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  1. The multiples number 1s is pretty weird. XD Thank you for the advice by the way. ^^
  2. Ah, guess an archive binge of those issues would be best then. Thanks for the heads up. ^^
  3. Would it be right to assume that with the Unleashed adaption over this would be a good jumping on point to start reading the comics again?
  4. *implying Eggman has a neck* Joking aside, I really appreciate your analysis. I guess it's kind of the "Don't go in that room you idiot, the killer is in there!" effect, sometimes it is oddly easy for me to forget characters in a story don't have all the knowledge an omniscient viewer would.
  5. If we get more Classic counterparts in this, I kinda wanna see Classic Knuckles, since it could be be pretty fun to have the old mischief making trap master with the new more serious Modern take.
  6. It's really great that this game feels like it's trying to "correct history" in a lot of ways, especially what with how the whole thing comes across as "What if the Saturn got that Sonic killer app system seller after all."
  7. I'm kinda iffy on the Tails thing. I mean, his crafting skills did start getting kind of OP (Especially with the Tornado 2 being able to change into the Cyclone Mech in Adventure 2), but if I recall correctly I don't think his character started to revolve almost completely around inventing until after Sonic 06 caused the era of Sonic being almost always the only player character.
  8. Would love to see more art of Nack, Bean, and Bark as the Dover Boys.

  9. Huh. Maybe I've been misunderstanding the power levels and skill sets.
  10. Obviously Sonic is more important to the gameplay than Tails since he's the only playable character, but the story seems to portray Tails as the real hero while Sonic is a liability. He's less clever and determined than in previous games, and doesn't seem to offer much besides fighting the villains physically, which Tails is able to do anyway. Even when Tails is captured, he winds up rescuing himself with no need for Sonic. The moral of the game seems to be that not only was Eggman not needed to beat the Zeti, but Sonic wasn't either, and Sonic shouldn't have been so greedy and foolish as to steal Tails' thunder. ...I'm not sure how much of this I actually believe. If this sounds weird, it's because I still don't really get what Pontac and Graff were going for.
  11. I'm starting to believe Ken is delaying the comic on purpose and never plans to release it. I don't know what he'd gain from that but I'm having a hard rationalizing his actions otherwise.
  12. I guess I don't necessarily need a Switch version with Sonic 2017 already confirmed to be coming to that system, but it would still be pretty cool especially since you could split the joy cons from the tablet and have Sonic and Tails co op anywhere.
  13. What style of Special Stage do you think they'll go with? Half Pipe? Blue Sphere? Maybe something entirely new and unexpected?
  14. Hearing about live action makes me think the movie will have a lot of really weird changes...feels worrying. Granted, Sonic's not a consistent franchise, but too many attempts to "Hollywood-ize it" by executives/directors could be embarrassing. I'm not sure what to hope for, but even if it's bad, it probably won't be boring, so that's some consolation.
  15. I kind of like Rouge in Generations. She seems genuinely friendly, even if she has a tendency to demand you give her your stuff. In that game the selfishness/kleptomania feels more like an impulsive spur of the moment thing than a cold premeditated action. The more sociopathic appearances of the character do seem out of place, but they thankfully seem more rare than her kinder portrayals.
  16. I'm not sure how unpopular this is, but I still really like Sonic and the Black Knight and don't have major complaints about it. Admittedly, though, the whole beat em up format with lots of focus on combat isn't really traditional Sonic gameplay, so some of the reasons I like the game are unique to it and don't have much to do with the rest of the franchise.
  17. Tails appearing to fly the Tornado is a great touch I wasn't expecting at all. Looking forward to seeing more of its Crabmeat and Egg Catcher/Diablon modes, too.
  18. I like Scape's suggestion of strapping the crossbow to the wrist, but in hindsight maybe the crossbow idea was me kinda putting my classic Megaman nostalgia into classic Sonic nostalgia in a way. Like Tara said, it's a method of attack that seems less fitting to the cartoony-ness of the classic games, and you'd have to keep up with the physics of your shots as well as the physics of your character, convoluting things a little. I like Indigo's idea of trying to make Amy as acrobatic as possible with the hammer, maybe Rise of Lyric was onto something with using the hammer to grapple and swing from poles. Maybe well timed hammer swings could deflect projectiles like Tails and Knuckles do when they fly or glide.
  19. Yeah, going with Power Stone's more 3D approach to the party fighting game could be fun, and a good nod to the Dreamcast era.
  20. That's really baffling. I was going to go with the co-op explanation, but then I remembered Tails can't use shields because he's immortal in co op, so that just puts us back where we started.
  21. Maybe Sega could test the waters with a mostly Sonic themed Smash clone at first(Probably with a small amount of characters from other IPs like Sniper suggested), and then go full Sega All Stars for the sequel. Would be great to see Axel Stone or Blaze Fielding again.
  22. Wow, looks like I've been way out of the loop. XD; Thanks for the update everyone, looks like Dimps has made lots of things I'd like to play eventually. Hopefully if they ever return to Sonic they'll have learned from the issues with Sonic 4.
  23. Whoops, I guess either things changed or I've been listening specifically to Sticks fans. XD;
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