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  1. I'm betting it'll be badniks. As said previously, Sonic is short, the production team seem to be Classic Sonic fans, and honestly, though this is slightly cynical, badniks are more marketable and "iconic" than Egg Pawns. Never liked Egg Pawns myself, but remember, Sonic isn't just a series for children - it was loved by kids in the 90s who've grown up. This film has to appeal to those people too - many of whom will have kids. They could very well have both though, ala Forces and Lost World. I think something closer to the Egg Robos than Egg Pawns will show up if that does happen.

  2. 18 minutes ago, shdowhunt60 said:

    Interesting isn't it? You'd think they'd be milking Forces if it was the resounding success that they're claiming it was.

    good sales = good reception though. Of course they're making Mania the face of their IP, it's the better received game and pushing it instead of Forces is just common business sense.

  3. 47 minutes ago, Plasme said:

    Mighty and Ray are alright, but not on the same quality as the main trio. To start with, both their sprites are lazy, and are edited straight from Sonic. Hortinus' sprite hacks are far better than this official output. Ray's sprite is downright atrocious, looking like a badly edited sprite job outside his unique animations. Their moves are alright, Mighty works best, because his shell actually synergise with the game's level design's love for spikes and traps. He's the most helpful throughout the game. Ray's abilities are downright awful. His flying, first off, is completely copied from Mario and is uninspired. The cape worked in Mario, since the skies are usually clear, other than the secret areas you can reach. His ability in Sonic makes no sense, and was simply done out of a lack of innovation. It simply isn't conductive with the level design outside of a handful of levels with no ceilings, since you just bash into objects with no idea where you are going if you are flying fast, and it's painfully slow if you are being careful. It's good to look cool when you memorise levels and speedrun, but ouside of that, it's pointless outside of making minor changes to failed jumps (and when used that way, it's a very slow ability, since it doesn't have any momentum unless going at full velocity).

    Ray is very much a character for repeat playthroughs or higher skill players to me. Hated him at first, love him now. It's true that his gameplay isn't distinct from or more advantageous than the cape feather, but in relation to Tails or Knuckles - who can also reach high parts of levels - he has a few niches such as being able to fly indefinitely if you pull it off right and said flight being able to carry much more momentum and speed. You know how Tails slows down every time you tap the fly button in midair, meaning he only gains speed in midair when he's falling? Ray is much, much faster and can clear further and potentially even higher distances as a result. He may seem slow at first but once you get used to dive bombing as an evasive maneuver to avoid being snagged by the level design, you'll then be rewarded with a crap tonne of speed and uplift. It does require skill and isn't easy to grasp at first but handling Ray right can be a joy. The game's all about maintaining speed and momentum so he's an amazing fit since playing as him makes you interpret those aspects of the game completely differently, beyond just looking cool. Ray has made the game totally refreshing to me.

  4. I could listen to Endless Possibility all day. So upbeat and catchy, and very positive. Bit controversial but I think prefer that style of song to Crush 40's. It also just feels like a love letter from Sega after 06, and to me invokes that feeling that Sonic wasn't dead and in the face of adversity from the gaming press the franchise was moving forward and not looking back. I also feel that about the song in general, it's all about moving on. Just super uplifting and I have a tonne of nostalgia for it.

  5. 42 minutes ago, Ryannumber1gamer said:

    Because there's different ways to take the meaning of what was said in the interview, and from that, you can gleam a lot of the possibilities of the movie from it. Namely:

    This doesn't imply Sonic being his usual rebellious character against the likes of G.U.N or the police in X for example. In most examples where it's brought up, it's also established Sonic isn't being purely malicious or whatever in his actions against said forces. He has his own philosophy in life and his own way of living life itself. He's against Freedom being stepped on by others, or in general, corrupt officials in it for their own gain.

