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  1. GF still a bit sick but getting better. I don't think it's a virus thankfully, probs food poisoning from an Indian we had the other night :sweat_smile: Thanks for the support <3

    1. Kiah


      Oh geez. Food poisoning is like the worst. Especially when it wipes you out for a few days. Glad your girlfriend is getting better and I hope she’s completely better soon. 

  2. girlfriend randomly got really sick and chundered badly, looked after her till like 2:45am, hoping I haven't got a virus. Haven't been tummy-bug sick in years :(

    1. RedFox99


      Hope she gets better

    2. Biggs


      hey cheers mate <3

    3. MightyRay


      Stomach bugs are so annoying to deal with man. Hope your girlfriend makes a good recovery.

    4. Kiah


      Oh that sucks hope she feels better very soon and I hope you didn’t catch anything. 

    5. Patticus


      Just take care of her as best you can, and if you get sick next, so be it. Hopefully she'll return the favor.

  3. Bet Sonic 3K won't be on it :(:(:(

    1. blueblur98


      there's a 100% chance it ain't there

  4. Right at the top of the headline article on BBC News atm, a video asking "Are we heading for a third world war?" Since when did the BBC get bought out by Rupert Murdoch? Sensational trash

  5. dick and dom in da bungalow was art

    1. Big Panda
    2. TheOcelot


      Bogies was better


  6. 30222441_2015685928473885_28425399192036

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      I wonder what bet he lost to end up with that?

    2. Biggs


      probs changed to it at the height of the meme and just before it died a day later

  7. OK Resident Evil Revelations 2 is actually alright if you turn the motion controls on in the Switch version. Without that precision aiming is impossible. That said Moira Burton is impressively annoying and probably the worst character since Steve. 

  8. just spent 20 minutes clearing up the chicken nuggers my lil nephew chundered up outside my step dad's house lol.

  9. Man that was a pretty intense Easter for me. Got no sleep last night since I spent most of it drunk and vomiting because I am hard and cool. So I'm so tired now after today's festivities that I think I'm gonna sleep like a puppy. Like right now. Night xx

  10. We don't deserve dogs

    1. Polkadi~☆


      But dogs deserve you.

  11. Typhoo tea is wretched. Nice of mum to switch from perfectly good PG Tips while I was at uni 

  12. Do you ever think to yourself "alcohol was a mistake" 

    1. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      Every day.

    2. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      I had 2 events of that.

  13. Holy fuckles I am Drunk ecks dee loooooooooooooioole

    1. McGroose


      But are you really?

  14. how did Sonic Forces take 4 years to develop and still be uglier, shorter, have poorer controls, level design, music and a worse story than Generations or even Lost World?

    1. TheBlueGuardian


      I'm not 100% sure but I think they rebooted Sonic Forces somewhere between 2015-July 2016. Another one could be the Hedgehog Engine 2, building a game engine takes alot of time. 

    2. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      Apparently 3 of those 4 years were spent on building the engine.

    3. Bobnik


      oof, I definitely don't agree on Lost World being better looking and having better control. While nowhere near as good as Generations, I still had less issues with Forces' control than Lost World's purely because of how it handled running and "boosting". And, while I understand it's subjective, I hate how Lost World looks. Like, it doesn't scream "green-eyed Sonic" at all to me. It screams "Mario rip-off", while Forces at least had Metropolis and the City.

      But it's your opinion, so eh.

    4. DiamondX


      Forces is the best looking game in the series, maybe besides Unleashed.

      Most of the time was spent on the engine though. (I think 3 of the 4 years)

    5. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      Egg Gate and Mortar Canyon are sooo pretty

      and Snowy Abandoned Chemical Plant is so cool. Space Port's goal ring scene is gorgeous with all the spaceships in the background.

  15. lmao anyone seen this 


    1. TheBlueGuardian


      What the fuck did I just watch!?

    2. Osmium


      lmfao the fuck is this 

    3. CottonCandy
  16. Brexit means Brexshit

    1. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      A HARD brexshit

  17. this isn't exactly profound but... god i love my Nintendo Switch <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      You may kiss the bride!


      Unless you wanna be the bride ;D


  18. classsiccccccccccccccccc

  19. dear god the aiming in resident evil revelations 2 is fucking horrific. The dead zones on the analogue sticks are more scary than the fucking game. Literally impossible to perform any sort of precision aiming which is what resident evil has been about since re4. Can't refund it either because of eShop. Hopefully motion controls are alright because this is really pissing me off.

    1. Eurisko


      I played that game on release and it's the only Resident evil I've finished in 20 years that I haven't gone back to again. Controls , story , setting ...... Did nothing for me at all. Revelations 1 is brilliant though , I highly recommend that game.

    2. Biggs


      I honestly can't even be bothered to play the game, it just seems so cookie cutter and the controls are awful. Ditto on Revelations 1, played it on the 3DS and it was a great game. Absolutely adore 7 as well

    3. Eurisko


      I enjoyed 7 not gonna lie but it still pails in comparison to 2 and 4. They are just timeless.

    4. Biggs


      oh definitely! anything with leon in it = <3

    5. Eurisko


      Oh definitely! If you want a good resi just put Leon in it! Lol a fantastic character.

