balance between his menacing side (what he was doing) and his goofiness (his flamboyant personality, his witty humour, his apparent obsession with theme parks); his PA announcements managed to blend the two sides of himself as well~ He's definitely an evil villain, but he's such a funny, whimsical, lovable villain that you just can't hate the guy. Watching him and Sonic playfully banter and try to one-up each other through wit and snark is fun to watch, and who can forget Orbot and Cubot! They're so cute! They almost seem like Eggman's goofy, mischievous children, and in a way they are~ I really hope they become main stays; it's great to see Eggman have others to interact with, and have loyal subjects, as ineffective as villains as they are. So yeah~ Despite some missed opportunities, I think Sonic Colours' story was pretty good for what it was, though I do hope we can have more characters and depth next time around~
  8. Oooh, you're my best friend!

    1. Uraraka


      i do not relive we have met before, but thanks so much! :D

  9. Admittedly, I'm not the best or most experienced of writers/roleplayers, but I'll throw my pennies' worth in from what I've learned so far. ^^ Inspiration As Cake has already mentioned, the clearer you imagine the scene you are writing in your mind, the easier the words will flow onto the page. Modes of inspiration vary from person to person - sometimes listening to fitting music whilst writing can help strengthen images or even generate ideas. Sometimes inspiration can come from books, some quiet thinking time, a walk outside - just about anything you can think of could be what inspires you. Trying to put yourself into the scene may help - how does it feel to be in that particular scene at that particular moment. What can you see? Hear? Smell? Taste? Touch? Try to create the image as wholly as you can. However, becoming too "flowery" with imagery can lead to breaking the story's flow (an easy trap to fall into)... Though it can also work well - it depends on the mood of the scene. ^^; Characters Also as Cake mentioned, characters are very important. In fact, I personally believe that characterisation is the most important factor of fictional works. In fiction, the situation is likely to be fantastical or exaggerated; it's the characters that the reader will connect with throughout the story. As such, a character has to be believable - exaggeration is good to make for a vibrant and expressive character, but there has to be some point of relatability if the reader is to connect with them. Try to learn a lot about your character(s), how they react in different situations, quirks and habits they might have, little trivial information that may not be included in a story but still help completely flesh them out in your mind... As much as you can, really! One important aspect of a character would be their flaws. A character who has a virtually "perfect" personality and/or is grossly overpowered just isn't interesting to read about. They tend to be unbelievable, unrelatable, and people tend to find them obnoxious. They can also be unfair in roleplays since they tend to "steal the show". This is a double-edged sword, however; a character that is too flawed with little to no redeeming qualities is often equally as obnoxious as a character that is too flawless, and they may be seen as a burden in roleplays. This is a trap that I'm prone to walking into, myself. ^^; Balancing strengths and weaknesses in a character is tricky, but ultimately rewarding. ^^ Experience! One of the best ways to better your writing/roleplaying skills is to, well... Write and roleplay! You could always write something and post it on a website where others can comment and critique. Or you could join a roleplay community, roleplay over messenger with friends... heck, you could join (or start) a roleplay on these very boards! In my own experience, I tend to find that roleplaying over messenger with friends is a great way to learn little details about all characters involved (and their relationships) since it tends to be more focussed on the character interaction than plot. I've never joined a roleplay continuity so I can't comment, but my experience of roleplaying on these boards has been a wonderful experience so far. ^^ I wish you all the luck with your literary journey~ Though in all honesty, from what I've seen of your posts so far, you seem to be a very mature writer, Fieuline. ^^
  10. Unkempt red strands were swept off of their perch by an exasperated breath before re-settling themselves atop the wolf
  11. A small lone figure traipsed along the sidewalk, staring at its hands intently. It turned out to be a black-and-white kitten, couldn
  12. "Cyberblade!" Sheffer and Lucky had shouted in unison, but it was too late - their fearless leader had already thrown Katura, as well as himself, out of the window. As the binding spell broke off, the two remaining conscious members of the group rushed to the window (Lucky stumbling into the bedside table on the way). "H... How did he...?" Sheffer began, awe-struck. Gazing down, he caught a glimpse of the young wolf beginning to deliver a series of blows to the dragon's head and stomach in quick succession. The hedgehog of emerald fur was speechless; just what was that kid? "That idiot...!" The dark-furred feline interjected Sheffer's thoughts as she began to hoist herself up onto the windowsill. "Whoa! What are you doing?!"
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