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  1. Holy shit, that's unexpected as hell. Looks really freaking cool though.
  2. I don't think this means the 3D games are gonna end nor does this mean the end of Modern Sonic. But it could definitely mean Classic Sonic is staying on the franchise.
  3. Here's some of the character centric ideas I have. (I have plenty more, but we'll be here all day XD.) A Blaze the Cat Series - Seriously there is so much potential to her and her world, but we haven't really seen much of it, so how about a little series of games starring the beloved cat and her world, maybe it could be a handheld only series running alongside the main Sonic series on consoles, using the same Rush engine that was used on Generations 3DS, (Which had a lot of potential IMO.), as she and Marine go through various levels set in the Sol Dimension to stop Dr Eggman Nega and his army, (Personally, I would want Captain Whiskers to be the main antagonist of these games as you fight him and his robot pirate crew, but let's be real here.) though as the console and handheld markets are slowly becoming one thanks to the Switch, something like this could be a bit difficult. (Maybe give the boost to Blaze and call it a fire dash or something and have Sonic develop the Lost World style? I don't know?), but either way, just seeing more of Blaze and the Sol Dimension in general would make me happy. Team Chaotix detective game - Okay let's be honest here, I'm sure everyone kind of wants this, but seriously it's such a neat idea, imagine playing as the Chaotix and using their various abilities to solve various mysteries and cases, hell one of the cases could even be resolved around finding Mighty and Ray (Who have been missing if Generations has to indicate.), seriously this shit writes itself. Tails' Adventure franchise - I really liked the idea behind the Tails' Adventure game, where you play as Tails as you go around exploring in this huge metroidvania world using the various gadgets you find to explore the large world and to defeat the battle Kukku empire, seriously this is a neat idea and I kind of wished Sega explored it more, as it had a lot of potential to become a true franchise with it's own identify and cast of characters, but alas.
  4. Glorious if I say so myself! It's hard to believe how different it sounds now, compared to the version from a year back, better mixing, additional instruments alongside improved instruments, seriously this is just glorious. Now I wonder how Green Hill and Flying Battery sound now?
  5. If we can accept all the different forms of Batman and recognize them as different enities, then I think we can accept all the different versions of Sonic as well. Personally I don't think we should cancel Boom, as it seems to be a pretty big hit despite the games being complete bombs and the comic being on hiatus, now of course it shouldn't completely take over and become the face of the franchise, Like what Satam and Aosth did, but as it is right now, it's fine. And it has actually done some good for the series despite it all, like for example it managed to completely redeem Amy in a lot of peoples eyes for one and is possibly going to influence her character in future appearances to come. (no Minnie Mouse like voice for one.) And plus, it's a good show, not perfect by any means, but the show has certainly shown impressive improvement since it began. So I say, keep Boom up until the team feels like they're ready to end it as opposed to suddenly cancelling it. (Because the last thing I want is a scenerio where it ends up getting cancelled right when it was starting to get good.)
  6. Happy Birthday Sonic!!!! 

  7. Sonic's reputation never really died honestly. Okay yes, he has gone through quite a few bumps in his lifetime, and yes his rep has taken quite the few hits thanks to Shadow, 06 and Rise of Lyric, but despite that he is generally still a very well known icon in the gaming industry with a large fandom to boot, and several conventions dedicated to him, (and one getting a Guinness record.) along with a successful Cartoon and a upcoming movie on top of that. Hell people are legitimately hyped for Mania and some fans are even excited for or at least interested in Forces Am I being too optimistic, in a way yes. I am, And I will admit that Sonic has taken quite a few hits and if we are talking if he will reach the highs and critical acclaim that he had in the 90s? Then no, that damage has been done long ago, and even if Sega tries, there will always be one group that will complain that this isn't the Sonic they want and that Sega should just kill him off already or that Sonic was never good or some shit like that. (Even Mania despite it's glowing reception has quite a few people that dislike it for various reasons.) That's just how it is now, and I will accept that. Sorry if this seems half assed and unfocused. I never intended to post here and I posted completely on accident so I had to say something.
