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  1. Reminder for fans watching the New Game + Expo showcase today hoping for possible Sonic news:

    Lower your expectations on anything Sonic related today. While Sonic news could possibly happen, there is a much more likely chance that we’ll get nothing. Especially since In more recent years, Sonic news has been announced in their own Sonic centric events separated from Sega’s and the fact that the stream is on the same day as Sonic’s birthday pretty much means nothing as Sega didn’t choose the date.

    As I stated, it is possible that we’ll get something and I don’t want to come off as a party pooper, but there is absolutely no  guarantee that we’ll get any Sonic news and it’s more likely that we don’t and that Sega will be talking about their other IPs as well as Atlus’ Instead (especially given that Atlus is right besides Sega on the listing.)

    1. Bobnik


      I'll come off as a party pooper then.

      Unless the game comes out this year, you're gonna wait till 2021, when the hypothetical game might be ready to be shown.

    2. Tarnish


      "Lower your expectations on anything Sonic related today."

      I'd says just lower your expectations on anything Sonic in general.

  2. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2020/02/segas_sonic_station_live_broadcast_starts_next_week_on_20th_february 

    Looks like Sega is hosting a monthly Sonic related livestream in Japan on the 20th, while I'm keeping expectations low, it should be interesting to see what they talk about here.

    1. booblur98


      SEGA does what nintendon't: put out a direct

    2. TheOcelot


      *put out a rubbish direct

    3. AlphaRuby


      but there have been crap directs

    4. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      Plenty, in fact.

  3. TIL Marza's staff has a twitter account and they've uploaded several pieces of artwork featuring Lah, Su and Wu and it's great.



