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  1. Waveshocker Sigma

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - PLEASE SPOILER TAG LEAKS

    Look who FINALLY decided to show up?

    1. Blacklightning


      If only I had any idea what the fuck they're saying this might make sense to me

      But hey we have a Stand in Smash now, that's pretty cool

  3. Spoilers in the tweet above for Soul Melter EX in Kirby Star Allies, if you care about that, but--YES! I FINALLY BEAT IT! WE FUCKIN' DID IT!! FU--We did it. And now I can keep calm and do the final extra planet

  4. Well fuck me, I STILL LOST.

    This thing is goddamn impossible. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DODGE THOSE PELLETS AND LASERS!?

    1. Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Talking about Smash or Kirby?

    2. Adamabba


      Is it the flying section? I pretty much had to unlock Ultra Instinct to pass that part without losing too much health 

    3. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      @Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice Aren't they the same thing? Kirby. Star Allies. Soul Melter EX.

      @Adamabba I'm trying to do the same and I get nicked a couple of times, but that's not the problem I'm talking about.

      I mean the very first attack from THIS ASSHOLE. 




    4. Adamabba


      Oh yea, I think I just held shield through the pellet part cause I thought it was pointless to try and dodge lol


      btw, Im only now just noticing that boss intro screen is an homage to Dream Land 3



  5. Playing Kirby Star Allies. Been trying to beat Soul Melter EX since yesterday. Made it to the true final fight twices before dying instantly due to low health and having no fucking clue how to dodge the first barrage of lasers.

    Going at it again now after sleeping, eating and shaving. Wish me luck!

  6. (tweet)

    Man, Splatoon 2 sure is good as making me feel like a damn fool and wasting my gold.

    1. Shiroi


      Just do what I do and be as big of a scrooge as possiblle. When it comes to actually needing to buy stuff you'll never have not enough money in this lol

    2. Adamabba


      I ordered those black boots with the same main gear last time I played lol

  7. I started playing the Splatoon 2 demo in the afternoon, got hooked, bought the game and Octo Expansion and now it's past midnight my time and I can't stop. I forgot how much I loved the first one and how good I actually was at it, and the improvements to the controls have me tearing stuff apart. I love it. ❤️

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Are you playing with a Pro Controller? I could never really enjoy the original with motion controls, but they're improved so much on Switch that I wouldn't consider anything else. It's a great game.

  8. Daily Reminder: Swindling begets only swindling just as selfishness begets banana heads.

  9. I kinda want a Forces mod that lets me changed the Custom Hero into this long, forgotten and basically unused reformed and restored hero.


  10. @KHCast 


    1. KHCast


      If there’s one boss that should have returned for KH3 lol

    2. Perkilator


      @KHCast Maybe as a boss for Arendelle, assuming the Unversed were the main enemy type?

  11. "Stadia" sounds like a artificial sweetener or something.

    Or like someone turned Sonic Stadium into a seasonal waifu character design. lol

  12. Waveshocker Sigma

    Consequences of a Dreamcast-Era Split

    How that any different than right now, though? Sure, we saw them all in Forces, but that was the first time in a long while that'd we'd seen anyone else in a main game and they didn't really do much.
  13. Man, it feels really weird that not only did we not get a Sonic game last year (I'm not counting Mania+), but we most likely aren't getting a main game this year either. I wonder if anything big is even happening for this series for a long time in the game department.

    1. Ferno


      we're probably getting nothing until the next anniversary. Kinda sucks that the only non-anniversary main-series game we did get this decade sucked (Lost World)

    2. Dejimon11


      We were so used to having a new game every year we're pretty much took it for granted. 

    3. Ferno


      to be fair we did keep begging Sega to give the series more breaks. now we're getting them. the problem is we're getting the same crap games regardless, only further apart now (Forces had 4 years in the oven)

    4. TCB


      They're giving the only IPs they bother to care about right now a little air while they stay trying to keep the reanimated corpse that's thier main IP alive every now and then

    5. Milo


      the series not getting swamped with (bi-)yearly releases is honestly a good thing IMO in regards to upholding quality control and preventing brand oversaturation.

      ...or at least, theoretically, it should be a good thing; but if Forces is any indication, giving ST more development time doesn't actually result in higher-quality games or a better direction for the series...

    6. Wraith


      They restructured their Dev teams in 2018. If they started dev on a Sonic game it was within the last year or so. 

      I wouldn't expect anything until 2020 unless they plan an early announcement again 

    7. Strickerx5


      And ya know what, I'm happy about that. There use to be time (pre-2016 really) where I was eager to learn about what this series was going to do next. 2017 just soured all of that for me. At this point I'm not even expecting them to be taking this time to actually reflect and improve the series (beyond just shoving Mania into bloody everything). I'm just enjoying not having to care about the next title again (beyond TSR which is already proving to be questionable at best).

