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  1. Two of my personal favorite Sonic adapations, damn count me in.
  2. So we know that nowadays, the Adventure/Modern designs are a bit controverisal among critics and certain fans. mostly for adding a lot of details to the characters such as eye color, and the changes range from minor (Sonic, Tails & Knuckles) to major (Dr Eggman & Amy), whatever the reason, these designs were controverisal, but how did everyone reacted to them back in the day, when they were first revealed to the world, from what I heard, people were fine with them, but considering how controversial they are today, (Not really, but hopefully you get my point.) i'm curious as to how everyone reacted to them back in the day. was everyone bitching about them like today, or were people fine with them?
  3. I wonder, If Generations engine is the same engine as Unleashed's (Hedgehog Engine.) and the daytime stages were ported in no problem, and that Eggmanland mod from the hacking contest showed that the Unleashed cutscenes can be played. and other little things being revealed such as the QTEs and the Spin kick, I wonder if we'll see a proper fanmade port of Unleashed someday? (Sure there's the werehog but give it a year or two, and we'll probably see the night stages and Werehog gameplay being possible.)


    1. Strickerx5


      I think I remember reading a while back that the werehog segments can absolutely be ported in with the gameplay (hell, we already have the model working). It's just that no one with the talent really wants to do it.

      Though, what really gets me is that fans are able to do this but Sega still can't release a pc port on their own...

  4. Please keep that shit out of my Sonic. i'll accept some ship teasing every now & then. (Perferably none with Sonic IMO.) But full blown romance between the Sonic characters. *gags* no thank you.
  5. Sonic x Rings is best ship. Also lol at the Megaman vs Sonic exchange.
  6. Watch it be everyone's favorite zone, Labyrinth Zone. XD (Though Labyrinth zone and it's obstacles with the fast pace of Hydrocity would actually be pretty interesting to see.)
  7. Now I hear a lot of talk regarding Sonic Colors Wii, but I hardly hear any talk regarding it's DS version. Now for those that aren't aware, Sonic Colors got a DS version that was released alongside the Wii version and it has since begun a long line of inferior console ports by Dimps, yes that Dimps, however, I know some people are going to disagree with me on this, (considering that dimps gets a lot of hatred these days.) but not only do I think this version is just as good as the Wii version and is a good Sonic game on it's own merits, but it's actually better in some aspects in my opinion. Let me explain why. Tighter level design and flow, Now let's get this out of the way, Sonic Colors Wii while it's still a fun game, does tend to have a obsession with slow platforming sections, (there's entire acts dedicated to it.) Now while Colors DS does have these sections at times, they mainly take a back seat to the speedy breakneck gameplay that the Rush games are known for, and And while it is shorter then the Wii version, it cuts the pointless filler out and manages to keep a much tighter and smoother flow then the Wii version did. And not only that, but this game downplays a lot of the problems that the previous Rush games had like the bottomless pits, bad enemy placement and other shit, (Though they're still there and it definitely has it's moments.) All while switching the Rush moveset for a moveset that's more like the current games, such as the ground pound, the walljump and a actual fucking Homing attack (Yes he had one in the Rush games, but it was so badly designed that it is practically useless.) And let me tell you, while I don't hate Rush's controls, I find the unleashed/colors moveset to be a definite improvement over it. Sonic's friends are in the game and some actually get involved. Now as we know, Sonic Colors Wii was a Sonic+Tails brofest, and while that's definitely not a bad thing in the least. (Colors Wii definitely had a lot more personality then the DS version in my opinion.) It does kinda feel a little bit odd that his friends aren't there, well fear not, because in the DS game, everyone is here, from Knuckles and Amy, to the chaotix, to team dark to Big to even Blaze and Silver, Why the fuck was Blaze and Silver here I have no clue? And this game also infamously brought back the Silaze shipping, which i'm admittedly not the most fond of. (I'm more of a Sonaze and Blazamy guy personally, and I don't ship sliver with anyone.) now luckily they are completely optional, (They're only in the missions.) so if you want it to strictly be a Sonic+Tails brofest like in the Wii Version, then you definitely can. However some characters do actually get involved, like for example there was one moment where Shadow, Omega, Sonic and Tails breaks into Eggman's base, and finds out the plans for a certain final boss, (Not revealing it because spoilers.) but of course like I said, all this is completely optional, so unless you want 100% completion, you can make this game a complete Sonic+Tails Brofest. (In fact you can completely go by the Wii versions beat by beat if you want to as the extra final boss is also completely optional.) Chaos Emeralds are much easier to obtain then they were in the Wii version. Now i'll be honest, i'm not a big fan on how you obtain them In the Wii version, basically you have to get every red in every level and then you have to compete every act in game land, and then you can get the chaos emerald, now this may not sound too bad, but you can't get every red ring on your first try. (You need certain wisps to get certain red rings, and you can't use these wisps until you get to a certain point in the game.) But luckily Colors DS makes it a lot easier to obtain them, just complete a stage with 50 rings and you can go to a special stage and boom chaos emerald, no backtracking, no playing through game land, (Though game land was a lot of fun.) Just complete the special stage and bam chaos emerald. (The seventh one is a pain in the ass to get though.) In fact let's get into them shall we, because they're only in the DS version. So it's obvious on what it is, another fucking half pipe, but unlike the other half pipe special stages, this one actually does something new, so here's the idea, there are three colored spheres in the special stages, red, orange and blue, and you have to get a certain color to move on, but there are two things to note, #1 there's laps, basically you get red spheres in one lap, and once you get those spheres, you have to then get the blue ones which are a bit harder to get. And then you have to get the orange spheres which are pretty hard to get, now here's the thing, you can't hit the other spheres while you're getting that certain color sphere, because if you do, they'll fly out of the stage and make it much harder to get the correct amount to pass. Now while I am sick to death with the halfpipe special stages, these actually do a unique job with it, and they are actually pretty fun. Plus the goddamn music. This music is undoubtedly catchy and upbeat. Now of course Colors DS uses most of the Wii's soundtrack, and while they don't have the grand scale of the Wii's version, it still sounds good. (Though the Wii's soundtrack is objectively the better of the two.) But of course, while the Wii's chaos emeralds are harder to obtain, the reward is a lot better then the DS game. Because DS doesn't have a playable Super Sonic. But of course as with Dimps tradition, the chaos emeralds are used only for the extra final boss. Speaking of which. The extra final boss Now there are some aspects that I didn't get into like the normal bosses. (Which I think the Wii version shits on completely.) And the Red rings. (They just unlock art and music.) But I think I covered all the basics, so my thoughts, not only do I think this is a great Sonic port that is actually up there with Colors Wii, (Unlike Generations and Lost World,) but it's definitely one of Sonic's underrated gems in my opinion. So now I want to know, what do you think of Colors DS? Do you think it's up there with the Wii version in terms of overall quality? Or do you see it as just another inferior handheld port ala Generations and Lost World or whatever? Comment away!!!
  8. I played it and It's not the worst thing ever, it's just generic and forgettable as all hell. and because there are so much better pinball games out there, it's ultimately not worth the money. (Hell Sonic is not even the ball here like he usually is, it's just a generic pinball.)
  9. On the topic of Special Stages, I wonder if the special stages will be inspired by this in some fashion? this was going to be in Sonic 3 remastered, and it would have been an extension of the Blue Spheres minigame, featuring new gimmicks and shit, considering that they're taking the Sonic 3 & Knuckles route with the special stage locations (Giant rings hidden in every zone.) and the fact that Blue Spheres 2 aligns perfectly with the idea behind Sonic Mania. (Old but new.) it'll make a lot of sense to put this idea to use. (I would prefer a new special stage, but i'll take Blue Spheres 2 over another Half-Pipe clone.) Plus a Tee Lopes remix of the Sonic 3 Special Stage music would be pure bliss to the ears.
  10. What the hell happened to the Sonic 3 Remastered campaign? I remember it was really big for a while, and then poof, it just stopped, did stealth's post on it completely stopped any progress? (Even though he encouraged it.) Did Something ended up stopping the entire project? Like don't get me wrong, I am heavily excited for Sonic Mania and all that, but i'm genuinely curious about the campaign's fate because it was the first time we really had something like this in the Sonic fandom, okay there has been people wanting SA3 and all that, but we never have gotten a full on campaign like Sonic 3 Remastered, so what happened to it?