    Take Adventure 2 for example, it's extremely easy to see Sonic's turning against G.U.N as being an entire plot on their part. Not only because they were fully aware of Shadow because Rouge was sent to spy on Eggman and Shadow himself, but they still keep chasing him, which implies that their whole "misunderstanding" is actually a cover story for Shadow's escape by pinning it on Sonic as opposed to the evil super-weapon/lifeform they kept locked in their base for years trying to find a way to use it themselves. 

    Heroes doesn't have much if I remember correctly, that's going straight after Metal/Eggman. X doesn't count because they only tried to capture him for the first few episodes, when they didn't know what the hell Sonic was, and Eggman was also terrorizing the place with his robots. In later episodes, they become celebrities and we see a perfect example of Sonic's character when he runs away from G.U.N trying to capture and bring him to a party when the mayor is trying to use it to get publicity with their latest "heroes".  

    Comics absolutely doesn't count either because 90% of the time, Eggman was in rule of the world and had literally roboticised everyone but Sonic and co. Of course he's rebelling against that.  

    The point is there's a huge line and difference between being rebellious and free-spirited, and being an out and out delinquent who is supposedly making as much trouble for the police before Eggman pulls whatever scheme. Every other instance had a shade of gray element that showed Sonic had his reasons for being the way he was and rebelling. That he was standing up for oppression, or his own way of life, especially when it meant keeping promises to his friends instead of being a tool in some jackass' attempt for publicity, or y'know, when a corrupt army is trying to pin crimes on you. 

    Add in the fact that Sonic "supposedly is desperately longing for a friend", and it becomes absolutely worse, because it then implies Sonic's acting out due to being lonely/misunderstood/bored/whatever else, and it makes him look more like a jerk who needs to be taught to become a hero as opposed to Sonic being a legitimately good guy with a sense of an attitude and a free-spirited nature. Sonic shouldn't need "Tom the Cop" to befriend him and teach him what he's doing is wrong. He shouldn't need to have someone on the opposite side of the law there to tell him about right and wrong and convince him to help the police. That should literally be apart of Sonic's moral code because he's all about fighting for what's right and fighting against oppression like Eggman's.

    But then there's also general things you can grab out of it. Sonic is seemingly pals with Tom the Cop before Tails. Sonic is going to lose his agency as a character and his usual rebellious and free-spirited attitude because he literally has to be taught by new human character - Tom about doing what's right, about what he's doing is wrong, about stopping Eggman, and about this that and other.

    Put it this way, what if Batman wasn't a crimefighter who dedicated his life to training, and homing his mind and body to ensure that never again would a small child be forced to watch their parents be gunned down. What if instead he was a complete and total psychopath that hunted down and murdered criminals until suddenly Bob the Coffee Maker appeared and helped him when he was down, teaching him that everything he was doing was wrong, and then helping him progress to something resembling the character who actually know and enjoy? On top of that, Alfred is also removed so we can justify the new character. 

    Context is absolutely everything. And if a "coming of age" story like this is possibly going to end up just ruining the character and turning it into the opposite of what he usually is to then justify new character's existence by making it so new character teaches him to be who he's actually meant to be, like that just not only badly character assassinates Sonic, but also removes his own agency by making it someone else's actions and lessons that make him who he is in the first place.

    Better yet - a proven example. There was an episode of the Simpsons in Season 9 called The Principal and the Pauper that is still mocked to this day because of it being a gimmicky character assassination. In an attempt to justify a brand new character - they rewrote Principal Skinner's entire life. Instead of being an uptight mother's boy who fought in the Vietnam War and being a commentary on what strict totalitarian parenting can do, they changed it so Skinner was a fake - a street-punk from Capital City who enlisted in the war and fought alongside the real Seymour Skinner who helped him straighten his life out. Then he took his identity when the real Skinner was believed dead. The real Skinner returns and the fake one is forced to go back to his life as a street-punk til everyone reveals they dislike the real Skinner and bring back the fake one, ruining a character and his upbringing in order to justify a lazy gimmick episode which is still mocked by Simpsons fans and is even hated by Matt Groaning to this day IIRC.   

