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  1. I'm assuming this is talking about personality alongside design, so with that being the case, Adventure Sonic without even a shroud of doubt. Archie, OVA and OG Classic are cool, too, though. Modern can burn.
  2. @KHCast It's that time again. 

    Call the others.

    1. KHCast


      Damn 2 over 666. Also the KH3 vanitas conversation with Ven XD perfectly summed up.

      I don’t even think at this point you can have Kingdom Hearts without the words heart and darkness being tossed around like candy at a parade.

    2. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      I also love Terranort's "DARKNE--MMPH!!". There are so many parts that are hilarious when edited together from this. It's what I look forward to the most from these Darkness count videos. ❤️

  3. I'd be perfectly fine with a big new adventure game that doesn't have any new Pokemon, but lets me catch absolutely every single Pokemon there is in the wild in a huge and expansive world that I can travel, explore and fight in. That's my dream Pokemon game and has been for over 10 years.
  4. If it's designed well and has a playstyle, speed and flow that I like and prefer, then sure. But I still want a good purely 3D game above anything else right now. I'm tired of 2D in Sonic.
  5. Mighty Switch Force Collection is coming to Switch and absolutely everything else! WOO!!

    1. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      is everything wayforward do so thirsty on main

    2. Dejimon11


      @Your Vest Friend you must be new 

    3. Ferno


      wayforward are my heroes deep down because they pretty much confirmed to me that you can be a western studio with an undeniably thirsty aesthetic and still survive/ exist past a game or two

    4. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I really can't stand how Shantae and MSF focus on scantily clad women. It's just so cringey.

      But that doesn't change the fact that MSF is great and that I really wish that 2 could get an HD version, there could be a third main series game and that maybe one day the series could look into 3D cause that would be interesting.

    5. Soniman


      WF is the one time where unabashed cute/sexy asthetic works for me. I don't even find it hot in that way really I just think it weirdly cool because it's done in a way that doesn't really come off as gross to me if that makes sense 

    6. Sean


      Nice, will pick it up on GOG. I have the Shantae games on there but was bummed that the MSF games were Steam-only.

  6. With as much as I typically dislike mobile games, I can't believe how much this one has done to grab my full attention and generate so much hype within me. And it comes out THIS Summer?? I don't think I'll be investing any time into Sword and Shield when I could be playing Masters instead.
  7. Oh, neat. Devil May Cry is out on the Switch now. I think I'll have to pick that up.

    1. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      DMCV or a different one?

  8. Now THERE we go. Banjo & Kazookie look WAY better and more fun than DQ Hero.

  9. DQ Hero looks kinda lame.

  10. Eh, I really don't care. These new voices all sounds WAY better than the ones we used to have, aside from Sephiroth, ans I'd still say he's on par with good ol' Superman without being as deep. He honestly sounds the way I alwasy thought he'd sound.
  11. 999801352_sonicandblaze.png.721b8ee15a3e54630745f65aaed980e1.png

    More than anything, I really just want another Sonic game staring these two together again. The way their personalities clashed when they first met and then came to compliment one another afterward and for their second adventure together makes me yearn for something similar again. Plus, it'd be cool to see them just hang out and interact outside of a crisis, too. Tails and Cream also being around would make things even better. The possibility of it happning more is probably one of the things that made me the most excited for IDW Sonic back when it was first starting.

    Man, I miss the dynamic between Sonic and Blaze. It hasn't been explored nearly enough and I wish it was. If it wasn't for the "dimension" nonsense, I would've easily had her sometime jump in as the leading lady for Team Sonic with Cream being the 5th member again. Though, I do actually kind of like how Blaze and Amy interact at times, too...Sort of.

    1. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      I do kind of hope that one day, something will happen with Blaze that'll make me like her and anticipate seeing her more. That's kind of what happened with Silver. I used to just lump the two of them together in the back of my mind with Cream but after the IDW comics and the way he was in TSR he's just bounced his way up to my top 10 now. I just love that they're going all in on the dork-ster aspect of his personality. It's so endearing and fun to me.

      I don't entirely know what they could do with Blaze to get me excited for her that would go against her established personality. Every series needs characters of all types to keep things fresh of course but unfortunately my tastes align with more of the weird, wacky, and socially awkward of the bunch. I guess Blaze technically counts in that last one so we'll see. 

