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  1. Cow drinks own milk:

    1. Senator NinjaShark
    2. Komodin


      Hm, I guess the cow's name is Christie...

    3. Blazey Firekitty

      Blazey Firekitty

      Heh, in hindsight, I should have seen a connection to that meme. ^_~

    4. Mr. Awesomest

      Mr. Awesomest

      Autofelating cows?

    5. buba
    6. Stacy


      @NinjaShark: Agh! You beat me to it! <_<

  2. I actually thought that Robotnik/Eggman was a clown when I first saw Sonic one being played in a computer store. That misconception seems a lot less baseless in hindsight, as apparently the character was always intended(In the games) to have at least some manner of playfulness to what he was doing.
  3. I'm kind of amused at the thought of the whole "Sola Sonica" thing being taken to its logical conclusion. We'd have the hero Sonic the Hedgehog followed by his loyal sidekick Sonic "Sonic" Sonic The Fox, Sonic Rose who is in love with both of them, and they all fight the evil Dr. Sonic.
  4. Does it simply need to be "likes Sonic and doesn't want Eggman to take over," or does there need to be more of an explanation? The most discussed example of this, to the best of my memory, has been Knuckles, as there seem have been many, many debates as to whether or not the status of the Master Emerald needs to be explained for Knuckles to out on adventures.
  5. ...does anyone else think Tails looks like a vampire on that cover? I guess Chronicles was the closest thing to having a game written like the Archie comics that's been released.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Nope. I don't know what that voice is.

    2. Flyboy Fox

      Flyboy Fox

      Nope. Chuck Testa.

    3. Blazey Firekitty

      Blazey Firekitty

      I shall be of assistance! :D

    4. Blazey Firekitty

      Blazey Firekitty

      Oh, so he's a taxidermist. XD

  7. You know, that makes a lot of sense. It's not like Guinevere could have gotten much love or warmth from cold, unfeeling magical construct, so she'd naturally gravitate towards Lancelot. Heck, the Knights of the Round Table seemed messed socially on some level since they only had someone to bark orders at them, rather than inspiring them on a spiritual and mental level.
  8. Good old Norse mythology. I haven't played through all of Secret Rings yet, but I feel like Merlina wasn't quite as developed as Shahra, especially after reading Verte's post. Most of her characterization seemed geared towards making her a shocking and scary villain. Then again, Merlina admittedly didn't have the kind of screentime that Shahra did, as Black Knight gave the "buddy" role to a different character(Caliburn).
  9. ...would it be a low blow if I suggested Shadow should be Sonic's love interest? Granted, I could kinda see that working if it were played up like Nanoha and Fate, with the cheerful, optimistic character befriending the defeated rival and then saving the rival from their own tragedy through the power of love. ...I think my brain strayed way too far into otaku land there.
  10. Hooray! I've made it into Derpy's sig! :D

    1. Old dead account
    2. Blazey Firekitty

      Blazey Firekitty

      *bounces around* Yes yes yes! Yes Yes Yes Yes Yeeeess!

  11. Dear Princess Celestia, today I have learned about the magic of shitty friendship. Sometimes you have to let your shitty friends play alternate playstyles like picking apples or throwing parties when your own speedy gameplay can't carry the whole game. You faithful student, Twilight Sparkle.

    1. The Dead Skin

      The Dead Skin

      My Little Playstyles: Friendship is Inexistent

    2. Blazey Firekitty

      Blazey Firekitty

      No friends. Rainbow Dash only. Final Destination. XD

    3. Old dead account

      Old dead account

      I'm so putting this in my sig

    4. Blazey Firekitty
    5. Komodin


      Ponies... bah!

    6. ovarloard


      Twilight Sparkle is to Sonic as Spike is to Chip

    7. Blazey Firekitty

      Blazey Firekitty

      But we have muffins! :D

    8. Old dead account

      Old dead account

      That actually sounds like something RD would write

    9. Blazey Firekitty

      Blazey Firekitty

      Spike: Want some gems?

      Heh, that's right, RD can write letters now. :D

  12. That would be epic. Maybe it could be like Generations, but instead of having Classic and Modern Sonics and Tailses, we could have Sonic and Dash paling around with Tails and Scootaloo.
  13. I guess Amy can have more thoughts running around in her head than one might realize.
  14. Come to think of it, the strongest friendly moment I think of between the three of them was when they were all hanging out with Sonic in the hovercar at the end of Zero Gravity chatting about the Babylonian civilization.
  15. Even though it rides high on the flank, Rainbow won't look like a tank.

    1. Old dead account

      Old dead account

      I'm stitching Rainbow's FACE

    2. Blazey Firekitty

      Blazey Firekitty

      Rarity needs to switch to decaf.

  16. Well, I know I'd play a game that was about Sonic trying to win the fastest young runner's competition.
  17. Actually, if Classic Amy had shown up, would she have been called Amy or Rosey?
  18. Amy: I shall bear Sonic's children! Tails: No, I shall bear Sonic's children! Knuckles: No, I shall bear Sonic's children, and we shall rule the galaxy! *big fight* But um, in all seriousness, I guess we can at least assume that they tolerate each other.
  19. She probably should be more careful not to knock him into trees. XD
  20. "Sonic, Sonic, he's our man, if he can't do it, no one can!" XD But yeah...maybe Sega took the backlash against Sonic 2006 too hard? Maybe it's time to at least allow one other playable character at first, then move on from there?
  21. Do Sonic's oldest friends get along with each other, or are they just forced to interact due to a mutual interest in Sonic?
  22. Ah. I don't think it would be too difficult to make him playable, come to think of it. The Hover Wisp in Colours was halfway there.
  23. Dude, I can understand feeling pessimistic. I've been there. Not to say that you shouldn't complain. On the contrary, I mean to say that I can empathize with how you feel, and that there's legitimacy to the way you're feeling. But I don't think it's bad as all that. I honestly thought Blaze wouldn't be coming back after she exploded in 06, but she's had several appearances since then. Edit: Flyboy said: Oh no, I didn't mean to say that the other characters were being treated as important within the context of the plot as the two Tailses. I apologize if it came across that way. What I mean is that I don't feel that there is any clear sign to me in Generations that Sonic Team is getting rid of the all other characters in favor of using only Sonic, Tails, and Eggman.
  24. I don't think this is happening. If it was like that, the only people cheering Sonic on would have been the two Tailses. At least, that's how it looks from my perspective.
  25. I personally feel that the story issues in Generations don't so much come from what characters were included as they come from the setup being a difficult one to write a character focused plot around. Generations was all about bringing back old things, so it seems difficult to get much character development out of a trip down memory lane. At the same time, speaking again, solely for myself, I don't always need a lot of development to enjoy a character's appearance. I'll generally take small enjoyable tidbits of characterization over nothing at all. Edit:
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