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  1. I can’t imagine the music thing is a time constraint issue, unless Jake has a lot of other projects besides SK. Jake has worked on multiple projects at once in the past. Maybe it’s a budget issue. Either way, it is pretty disappointing. The new music doesn’t sound all that great.
  2. I'm personally really excited for Ken, oddly. Ryu is already one of the coolest Smash 4 characters so there's that. I think the presentation was a bit sloppy and poorly paced but the character selection is solid. Also if you don't think playing as a potted plant is amazing then get out of my face.
  3. A Dragon Quest character would be dope. The heroes of the series have plenty of signature spells that could translate brilliantly to moves, like Zoom for recovery, Kaclang to turn into steel, etc. Plenty of sword techniques that they could use for the base kit- or you could have the DQV hero summon monsters for his attacks.
  4. nyoooooooom So I don't really like being negative but I wanted to briefly point out that Sonic Forces is $40 and kicking frozen dog shit down the sidewalk is free. Everything I've seen and heard about this game is so disappointing. Where do you even go from here?
  5. RubyEclipse clarified the limit on a NeoGaf post .
  6. Game is looking like a pass for me right now. I didn't mind the Classic physics not being 1:1 too much in Generations because that game felt somewhat fresh, but I don't think I can excuse it again, especially when the level design is this bad.
  7. Isolation is the big one for me. I'm not too worried about Retro not being at the helm. As long as it's not Team Ninja.
  8. Art looks okay I guess. Not what I'd call boxart material but I aaand it's ruined.
  9. I wouldn't blame anyone for calling it bad. The guys hanging from the chains was... a bit much. That said, I really want to play spidmeng
  10. I'm really not keen on all the talking during the stages, and the level design really doesn't do anything for me. It looks boring. The animation for modern Sonic is a huge improvement though.
  11. I haven't looked at the footage since I'd rather see for myself when I play the game, but I would still rather they didn't lean too much on old levels. It's a bit disappointing and the original stuff (Studiopolis, Mirage Saloon) has looked great so far.
  12. For the sake of the thread, lets not derail it by getting into a circular argument where the same point gets repeated over and over again. It just brings down discussion.
  13. while you nitwits have been playing ""Chess"" i have been playign "Chass"

  14. This is weird, but if the gameplay is good, I'm down to clown.
  15. I mean, at this point I don't doubt the quality of mainline Mario games. I'll probably get a lot more out of Odyssey than Forces.
  16. I don't get the hate either. Yeah, the stories aren't good, but they're not working with much. And to be honest, I find the gameplay to be a lot more concerning. you are obsessed with him, aren't you
  17. You sure it's bias and your comparison isn't bad? Sonic hasn't approached either of those franchises in terms of quality for a long, long time.
  18. I really don't like the way these games end up with multiple, significantly different gameplay styles. Variety is good, but the way Sonic Team ends up doing it results in like 2-3 different ideas spread thinly over a 5-6 hour romp. Gotta get that Sonic brand money.
  19. The created characters look a lot like the stock fan characters we've seen for years, which is expected I guess. It's not as horrible as I was expecting, but the gameplay in that trailer looked pretty jank all around. I dunno. The trailer just left me with a weird feeling.
  20. I'm thinking they're leaning a little hard on the old levels. GHZ act 2 looked great, but this looks too samey.
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