    1. Tracker_TD


      People realised a petition isn't going to sort out the legal issues, if I had to guess. That, and Stealth's post. 

    2. EllieBot


      Stealth asked for it to be put on hold whilst Mania was given the green light behind the scenes.

    3. VEDJ-F


      It went the way of the Echidna. 

    4. SonicWind


      Maybe it'll be done one of these days, once Mania's released.

  11. I know, i was just joking. though a animated intro via Sonic CD would be amazing to see.
  12. The Plot to Sonic Mania Eggman does bad things and Sonic & Tails must stop him. oh yeah and Knuckles somehow got tricked again, so you have to stop him as well.
  13. I've noticed at the end of the video, there was a morse code played to Sonic tapping his feet. Can someone translate that? It could lead to more clues.
  14. As soon as i found out it was about Mean Bean Machine, i knew from the gecko it wasn't going to be anything special. was it still disapointing to have nothing in the end, well yeah of course it was, but at the same time though, i wasn't expecting anything grand to begin with, and for what it was, it was a good stream, the Kazuyuki Hoshino interview was undoubtly the highlight of the stream, not only did we get some history on how he became a Sega employee, but we also got a little bit of history regarding Sonic CD's devlopment which is always swell to see. plus Big being one of his favorite characters was pretty hilarious. (This explains a lot of things actually, like why he continued to appear in Sonic games despite his negative reception from SA1?) and the Eggman plush taking over the stream for a few secs was a nice little bit of humor. i got to chat with some of the Twitch members there before it blew up which was fun, so overall, i enjoyed it, and i can't wait for the valentines day stream. So i have a question to ask just to get back to Mania discussion, Now i know the chances of the Hyper Forms+Super Tails returning is pretty unlikely, given Sega's current stance on them, but does anyone want to see Super Knuckles again? it's not like he'll interfere with the already existing canon like the Super Emeralds would, given that he obtains it the same way that Sonic does, Yes i know there is that Hedgehogs only except for Blaze rule but considering his overall connection to not only Sonic himself but to both the Master Emerald and the Chaos Emeralds, it makes a lot of sense for him to have a super form compared to someone like Tails. (No offense bud.) so i want to know, does anyone want to see Super Knuckles return in Sonic Mania?
  15. We are not currently getting any Mania news right now, but we'll most likely get something by next month.