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    • Happy Birthday Sweet Prince
  1. Happy birthday, boss!

  2. You most likely won't see this but happy birthday

  3. Although I won't apologize for my initial comment because I really do strongly dislike leave statuses, I am sorry for assuming your intents by calling them petty.

  4. cowboy-bebop-the-real-folks-blues-part-2



    i'm out of this place. i ain't coming back.

    love u all. <3

    rucdose, for the last time, esquire

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Penny


      you're losing my respect dude

    3. Ryannumber1gamer
    4. Milo


      lol, nobody leaves the ssmb

      See you space cowboy... ;_;[\spoiler]

    5. Oscillo


      School can't...do this... to people...

    6. Sean


      See you in a couple of days!

    7. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      With a incident like that, Sean?

    8. Wraith


      What did y'all do now

    9. gala


      Sean, don't be an ass.

    10. Ryannumber1gamer



      It's a long story and you really don't want to know.

    11. Oscillo


      Hold on... Is this about the stream that happened tonight?

    12. Wraith


      I wouldn't ask if I didn't want to know but alright 

    13. Ryannumber1gamer



      He said he has wanted to leave for a while but I'd say the stream was the breaking point

    14. Kaze no Klonoa

      Kaze no Klonoa

      Woah, what happened? :(

    15. Oscillo


      OK then I guess :c.

    16. ...


      @Sean That is seriously not cool. Real talk here. 

      Gonna miss you, Rucdose. Know that you've been having a hard time, so I'll see ya later.

    17. Penny



    18. Sean


      I don't even know what happened but judging from pretty much every single declaration of a member leaving the place I'm highly certain it's for some really petty reason and I don't feel too bad about calling out on it.

    19. Wraith


      yeah honestly this is probably over something dumb

    20. Failinhearts


      You're leaving?

      I dunno what happened, but I'm sure it was pretty crappy. We'll miss you man, we'll miss you a lot.

    21. WhoWhatMan


      Still Sean it's pretty rude



    22. gala


      It doesn't matter if it's "over something dumb", exacerbating the problem with those sort of comments is really childish.

    23. TCB


      Dunno what happened or what's going on

      But if you're truly leavin...

      ...you're a stronger soul than I, only lasted a month before I came back lmao


    24. ...


      Agreed with Dan. Even if you think he's doing it for attention or to make anybody feel bad (which I very well know he isn't), there was no reason to do make a snide remark like that.

    25. Diz


      Now, I still have no idea what any of this is about, but Rucdose, if you feel like taking a break, you should definitely do that. There is no need to permanently leave or anything, you are always welcome back here. I really hope that you come back after calming down a bit, I would not want anyone to leave. Have some fresh air, a good night's sleep, and then we will see, alright? Do take care.

    26. Nepenthe


      I'm going to lock this before it gets out of hand. With the real reasoning behind his actions being shrouded in ambiguity, there's no reason for an argument to break out concerning his motives. Either ask Rucdose or a witness to this stream.

      Regardless, good luck to you Rucdose.

  5. I'm liking the idea, but considering the fact that we're getting a sequel to the recent Spongebob movie from Paramount, I wouldn't be surprised if The Spongebob Movie 3: Nicktoons Unite comes out in a few years. And even if it's a separate film, I'm kinda expecting Spongebob to still be front and center. I dunno though, hopefully it won't come to that but who knows, right?
  6. Time for a Movie Night people! Tonight at 5PM EST/10PM GMT, Felix will be streaming the cult-classic Space Jam on Motobug! So make sure you put on your hanes, lace up your Nikes, grab some Wheaties and your Gatorade, we'll go get a Big Mac on the way to the ball park! remember, that's a line from the film, not me accepting mad stacks to advertise Nikes in a thread post tho that'd be swell too, warner
  7. Alien Isolation is about to begin! Get in here for some spooooooky shenanigans! Also, Jontron Emotes.


  8. Alien Isolation in 10 minutes! Get in here now for some SPOOK


  9. 30 minutes till the Alien Isolation stream! At the moment, i'll be taking music/video requests up to the start of it!


  10. Hey folks! Good news/bad news time. Bad news is that our Shrek the Musical Thursday, which was supposed to be today is being delayed to a TBC time as I wasn't properly prepared to stream it tonight. The good news is that I will still be streaming today and I'll specificly be streaming Alien Isolation at 4PM EST/9PM GMT! After that, we shall be taking music/video requests! So make sure you come down for some spooks and something actually related to SEGA for once!
  11. Surprise! I'll be streaming Alien Isolation today at 4PM EST/9PM GMT on Motobug! After that, we'll be streaming music and video requests so make sure you come on down!

  12. But in all seriousness, I'm hype. Recently Hot Topic started selling some of Sanshee's FNAF shirts so hopefully this means that more places will get stock of these (and maybe the UK could get some love too Sanshee i mean come on guys hahahahhahaahahhHAH)
  13. Rucdose

    Be Cool Scooby-Doo!

    hahahahaahahahhHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH but in all seriousness, this show's fucking doomed
  14. So, some new images from the Angry Birds Movie came out.


    Gotta say that I'm kinda excited for it. Looks pretty good.

    1. .   .

      . .

      I.. I'm not- I'm not... No..

      I- I don't see it, man... I don't see it... 

    2. KHCast


      Still looks pretty eh. More looking forward to the R&C film

    3. Forte-Metallix


      I actually like these anthro-redesigns. (Though seeing a Minion Pig with a neckbeard is a bit off-putting)

    4. LovieHats


      So, uhm, what is this suppose to be about? Is it going to be birds being catapulted into pigs for a few hours or

    5. Failinhearts


      I'm fine with the Birds. I have to get used to the Pigs.

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