    And sure, I could be wrong, but there's as much evidence from what we've now been told with the new story synopsis to back these concepts.

    You can argue all day about "Maybe the cops are on Sonic for no reason/misguided reasons" but then you realize one thing, they wouldn't be calling him a "juvenile delinquent" if he was actually someone who didn't do much wrong and just ended up in a misguided scuffle with the law enforcement. The fact they specifically feel the need to call Sonic that implies that he is indeed doing wrong things and Tom has to straighten his life out. That is nowhere near comparable to every other time Sonic was "rebellious" against authority in this series. Not to mention if you notice, Sonic isn't usually just rebellious to any authority, he's rebellious against those who wrongfully abuse it. G.U.N tried to frame him for a crime he didn't commit, so he went against them. Eggman turned the entire population into his mindless slaves and he rebelled against it. The mayor of Station Square tried to use him as a publicity tool at the cost of one of Sonic's friends' dream, he rebelled against it. You'll find there being little time Sonic actually rebels without having a sound reasoning for doing so.

    Why isn't this comparable to Sonic X/SA2 etc.? If your line of argument is that in those cited examples Sonic is only rebellious against bad authority, then we need to know more about the police in this film, and whether they are simply benevolent police officers doing their job or have it out for Sonic and abuse their power which is a common theme in any police-centered drama. But we don't so some judgement should be reserved.

    The definition of "delinquent" is a young person who commits minor crime. He's not going to be a drug dealer or a football hooligan. I doubt he'll be a shoplifter. Him doing consistently wrong things due to a broken moral compass doesn't wash. At most Sonic might be considered disruptive due to his speed and cocky nature - resulting in small property damage or things like that. This is qualified even more if the police aren't totally benevolent and Sonic is clearly in the right. But again, we don't know yet. There are so many things that these short comments omitted and yet so many assumptions are being made about where this movie is headed.

    Regardless of who is right here - if Sonic is a total asshole - how doesn't that loosely fit in with his drive to rebel? It's an instinct that he's not using against bad people in the beginning of the film - but he obviously will be in the end of the film. It's a logical idea. It's not one to one with the source material, very clearly, but this is also a separate universe with humans in it. It makes sense as a re-contextualization of his character here. And as such I don't see it as a negative whatsoever. In fact I don't feel positive about it much either. There's nothing much to gleam here, any themes or character changes you're thinking of could be shot down by the time a trailer comes out. Same with mine.


    And sure, I could be wrong, but there's as much evidence from what we've now been told with the new story synopsis to back these concepts.

    There hardly any evidence. This isn't a synopsis.

    This is my point. It could be shite. And given the history of video-game movies, it's likely. But we don't know a thing.

  6. I don't know why people are slamming this "juvenile delinquent" angle so soon. Sonic's always been an anti-authority figure and had brush-ups with police and military officials in the past (SA2, Heroes, Sonic X, Forces, the comics, cartoons etc.) . Rebelliousness against authority is a key trait in all of Sonic's games, even in the classics, and Sonic is always portrayed as a freedom fighter. It actually fits quite well with Sonic's personality, or it least it's fairly logical. That's not to say it won't be complete shit in the end, but I for one am actually a bit relieved because at least they're aiming for something *slightly* original instead of sticking too close to the source material. It does have humans in it, so somethings will be changed.

    I think this should be cut some slack, particularly when we haven't even seen a trailer yet and it's just one aspect of the film.

  7. 4 minutes ago, Diogenes said:

    Is it? I feel like a character meeting themself is part of like, half of all time travel stories.

     Time travel stories are weird to begin with anyway in a series not well known for them. Besides CD (06 doesn't count because it's Sonic 06). Not that it's bad to be weird. In CD and Generations it was justifiable. In Forces it wasn't. It wasn't even a time travel story in Forces but a dimension leaping one... I think? Not that it's much different but still

  8. Let's be honest, it was fucking bizzare to make Sonic meet his former self even in Generations. It was always a weird idea to begin with. So rehashing that already weird plot device every game or so is beyond dumb and lazy, even for Sonic Team. Do you know any other media franchise that does this? The only example I can think of is Doctor Who. At least time travel is the whole gimmick of that show. Sonic isn't about meeting his former self over and over. That's just pathetic writing.

