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  1. Anyone else upset that they're dumping CGI?

    Honestly I am disappointed that Forces probably won't have cinematics like previous games But considering the in game cutscenes we have now look pretty good IMO (Aside from the lighting and some of the character motions) compared to past games thanks to the increase in technology. I think i'm fine really. It's not the same, but I can live with it.
  2. It's because he simply wants to, just like how Sonic does good because he wants to. I don't see a complicated or hidden reason behind it really, Eggman is just a goofy but threatening villain that wants to paint the world in his glorious image.
  3. My favorite Hatsune Miku Song in honor of her 10th anniversary.

    Happy birthday you lovable singing program

  4. So with gamescom this week, I know Forces is playable there, but should we expect new info this week? or do we have to wait a little longer to get something?

    1. Inkling Cooper

      Inkling Cooper

      Well, if it counts, Forces (for some reason) will be enhanced for the Xbox One X: https://majornelson.com/blog/xbox-one-x-enhanced/

    2. Celestia


      Yeah, it's been said we'll be getting news in the next few days.

  5. Sonic Forces news coming after release of Sonic Mania

    That feeling of harsh reality hitting my face. not exactly the best feeling out there. Even then, I do have some sort of hope in me that the game can show improvement after City Heights. But yeah, it's best that I keep my expectations low for the better as nothing about Forces has been super enticing to me and that's probably not gonna change anytime soon.
  6. Sonic Forces news coming after release of Sonic Mania

    Not surprised to hear honestly With Sonic Mania out of the way and Gamescom coming next week and Tokyo Game Show next month. It's pretty expected to have Sega put all their focus and efforts into marketing the shit out of Sonic Forces Whatever they'll do anything to impress me though is another matter altogether because nothing about this game has been super amazing to me. I'm still cautiously optimistic and hopeful that this could at least shape up into a fun game at the end. but I swear if the game doesn't look anything like this in terms of depth and scope. I shall be a disappointed man.
  7. So I have a question, if Taxman and Stealth did a Sonic 3&K remastered with a new soundtrack by Tee lopes, how would you react?

    1. JosepHenry



      Here. That's my reaction.

    2. TheOcelot


      Image result for very pleased gif

      I'd be happy because we know Tee can deliver quality music.

    3. Rusty Spy
    4. Diogenes


      man i've got enough ways to play 3&k already

    5. McGroose


      I just want them to release Taxman's Sonic 1 + 2 ports on Steam already.

    6. Polkadi



  8. Only one week from now. 

  9. Probably as much as I do the Classic games. Forever........
  10. Damnnnnnnnnnn that's smooth as butter. considering all the other rearranged tracks sound so familiar to their original tracks, this was very unexpected and surprising. But hey that's not a bad thing at all. (This might now be my favorite of the rearranged tracks.) now excuse me, I'm gonna chill to this.
  11. Sonic Headcanons

    Well Gold the Tenrec is stated by her creator EvanStanley to be possibly either a Lesbian or Bisexual But Archie has never really said or hinted anything about this fact, sooooooooooo.......????
  12. Holy shit, that's unexpected as hell. Looks really freaking cool though.
  13. I don't think this means the 3D games are gonna end nor does this mean the end of Modern Sonic. But it could definitely mean Classic Sonic is staying on the franchise.
  14. What's your idea of a spinoff sonic game?

    Here's some of the character centric ideas I have. (I have plenty more, but we'll be here all day XD.) A Blaze the Cat Series - Seriously there is so much potential to her and her world, but we haven't really seen much of it, so how about a little series of games starring the beloved cat and her world, maybe it could be a handheld only series running alongside the main Sonic series on consoles, using the same Rush engine that was used on Generations 3DS, (Which had a lot of potential IMO.), as she and Marine go through various levels set in the Sol Dimension to stop Dr Eggman Nega and his army, (Personally, I would want Captain Whiskers to be the main antagonist of these games as you fight him and his robot pirate crew, but let's be real here.) though as the console and handheld markets are slowly becoming one thanks to the Switch, something like this could be a bit difficult. (Maybe give the boost to Blaze and call it a fire dash or something and have Sonic develop the Lost World style? I don't know?), but either way, just seeing more of Blaze and the Sol Dimension in general would make me happy. Team Chaotix detective game - Okay let's be honest here, I'm sure everyone kind of wants this, but seriously it's such a neat idea, imagine playing as the Chaotix and using their various abilities to solve various mysteries and cases, hell one of the cases could even be resolved around finding Mighty and Ray (Who have been missing if Generations has to indicate.), seriously this shit writes itself. Tails' Adventure franchise - I really liked the idea behind the Tails' Adventure game, where you play as Tails as you go around exploring in this huge metroidvania world using the various gadgets you find to explore the large world and to defeat the battle Kukku empire, seriously this is a neat idea and I kind of wished Sega explored it more, as it had a lot of potential to become a true franchise with it's own identify and cast of characters, but alas.
  15. Glorious if I say so myself! It's hard to believe how different it sounds now, compared to the version from a year back, better mixing, additional instruments alongside improved instruments, seriously this is just glorious. Now I wonder how Green Hill and Flying Battery sound now?