  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  5. Out of all the Adventure tracks to be remixed, Sand Hill was among the last ones I expected to be remixed. Definitely not complaining though, the original track was a bit underappreciated IMO, so it's nice to see it get some love and this remix is really fucking good to boot. Seriously though, I hope Jun Senoue and Tee Lopes collaborate more often beyond TSR as their styles just really go well together.
  6. I think this 06 Concept art by Blur Studios (Which Tim Miller is a part of.) is the most likely idea on what Sonic could look like in the movie, Basically his design straight from the games with some added fur to make him fit a bit better in the live action setting.
  7. Some more Sonic headcanons. Due to running across the world several times and being exposed to many people from many different cultures, Sonic has become somewhat polyglottal and is capable of speaking several languages with some he's even fluent in. (Japanese being his most fluent besides his naive English) Due to him being mostly raised in the wilderness, Knuckles oftentimes has a lot of trouble adjusting to modern society and even now, he still doesn't understand some things. The reason why Eggman is so obbessed with making amusement parks was because some of his most fond and cherished memories came from amusement parks and Eggman wants to recapture that magic. (Just with his image.) Sonic got his Soap Shoes as a birthday gift from Tails very shortly before the events of Sonic Adventure 2. however he didn't like how they feel on his feet, so he went back to his old shoes shortly after the adventure was over. he still has them though and he might use them again when he feels like it.
  8. The two worlds thing is bullshit and should have never been a thing to begin with personally. As all it does is unnecessarily overcompilcate things a ton IMO. Like why can't we have just one world where Humans and Mobians exist side by side? After all, Post Reboot Archie had no problem doing that Hell there were humans living in Sonic's world as far back as Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog And the early concepts of Sonic the Hedgehog 1 had Madonna which would have been right alongside Sonic and his band if she made it into the final product And one of the promotional Mangas for Sonic 1 also had this And of course, that's not even mentioning the actual games Which in the case of games like Adventure 1 had humans living in the same world as these guys So what's with this two worlds thing all of a sudden? It was never brought up or even really a thing in previous games and all it does is overcompilcate things to a silly and unnecessary extent Look I know Sonic Team has never cared about continuity and consistency with their games (This is the same franchise that originally had Eggman Nega from another dimension in Rush and then having him from the future in Rivals) and for the most part, I have no problem with that, and I know this is not a new thing for the franchise (Sonic X has done it as well as Sonic the Comic) but this is just a tad bit silly in my personal opinion. (For the games at least) Like look at Mario for example, in Super Mario Odyssey alone You have Tostarenans Shiverians Steam Gardeners Volbonans Bublainians Realistic looking humans (New Donkers to be more specific) and Bonnetoners All of that, living on the same planet as all of these guys So if Mario, a franchise that has little to no continuity in the slightest can have all of these species (Plus more) living on one single planet and world Then I'm sure Sonic can handle two species living on the same planet without any real problems. (In the games at least) Sorry for the rant BTW, I know in the end, I'm bitching and complaining about something that's not really all that important (I doubt they'll even really bring it up in the games anyway) I'm sure a lot of people are happy with this and that's cool, this is all just personal opinion and ranting at the end of the day and if you agree or disagree Then cool.
  9. Yes I think the Pixel Art Style should definitely stay and hell they can expand on it more, just look at stuff like Clockwork Knight 2 from back then where it's constantly switching perspectives Or hell don't have it be held back by the Saturn's limitations and use more modern techinques like dynamic lighting and shit Just look at how impressive Pixel Art can be when it's not held back Of course, they don't have to abandon that Classic Sonic Pixel Art style as it's a great looking style, but I definitely think there's ways of expanding on it and making it look even better and more impressive then Mania (Which already looks very impressive.) Sure, it's clearly a working structure and thus should stay (Though I certainly wouldn't mind to see one or two 3 act zone ala Sonic 2 if they can make it work) Absolutely, one of the core traditions of the Classic Sonic game is how the Special Stages and bonus stages are always different from each other from game to game and I think it should stay that way to keep it from being stale and overused (I certainly don't want another Half Pipe) A World Map would be interesting to see and I certainly wouldn't be against such a feature if added (I have thought such a thing in the past), though I don't think it's necessarily needed as Zone transitions and cutscenes are enough, though one feature that would be interesting to have is something similar to the Red Ring system in Generations where getting them would unlock extra content like concept art and even skills (Mania did do something like this with the Medallion system in the Blue Spheres bonus stages, so it doesn't seem too far fetched.) and something like the Egg Shuttle from Colors would be interesting as well (Where you're constantly going from act to act and/or zone to zone to beat your best time and score.) beyond those aspects though, I don't think the other stuff is necessary, but it would be interesting to see such things in future games. I think the best question would be if we should even have a partner system and personally, while I do think it's an interesting idea and I wouldn't be against such a thing returning, I don't think we need to see it really. A maxed out Sonic would definitely be sweet and should have been a thing in Mania honestly. S1. Fuck no, let's just have the Phantom Ruby be a one (or two in the case of Forces) time thing like the Time Stones and focus on something else. S2. While I certainly wouldn't be against them returning, I would rather see some new emenies to fight then seeing them again S3. Amy is really all I want at the moment, though I certainly wouldn't mind the Chaotix being playable in a Classic Sonic game again if they can make their inclusion work. Cameos though???? maybe a nod to Mighty and Ray like in Generations, but that's it really. (And only if it works like the wanted posters in Mirage Saloon)
  10. Honestly I am disappointed that Forces probably won't have cinematics like previous games But considering the in game cutscenes we have now look pretty good IMO (Aside from the lighting and some of the character motions) compared to past games thanks to the increase in technology. I think i'm fine really. It's not the same, but I can live with it.
  11. It's because he simply wants to, just like how Sonic does good because he wants to. I don't see a complicated or hidden reason behind it really, Eggman is just a goofy but threatening villain that wants to paint the world in his glorious image.
  12. My favorite Hatsune Miku Song in honor of her 10th anniversary.

    Happy birthday you lovable singing program

  13. That feeling of harsh reality hitting my face. not exactly the best feeling out there. Even then, I do have some sort of hope in me that the game can show improvement after City Heights. But yeah, it's best that I keep my expectations low for the better as nothing about Forces has been super enticing to me and that's probably not gonna change anytime soon.
  14. Not surprised to hear honestly With Sonic Mania out of the way and Gamescom coming next week and Tokyo Game Show next month. It's pretty expected to have Sega put all their focus and efforts into marketing the shit out of Sonic Forces Whatever they'll do anything to impress me though is another matter altogether because nothing about this game has been super amazing to me. I'm still cautiously optimistic and hopeful that this could at least shape up into a fun game at the end. but I swear if the game doesn't look anything like this in terms of depth and scope. I shall be a disappointed man.
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