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  1. On Yuji Naka, for some reason I feel like he's gonna come back to SEGA/Sonic Team someday. Considering that Prope hasn't been the most sucessful thing as of late (Correct me if I'm wrong about that.) And that he has expressed some interest in returning to Sonic someday a couple of times in the past, I don't know, It just feels inevitable that he'll return to SEGA/Sonic Team someday, and that it's not so much a matter of if he'll return, but when he'll return? But that's just how I look at it personally. (And feel free to correct me if I'm wrong which I'm most likely am.)
  2. I'm honestly expecting a June release at this point. Because not only is it not too far from it's presumed original date. (April or May.) But at the same time giving it some polish and refinement for release, but it'll be a good time considering that it'll be Sonic's birthday that month. (It's not the first time a Sonic game has been released around that time. *Cough* Sonic Adventure 2 *Cough*) and it'll also allow Sega to give all their attention and focus to Sonic Forces throughout the rest of summer/fall 2017 after it's released. But that's just me and my mindless speculation.
  3. The true face of murder right here. because underneath that cute & adorable face, lies a killer that even the most evil will be afraid of. Seriously you don't want to know what kind of acts she does with that chao.
  4. So something unrelated, but Tee lopes (The composer of Sonic Mania.) made a remix of the Sonic Forces theme. And it sounds awesome.
  5. So since I'm a bit late to the fun, I'll go ahead and add my thoughts on it. While I do love Flying Battery, I'm admittedly a little bit disapointed that it looks too much like the original. Not that I have a problem with that, (It does look gorgeous.) but I wished they took a bit more liberties with it. Like imagine something like this, a destroyed looking Flying battery that's barely flying with a dark ominous thunderstorm in the background. With a look that's more similer to the beta version of Flying Battery rather then the final version. Now that would be a badass reimagining in my opinion. But hey Flying Battery still looks damn good and I can't wait to play it, and I'm definitely intrigued about what the teaser image is teasing. Also Tee Lopes' flying battery remix is awesome like usual.
  6. Oh I thought that was one of the things announced at the stream, (Missed a good bit of the stream.) My mistake.
  7. Oh my fucking god. A Vinyl Soundtrack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FLYING BATTERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! New Classic Artwork!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A Title for Project Sonic 2017 or as I should call it now Sonic Forces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Return of the Boost Gameplay with a new version of the Hedgehog Engine to boot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEW VOCAL THEME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Well they did revealed Project 17 at the same time as Mania last year at the 25th anniversary shitfest party And that didn't seem to affect Mania from what I know of, so I don't know why showing more of Project 17 at the panel would?
  9. Honestly I don't care too much about the tone. Okay sure the city is on fire and there's giant scary Eggman mechs walking around, but there's also this. Followed by this. And even looking at the overall city, it's not all grim and dark looking like let's say Westopolis or Crisis city were. It still looks pretty colorful even if it's all destroyed and on fire. So while I am expecting a darker tone then previous Sonic games, I'm not expecting them to go all edgy & serious like Shadow and 06 did. probably more along the tone of the Adventure duology where it's a bit darker and the stakes are much higher then the norm but never quite going there.
  10. Seriously considering that this is the tamest of the levels according to the Taxman himself. Then i'm extremely interested to see what comes next. Because GHZ act 2 looks absolutely stunning and The throwbacks to the lost beta Green Hill Zone is both unexpected and amazing. and the fact that elemental shields can activate new pathways feels like a logical evolution of the shields abilites and what they could do. It just really goes to show how much this team is passionate about Classic Sonic as a whole. And also that boss looks both really cool and intense. And I can't wait to see more of the hard boiled heavies. when we can. Seriously every time more and more info gets revealed, I get more & more hyped each day passing.
  11. Uhhhh there's already a thread for Sonic Mania discussion. Ib4 Lock.
  12. Well I'm a fan of Hatsune Miku and Vocaloid in general, soooooo? HAPPY MIKU DAY!!!! I would definitely celebrate by playing Future Tone or Project Mirai DX, but I don't have either of those games soooooo? Here's this instead. One of my favorite Miku only songs of all time.
  13. they did have potential to be interesting, but just like everything else in Lost World in my opinion, they weren't executed very well and now instead of being truly deadly villains like Sega tends to act like they are, they just come across as generic and 1 dimensional instead in my opinion.
  14. I still doubt it to a degree, but then again I've been wrong and surprised quite a few times in the past. So who knows what we'll see at the panel. All I know is that I can't wait to see what Sega has to show. And I hope we get something good from it. (Which we certainly will.)
  15. I won't really say that's a hint towards anything honestly. Sega has used Gotta Go Fast and stuff like that quite a few times in the past, (It's almost a bit of a slogan by now.) so I doubt it's hinting towards Ice Cap or anything related to Mania.