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  1. Kinda wondering if 247 will end like 225 did, with Sally dying(Except by Sonic and/or Silver blowing her up instead of her being shot full of holes by a turret?) and then a fade to white as the special event of the year happens. Megaman crossover looks like it'll be fun, at any rate.
  2. Now that Robotnik is trying to make Sally into more of a battle robot, and given the cover of Sonic #235, it seems like Sonic will be fighting Sally eventually...I'm curious as to how and when. Makes me wonder if there will be just one big showdown a couple years from now at 250, or if he'll encounter her multiple times with each fight getting more difficult.
  3. I never thought of Open your Heart that way! That's a pretty cool interpretation, Hyper Rarity!
  4. I don't think the idea of Blaze wanting to prove herself is all that far-fetched in relation to canon. Granted, canon does treat her as being quite powerful and competent, but she doesn't always think of herself that way. In Generations, she blames herself for not being able to defeat the Time Eater all by herself, even though no one expected her to be able to do that, and the whole kidnapping situation wasn't her fault at all. In spite of her abilities, Blaze can sometimes be overly hard on herself, to the point where it obviously conflicts with objective reality.
  5. You know, I thought Omega carrying Metal Sonic's unconscious body at the end of Heroes would mean that he was planning on killing him, but obviously since we see Metal return later, that was not the case. I have to wonder why he would spare him, given that Metal was both a robot built by Eggman and someone who had just tried to kill Omega, but maybe theories about Omega not being as kill-crazy as he'd like people to he is have some weight?
  6. @Future-Hedgehog: Nope, you're right, you could collect those. @Gamenerd: Perhaps that was something of an early version of the dummy ring bombs that Tails and Rouge would later use.
  7. LOL, I should have seen that coming. XD Oh, I just remembered...anyone remember how Super Mecha Sonic, at the end of Knuckles' S3andK story, would fire rings at you when his health was low?
  8. Eggman building the monitors seems even more likely given that Sonic 3 and Knuckles had Eggman faced monitors that hurt you, almost as if he didn't want to give Sonic too much of an advantage, but just enough to be interesting. Edit: "The jolly CANDY like button!"
  9. I for one, welcome our new televised overlords. :3 But maybe Eggman creates the monitors out of a certain sense of honour and fairness? I mean, he isn't above lying, but maybe he doesn't feel the victory would be worth it if it's too easy.
  10. Sounds reasonable, we probably won't be seeing Super Professor Pickle anytime soon. XD
  11. I figure the only reason rings dematerialize when they hit Sonic and the other heroes is that they are consciously absorbing them for combat or defensive purposes. Your average citizen isn't going to need to absorb extra energy to go about their daily lives.
  12. You know, I thought about Flyboy's notion that chaos energy is the life force that is in everyone for a bit, and I think it can be concluded that Eggman's Badniks, while not being "alive" in the sense that they are made of organic cells, are powered by the same energy that breathes life into the rest of the world's inhabitants. The best evidence I can think of for this is the way that Metal/Mecha Sonic was able to go super simply by standing on the Master Emerald and letting energy flow into him.
  13. The rings have had a connection to super forms ever since Sonic first became Super Sonic in Sonic 2. Sonic would need at least fifty to use the rings, and even after transforming, he'd need to keep collecting rings to maintain the super state. The need to use rings to stay in super form has applied to every super form so far seen in the game series. More recently, Sonic has been using rings to power up in normal form. The Sonic Boost was powered by the defeat of enemies and performance of tricks in its original appearance in the Rush games, but Unleashed allowed Sonic to collect rings to build boost power for the first time. When Sonic boosts, he covers himself in a field of energy that allows him to smash through enemies simply by running through them, much like he does in super form. Given all this, would it be reasonable to to say that the rings contain the exact same energy that resides within the Chaos Emeralds?
  14. The world needs more Ecto Cooler.

  15. I really have no idea how much of this was intentional, if any of it at all, but one of the messages I took away from Rush as a whole is that trying to be "tough" all the time isn't healthy for either gender. The game makes it clear that Sonic shows traits that we tend to label as masculine, and so does Blaze. But the conflict isn't ultimately solved simply through brute force. Sonic actually has to swallow his pride a little to empathize with why Blaze is lashing out in the way she is, and Blaze eventually has to realize that being emotionally vulnerable doesn't make her a weakling...it just makes her a flawed person like everyone else, who needs a helping hand from others every now and then. These "feminine" traits of being in touch with one's "softer" emotions is what ultimately leads to Sonic and Blaze becoming friends. I wouldn't make Rush's script out to be perfect, or say that the interpretation I'm giving here is definitely canon, but I do like how the game at least seems to be trying to encourage compassion and understanding to our fellow human beings(Or sentient beings, if we're talking from an in-story perspective). I think it's also worth noting that Blaze does not become "Yamato Nadeshiko"- the stereotypical, traditional Japanese housewife- at the end of the game either, despite this game originating from Japan. She retains her identity as a mystical ruler and a superhero, but at the same time, she doesn't mind acknowledging that she might need a hug every now and then...not because she's a girl, and falling into the stereotype of girls being wired towards "cuteness," but because she's a person who's proved herself worthy of the love of others, who now needs to learn to love herself.
  16. I'm not saying that he necessarily used it during the fight, but if him having an emerald isn't canon to the story, how could Sonic have gotten the emerald?
  17. That's part of why I find the Fleetway comic so interesting...It seems like a nice middle ground between the Japanese game manuals and the SatAM mythos.
  18. Now I'm picturing a SatAM Storybook game that ends with a mind screw like Black Knight did. XD "You mean you were the one, true, Sally Acorn the whole time?" "Hey, stop looking at me like that!"
  19. Come to think of it, I've actually wound up with a fetish for Robotnik hypnotizing people and dressing them up like himself thanks to Chaos Croc. So, I'm combining the semi-aged mad scientist fetish with the furry fetish. Speaking of which, Mario looks pretty hot in that Tanooki suit...but I digress.
  20. Clearly Generations has shown us that Sonic's true love is himself. :3
  21. Dear Princess Celestia, I have learned that nighttime makes everypony go crazy. So I'm going to keep hiding under my bed. Your terrified student, Twilight Sparkle.

    1. Tornado


      Molestia can get you under the bed.

    2. Blazey Firekitty
  22. Can't sleep. Applejack will eat me.

    1. Tornado



    2. ovarloard


      so is applejack the new candleja--

    3. Blazey Firekitty

      Blazey Firekitty

      Lies, slander, and...libel? XD

      She seems to have enough rope. XD

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