    2. Wraith


      the secret with blaze is that she's a dork too, they just don't really capitalize on that much and would rather her be a boring stoic hero type in the games

    3. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      Meh, I hate Silver and the less I see of him, the better. I kinda liked him in Archie when it wasmore blatant how much of an absolute screw-up he was and he was properly called out on it before finally getting much better and becoming somewhat useful, but he's just not cool or interesting enough for me to want to see him and I really don't like his design a lot of the time unless it's drawn a certain way by certain artists. He really does feel like an attempt at a Trunks expy without any of the charm or qualities that makes Trunks cool or endearing despite him being just as much of a screw-up. I'm not into that kind of "dork" nonsense and will probably never see the appeal in it.

      But let's not talk about him, let's stick to Sonic and Blaze.

    4. Lord-Dreamerz


      I'm not a fan of Silver either. And it always pained me when people lumped Blaze and Silver together just because of awful Sonic 06... the game which Blaze doesn't even originate from... I used to hate Silver far more but i lighten up little on it over time because it's kinda pointless and hopefully he isn't stealing slots from Blaze showing up... Tho Sonic Forces made me question it a tiny bit.

      Blaze being my fave Sonic character I am lucky she seems to be the 2nd most popular female Sonic character and is even roughly as popular as Metal Sonic.... as that does seem to help her showing up more often. And yes Sonic and Blaze make really good friends, I want to see them hangout more too. Blaze being from another dimension means nothing anymore when it comes to her ability of being able to hangout with Sonic, it has been officially stated Blaze has mastered the art of dimensional travel and can do so freely anytime. We need a Sonic Rush 3 someday... obviously I would prefer a Blaze only game that takes place in her home dimension... but beggars shouldn't be picky.

    5. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      @Wraith Despite not being a fan of the cool, stoic, serious types I at the very least see the appeal of it. I don't really find it all too interesting in and of itself though. I need something a little more fun than that. Something that makes them more relatable and approachable to me. I used to just outright hate Blaze, due to not finding her interesting and hating how popular she was despite that. Now, I don't because I did kind of realize I was being petty and jealous because I wanted that for the characters I liked but sometimes the world just doesn't turn the way you want it to and it's good to be able to understand that and go with the flow. At least in some cases. I'm never gonna stop complaining about the way they're handling this series and its characters for instance.

      I've seen bits and pieces of Blaze that I feel I could latch onto a bit more. Like the fact that she's afraid of heights is kind of cute. I did like that Sonic Channel comic where she was refusing to use her powers but ended up getting flattered into doing it a ton of times. However, most of what I've seen of her has her just be this serious blank slate. 

      My first impression of her was in Sonic 06 which is probably the worst first impression you could get of a character. It took forever before I stopped hating Silver because of that game and it took even longer before I started to totally love him but Blaze has kind of taken a lot longer to get out of that slump for me. I went back and saw her in Sonic Rush, Rush Adventure, the comics, and everything but her personality isn't doing it for me. 

      Maybe she's at her best when she's working off someone with the exact opposite personality though. Perhaps seeing more of the Sonic and Blaze dynamic could work towards making me see the light. 

    6. Lord-Dreamerz


      @Dr. Detective Mike

      One thing I think they could play on is the fact she is suppose to somewhat play the role of a shy awkward uptight straight man where all the crazy things she sees often confuses and annoys/upsets her... but not in the same way as it does with Shadow who is suppose to be more of a grumpy dark hero brooding jerk. I think having her overact to things she thinks is stupid in a funny way could work. They shouldn't over do just that one idea clearly... but I think you get what I mean.

  12. I haven't heard everybody but I couldn't even tell that Blaze was different. She still sounds great to me. Silver's voice now perfectly matches his personality, tone and overall inability to be taken seriously since he sounds like Knuckles and Shadow are gonna take his lunch money and shove him in a locker before the end of the school day. Omochao sounds cute and I can't believe I'm saying that.
  13. If that really is Steve Burton, then I'm very impressed because he actually sounds good as Cloud for the very first time ever. Not even trolling. Dub Cloud has sounded terrible in absolutely everything he's ever been in except this trailer aside from when he's yelling. Though, to be fair, JP Cloud is even worse. Cloud just hasn't had a good voice in general.
  14. That's what happens when you get yourself too hyped up on rumors and believe them too hard. I think it looks fun. I'll probably get it. I loved Hyrule and FE Warriors.
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