  8. How about Egg Scrap Madness zone A new zone that takes various elements and gimmicks from all the final zones in past classic games along with new stuff on top of it, and mashes them all up to make one very challenging final zone. ......... Yeah i'm not that great with ideas.
  9. Wow it looks really good so far, and I definitely can't wait to see more of it. What? you were expecting a massive freak out, hah hah, not happening. As you can see, I'm as chill as the eye could see.
  10. Sorry about that, I basically just skimmed through the entire post. And if that's the case, then you should probably check out the Taxman remasters if you have a Iphone or a android or a kindle or whatever as they address one of these very things by saving after literally every act, (making continues actually kind of pointless.) yes there's touch controls, but they're actually implemented pretty good IMO and both games are definitely playable with them. (At least, I never had any issues with them, I don't know how everyone else feels about them.) I don't know how helpful this is, or if you even have a Device that can play them to begin with, but hopefully this can be somewhat of an assistance, and hopefully you get the point despite it all, in that you shouldn't feel bad at all for not beating them, and that you're not a failure in the slightest.
  11. Nah, don't call yourself a failure for simply not beating a bunch of games. There are plenty of Sonic games and Video Games that I have never beaten, because I either didn't have the time or patience to do so, or I just simply never bothered or cared to. Don't hate yourself because of something that is really very minor in the end of the day, if the Classic era is not your cup of tea, then that's cool, They are not for a lot of people here, so you're not the only one who thinks of that, and While I do think the Classic Games are absolutely phenomenal, I'm not gonna hate on or hold anything against you, just because you don't care for them, and the only people who really would is really just a minority of the massive fandom in the end. so at the end of the day, just enjoy what you like and don't let anyone tell you what you should like and what you shouldn't Simple as that.
  12. The gameplay for GHZ only reinforces a theory I had since Forces was revealed. Classic Sonic feels forced and slapped in because he wasn't meant to be in Forces to begin with, Like the game wasn't supposed to have him at first, but then when the 25th anniversary came around and Sonic Mania started development, Sega suddenly wanted Sonic Team to force him in there despite the game never having him in mind, thus they have to rework the entire game just so Classic has a role in a game that he was never supposed to be in to begin with. why would GHZ look so unfinished and out of place compared to Modern's level, why would it take four whole years of devlopment? why would he have the drop dash? why would the third playable character look awkward because of the two Sonic's thing? because Classic was never even meant to be in this game to begin with. But that's just some crazy as hell balls to the walls theory that I came up with, so who knows.? God the E3 explosion is gonna be something else
  13. So with Mario Kart Deluxe finally out, I have one interesting question, if Mario Kart 8 Deluxe ever ends up getting DLC and Sonic ends up being a DLC Pack ala Zelda and Animal Crossing, how would you react? (Yes I know it's extremely unlikely, but this is just for fun more then anything.)

  14. Dat Green Hill Act 2 remix. IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! I'm really loving the palmtree panic vibe. it fits the level very well. Though I will admit, I am a tad bit disapointed that the commentary couldn't let us hear the whole song. But the music we did get to hear was definitely amazing, and now it's already up there alongside Sunset Hill and Modern Green Hill as my favorite remix of the song. Oh yeah and the Japanese site looks amazing as well.
  15. I'm not gonna make assumptions just yet. Yes it looks like it's Green Hill again, but from the fact that it was in the background during Modern's gameplay, (With the city being destroyed by Eggman's giant mechs.) to the fact that there's sand all over the place, I don't know, I just have this itching feeling that there's more to this then meets the eye, and I need to see more before I make assumptions. Just like how in forces original trailer, a lot of us thought it was gonna be this edgy as hell Sonic game that's on the same level as 06 or Shadow, but as more got shown off, that wasn't really the case. (So far anyway.) Like I said, I'm just gonna wait and see more before I make assumptions about stuff. Plus it could still be a fun time, I liked Generations a lot, so who knows?