  20. almost time to return home for two weeks and cuddle my gorgeous doggo <3 <3 <3

  21. I can't believe I've never heard of this one before, it looks incredible!!!
  22. Soz for the length of this post. Prediction time for levels. Don't get mad pls. Highly likely (little chance any of these won't make it in, in some form) Green Hill (or that ugly "Sand Hill" abomination from Forces, ugh) Chemical Plant Studiopolis - Mania will probably get represented and if it does then there's no doubt it'll be Studiopolis. There are only 4 original stages to choose from so it's not exactly a hard prediction to make. Chose Green Hill and Chemical Plant because they've been reused so many times in the main games to a point where they've become staples, so it would be blasphemous for Sumo not to - they weren't in the last racing games either when thinking about it, so if anything that makes them even more likely. Likely (like, I'm sure at least half of these will make it in) Casino Night - has not appeared in the ASR games and was replaced by Casino Park/Bingo Highway, so this is obviously the go to for the casino level. Sandopolis - covers the desert trope (of which there aren't that many in the main Sonic games thinking back...) and maybe the sp00ky track trope. Also from S&K which SEGA historically has been more comfortable acknowledging. Death Egg Twinkle Park Speed Highway City Escape Any ARK level - the ARK levels from SA2 constitute a good third of the game. If SA2 were to have a representative other than City Escape (which it hopefully will) I think this is the most likely choice, especially since I don't think it's been remade in an ASR game yet. Rooftop Run Planet Wisp Aquarium Park I imagine these ones are pretty likely given 1) their immense popularity in their respective games or iconic status in the Sonic canon 2) they're from games that aren't, you know, Sonic '06 or Shadow; basically ones that SEGA are cool with being remembered 3) they have decent potential when converted into racetracks. Opinions that diverge slightly from this noted above next to the level. Of this list I feel City Escape and Speed Highway are almost inevitable but I can't be too sure. Toss ups (less likely but I wouldn't be terribly surprised to see a handful to return) Ice Cap - ridiculously popular and should be in the "likely" category. Unfortunately a Sonic 3 stage which means it will probably get shafted. This makes me want to cry. Sky Sanctuary - has been remade once in ASRT, but also quite popular and SEGA seems to quite like remaking this one. Casinopolis - the next most popular analogue after Casino Night. Pyramid Cave - a reasonable analogue for Sandopolis that covers the same tropes. Seaside Hill - it was remade twice in the ASR games, so I feel it's no longer that likely... however it's still the most popular stage in Heroes, so who knows. Grand Metropolis - level is pretty much designed like a racetrack from the getgo, the moving track gimmick would no doubt be an obvious idea. Mystic Mansion - obviously, yet again, fulfills the sp00ky mansion theme to the T, a bit like the usual mansion level in Mario Kart. Dragon Road - a very unique stage, quite popular, and off the bat could work very well as a racing stage, racing around the dragons etc. Think Dragon Driftway from MK8. Asteroid Coaster Tropical Resort Sweet Mountain - candy themed which is a popular kart racing trope Windy Hill - if Sonic Lost World has to be represented which is a bit of a shot in the dark imo, it'll be this level. Press Garden - although Sonic Mania only has 4 original levels, its popularity may lead to two stages being represented. If that's the case then I feel Press Garden is more likely than the other two given it's a very unique level compared to Mirage Saloon and I think it's a bit too soon for an end game level like Titanic Monarch to be brought back. Included almost all of the stages from Colours here because given its theme park aesthetics are begging for racetrack treatment and relative popularity (as well as being, you know, one of the few games since 2010 which actually has original stages) - it's just hard to decide which ones will make the cut. Heroes levels also making a significant presence due to how the previous ASR games loved Heroes levels, and understandably so given how most of them are made of long, wide paths in the original game that are similar to racetracks. Personal wants not mentioned yet - NOT PREDICTIONS, god knows if these will happen Spring Yard Star Light Mystic Cave Launch Base (imagine racing around while the Death Egg launches off in the background, or the potential to reference Big Arm and stuff like that!!!) Windy Valley Metal Harbor Jungle Joyride (this would be mouth-wateringly gorgeous, and imagine a night-time version!) Some miscellaneous predictions Given the reference to Sonic R, I think some Sonic R levels could be making a comeback, though I don't exactly know which ones and the fact this isn't a sequel puts this somewhat in doubt. Given this is also a completely new and separate title from the other racing games, maybe some of the levels here will be more original. Rather than taking individual levels and remaking them, there could be tracks that take some broad level archetypes and then mix in a lot of individual elements from the main series levels, ala Mario Kart. This wouldn't surprise me in the slightest, especially if this is an experiment to give Sonic his own racing game identity and create sequels. I mean, assuming there will be a sequel to this game in just a few years, after just a couple games most of the more memorable levels will have been remade, probably multiple times, and you need some original levels to flesh the game out in that case. It's not like the ASR games which had a much larger pool of worlds to build upon.
  23. The Switch version better not be 30fps. The Switch is a considerably more powerful system than a lot of people (and tbh some third party devs) realise - it's more of a midway point between current and last gens rather than just a souped up Wii U. I mean Sonic Forces was well optimised for handheld mode all things considered but even though docked mode benefits from over double the GPU clock it ran at the exact same settings at 30fps when it could easily have been improved in terms of graphics or performance. A lot of devs optimise for handheld mode and then leave it at that. Assuming the PS4/XBONE versions run at 1080p, I'd be more than happy for a jump down to 900p or even 720p + a small bump down in visual quality for 60fps (while docked ofc). If the PS4/XBONE versions are 30 then that will just suck.
  24. mate, like, tee lopes

    what a lad

  25. left my keys round my girlfriend's flat and managed to message her on 1% battery. Feel like bear grylls lmao

    1. Ferno


      now eat the phone for nourishment

    2. Biggs


      wasn't even my phone, was a laptop which was just in range of the wifi. Way more meaty (y)

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