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  1. I'm up for making something, as always.
  2. As always, gonna join. Do my best, yada yada. The challenge part really has me intrigued.
  3. So. Due to Spinny finding one in his own store, I... sort've have an Extra Lucina here. Still packaged, all that. Curious if anyone would buy it. Though I kinda need 30$ for it, due to how I ended up getting it and all that. Also got a Wario, Charizard, Greninja and Pac-Man. But Spinny kinda already has dibs on those last two, and I'm sure everyone has the fat man and fiyahlizard already.
  4. One other thing that'd be awesome is if during the course of the game, instead of it being entirely new bosses all the way through, They could throw in some random older bosses from older Paper Mario games. Like Hooktail or Huff N. Puff. It'd be super awesome to see them all new and improved... Plus potentially awesome remixes, *coughcough*
  5. I can totally agree with the 'We all hyped up things we thought were happening, but didn't.' I mean, that's exactly what I did. Honestly, I watched the whole presentation late, but I can say that I really did feel the whole presentation was 'Okay.' I expected perfection, but nothing really outright upset me. Except the Metroid thing, a little. I'm over it now though. Same with Paper Jam.
  6. Personally for me, its these: Smash / MK8 DLC Something utilizing Nintendo's underused IPs ( Metroid and F-Zero, among others. ) Paper Mario Wii U Something else exclusive to New3DS, maybe? Y'know, we've only one game needing this better system so far... Otherwise, I'm cool with most everything else. Except MAYBE some more Mario and Pokemon. I love both Series, but I really think they've been pushing it way too much.
  7. So my sister took the day off to go amiibo hunting at Toys R Us. While I had forgot to tell her I ordered them all online, She still went and got some for me. Cause I figured good bargaining material/sell for DECENT prices to friends. Didn't expect her to get a Silver Mario though! So I'm happy I'll be having the sad cold Silver Mario as well, but now also have an extra Lucina, Pac-Man, Greninja and Wario and Charizard to trade with. Potentially an extra Ness, Robin and third Lucina too, if my order from Yes Asia goes though.
  8. So lucky lucky me got it through Amazon a day early. I tried out a bit of Single player, and a bit of Multiplayer too. The Shops in town won't allow you to purchase any clothing til level 4, in case that hasn't been said yet. And Weapons naturally are unlocked by levels too. I will say though, the challenge online is mighty easy right now. I've been getting 10-1 K/D's like crazy. But I guess it is launch, so folks might be getting used to it.
  9. That NES Zapper looks too much like a real gun. Splatoon, Rated T for Teen. Nah but seriously, this looks awesome.
  10. Meanwhile, I'm just sitting here, waiting for all my amiibos through Amazon. Just need them Yarn Yoshi ones.
  11. Okaaaaay. So I started up Wii U Smash. And it started up like I'd never played before. When I got to the main character selection, everything was gone. All the progress of characters unlocked and stages unlocked was gone. Naturally, I'm pissed. - .- Cause I never deleted my data, it's still there on my USB stick. The only thing I did was move it TO that USB stick. I even moved it back to the system and it still didn't read it.
  12. Wow I just completely brain-farted. Those are completely right, my bad. XD
  13. Oh certainly something. But seeing as Bowser Jr. Really sort've took Eggman's thunder somewhat in my mind, I'd rather Amy. Plus, its a hammer. After the Ice Climbers left, we lack them. - w- But yeah, plenty of disagreement here it seems. XD
  14. I agree with most of you. But really, we've been over K.Rool geez. - w- Seriously though, I really don't see why people vote for the most... well, boring or already in the game folks. Daisy really should be an alt costume for Peach though.
  15. Oh certainly understandable in those cases. Really, that's why I'm more for series that are either unrepped with characters, or just not repped as much as others. FE in general seems to be repped very well, with two lords playing differently, a Magic User, and a clone. Along with another supposed clone on the way. Really I'd rather someone from a series that has only 2 or so reps, or as I said, not repped at all. Like Rhythm Heaven.
  16. Still. FE in general seems to have enough rep. IMO. But really, if we're getting one more FE rep, I'd really rather someone who didn't use a sword. And an Axe is pretty dang cool a weapon.
  17. People are still voting for Chrom. Christ People. You want Marth, Roy, Lucina and Chrom? I keep liking the idea of this Hector fellow more and more.
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