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  1. I've admittedly been influenced by the scale that Jazwares had most of their figures in, but I usually assume that Sonic's size is about average while characters like Vector, Bark and Big are the outliers.
  2. Yeah, I'd think they'd do better to promote more of a "glass half full" approach. "This is the best Game Boy ever and you can play on TV" sounds a lot better than "We had to downgrade the specs for this console to make it portable.""
  3. I wasn't expecting Blaze to show up again anytime soon after the Sol emerald thing was wrapped up, and I wasn't expecting her to ever meet anyone SatAM related in the book(Outside of Worlds Collide style crossovers), so the universe issue sounds pretty interesting, as does the theme of "SatAM character pals around with game character" this arc seems to be going with.
  4. Kinda beat so I'll be heading out. Night everybody, see you tomorrow!

    1. Failinhearts


      Night, buddy!

    2. Guest


      Good night, Blazey! 

    3. MightyRay
    4. Kiah


      Good night! Sleep well! :) 

  5. I think you may be onto something. The new sound does seem higher pitched and more machine like than the original revving noise did.
  6. I'm kind of curious if the supposed Bumblebee solo movie is a sign of his survival. Then again it could be a prequel.
  7. Think there's going to be any updates to Classic Sonic's physics? I was pretty satisfied with them, but they admittedly weren't completely accurate to the old games, so maybe Sonic Team might tweak some things?
  8. Love this hack already. Speaking of which, Mania should be getting some interesting hacks if it's coming to Steam
  9. *pets tubby wubby pony waifu*

    1. AngelSlayerN64


      Rainbow Dash is pretty dope.

  10. To play devil's advocate a bit, I can kind of see what he'd talking about with those issues. I could imagine Sonic #50 causing some timeline shenanigans because of how the Ultimate Annihilator, a doomsday weapon from SatAM got dragged into Archie continuity as some kind of vaguely defined reality warping beam. Also he probably picked 125 because that was more or less the start of his feud with Karl Bollers, given that the way Bollers had Knuckles return to the living world was different from what Ken planned. 144 was just wrapping up the Mobius 25 years later story, which I don't blame people for forgetting about since oddly little happened in it. None of this, of course, justifies Ken just suddenly popping out of the ether from time to time with no apparent goal but to damage the current comic.
  11. I do feel that if Sonic Team or fan developers ever reuse the Werehog, trying to do more "normal Sonic" style platforming like in that cutscene would be cool. After all, he may be a slower runner in that form, but that doesn't mean rail grinding or jumping are affected.
  12. Cute! He seems really energetic!
  13. Thinking about it, I feel like it'd be the biggest troll ever if the emeralds wound up granting wereforms instead.
  14. Has there ever been Sonic games where the gameplay doesn't match up with what's going on in the cutscenes?
  15. Sonic the Moocow 4 ruined udder physics.

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