    Sonic Team's aim by including Sonic's former self (I don't like referring to "classic Sonic" as a separate character because... well, he's the same fucking character) in Forces was to "entice older fans" to try modern Sonic games. You know what would be a great way to entice older fans - or, like, anyone - to buy your game Sonic Team? By, like idk, making a good game? Yea that could work.

    Besides, Sonic Team don't even know what makes the classic Sonic games so good in the first place. Classic Sonic controlled pretty badly in Generations (with admittedly decent level design) and appallingly in Forces. They don't know what they're doing and should stick to attempting to make a good 3D Sonic game. At least they can experiment when making new 3D modern games instead of failing to mimick something really old over and over.

  9. I could be talking right out of my arse here so if anyone wants to own me feel free to do so, but what I don't understand is why Sonic Team needs their own engine for their games. We're at a point where hardware and third party engines are powerful enough and have enough utility to create giant open worlds with billions of NPCs and dynamic night-day and weather cycles. Creating an engine from scratch just seems like a waste of time and money that makes game development harder. They've never even licensed the Hedgehog Engine out or, to my knowledge, even used it in other Sega games besides the Mario and Sonic entries on Wii U.

    If fans can make seriously good Sonic engines with proper physics in Unity then Sonic Team could probably pull off something remarkable in UE4 or whatever. To my knowledge Sonic Team used (and might still use idk) Havok as a base for even the character physics and said that's why Classic Sonic wasn't 1:1 with the original games physics wise, so they already use third party engines for much of development. So what is the point in the Hedgehog Engine 2 besides some admittedly gorgeous lighting that third party engines can do? Again I could be talking utter shite, but I remember someone here saying it doesn't even work well with streaming large levels, so... that's kind of a big problem as well. If true.

  10. Sonic 4 Episode 3 baybee!!!


    hopefully Sonic Mania 2 with mostly original levels but honestly wouldn't mind to see some old zones return again, just reverse the old-new ration from the first game and I'm happy. Mystic Cave please thanks Sega xx


  11. Just mentioned this in a status update comment. Sonic 4: Episode II has pretty nice controls and physics and besides Mania are the best since the Advance games. I prefer it to Generations.

    Speaking of which Generations Classic Sonic kind of controls like trash and isn't much better than he was in Forces. In fact in Forces he actually gains speed when rolling down hills and has the badnik bounce and generally feels more responsive. Not that it feels any better due to other problems but still.

  12. I've never understood decimal review scores. Rating a game on a 20 point scale (IE. 8.5, 9.0 etc.) seems ridiculous but a few years back IGN have started using a 100 point scale. How the fuck can you give a game a score of 8.7 or 5.2 or 9.6? Their scores aren't even an aggregation of scores by multiple reviewers, it's just one reviewer plucking these bollocks numbers out of mid air.

  13. Been replaying Resident Evil 6 (followed by 5). I think 6 is a stupidly underrated game and the Mercenaries mode alone makes it a fantastic action game. Just because it has an ass-load of niggles (most of which I tend to agree with the general consensus on), for me, they don't detract from the exceptional mobility and rich mechanics the game offers, as well as the absurd and diverse action sequences it has. I honestly feel some of its mechanics are as revolutionary as Resi 4's were in some ways. It's not the same Resi as before but it's a roller-coaster ride and I absolutely love it. Once you master the admittedly complicated controls it's great fun. I've been trying to 150 combo the first map of Mercenaries mode with all the characters. SO addictive.

    I also got in to Nier Automata. Bought it and tried it a few months ago, and I only did the intro sequence. Wish I had played more, because I restarted the game today and after completing the desert sequence it truly clicked how awesome this game is.


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