      It's peaceful now. Though I know the movie is right around the corner so... hey

    8. Wraith


      I'm not sure how people even care enough about the movie to argue about it every day

    9. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      I don't know if I can consider this boredom to be the same as peace since I just want a fun run through Sonic's world again, but everything I like about the series pretty much vanished with Lost World coming out, so eh...

      I just miss Sonic and looking forward to something new, I guess. not like TSR helps much, though.

    10. Ferno


      I don't even feel like I've really run through sonic's world (the Adventure-era one that I'm used to personally) in years tbh so I'm pretty detached in that sense, despite Unleashed being one of my favs and not taking place in the Adventure series world.

      Then again thats another big problem. The Adventure-era world is the one I'm used to. Others started with the Classic world. Then there's the Unleashed-onwards era where EVERY game has a different world in it, etc.

    11. Wraith


      I'm content at the moment. It's been too long since there was a good big budget Sonic game to be realistically pining for one. As much as I would like one to exist and love to theory craft about it I'm very used to it not existing at this point. 

      There's been an uptick in mechanically sound action games with fun characters and worlds in the meantime. I'll be ultimately fine if Sonic wants to stay in the 90s even if I'd much rather he be better. 


    12. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      100% the same for me, Ferno. I mean, I'm used to Classic's as well but I was also tired of it long before Mania came back and don't have any urge to go back.

      I pretty much miss the world from Adventure all the way up to Black Knight and skipping Unleashed.

    13. Dejimon11


      Just play other franchises that you haven't gotten into to fill the void. 

    14. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      I'm ALWAYS playing other franchises, but that fills the void for those franchises. Playing something that's not Sonic will never fill a void I have specifically for Sonic. If it did, I'd be full from KH3 right now.

      Well, except I wouldn't because that game was over way too fast and was kinda disappointing. lol

      Also, I'm not looking for a new franchise since I already have so many and so few kinda outright bore me.

    15. Wraith


      I've always seen South Island, Station Square and Planet Wisp as part of the same world and probably always will.

    16. Ferno


      @Dejimon11 its probably why i got into Zelda within the past couple of years. deep down I can almost feel myself drifting away from sonic and I need to start fishing for other stuff, plus, with Zelda there's always an assurance that you can be hyped 100% for a new release without any exhausting "cautious optimism just in case" added to the mix like you have to do for main series sonic games

    17. Wraith


      Zelda has been my other favorite for more than a decade now because it brings the same sensation Sonic used to bring me of always coming with a fresh angle but with the added assurance of sticking the landing

      At worst, I've thought to myself "This isn't for me, maybe next time."

      The wait time between releases is the only downside. 

      Devil May Cry/Bayonetta have been other substitutes as far as grand, emotional action games with playfully edgy protagonists go and MARIO of all things has fully embraced a physics based movement system. This is just a few of countless other franchises I've been trying out since 2012 when I got myself a PS3 right before Sonic crashed for me with Lost World. None of these go nearly as far as to fill the void of that Sonic game you want in your heart to exist finally coming along, but if you think about what Sonic games you really like and why, you might be able to distill some of those values and find them in other things.

    18. Ferno


      Also its not a game, but ever since I got into One Piece a decade ago, my appetite for a good story has been constantly satisfied, especially since its clear Sonic's days of that are just over now.

    19. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      I just started Bayonetta 1 on the Switch a couple of days ago and pre-ordered DMC5 since it comes out on my birthday, so that's funny. I've also got all of the side mdoes in Kirby Star Allies to finish, I play Smash Ultimate amost every day, still have Azure Striker Gunvolt 1 and 2 to continue and Mega Man 11 to finish, I just started a Level 1 Proud Mode run of KH3 and am in my 4th world, have Crash and Spyro that I mess with on the side and I'm thinking of going back to Mario Odyssey to collect more Moons. Ah, and I still need to get Splatoon 2 and Pokken, though I'll get Blazblue Centalfiction SE first since I love BB. Still gotta play Doom before Eternal comes out, as well.

      I think I'm good on "other games" right now.

    20. Wraith


      I didnt mean to sound like I was lecturing you, that was more of a general tangent/rant. 

    21. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      You weren't lecturing me, though. Don't worry. o.o

      You just made me think of all of the different things I'm actually playing right now. I feel satisfied for all of those different series so far.

      It's just Sonic that I still want something for since the only thing I've played that fills that void for me is Freedom Planet, but I have no clue when Freedom Planet 2 is coming out.

  14. Waveshocker Sigma

    Pokemon Anime General Discussion

  15. Waveshocker Sigma

    Pokemon Anime General Discussion

    You'll see him on March 31st.

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