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  1. can we all agree that the term "weeaboo" needs to go die in a fire and people should be allowed to love my culture without being insulted? 

    1. Vertekins


      I doubt a lot of those who slag weeaboos off do it due to them loving Japanese culture, I think a lot of them slag them off because they have a very one-dimensional view of Japan and act as if Japan is God's gift to the world.

    2. JezMM


      Yeah a weeaboo isn't someone who simply loves Japanese culture, it's as Vertekins said, people who are obsessed and have a very misguided view on Japan as a country, entirely fueled by the media they consume from there and no actual research or experience.

    3. Rey Skywalker-Ren

      Rey Skywalker-Ren

      my thing is that even if there view is misguided, let them learn. don't insult them for it. my view of america is kinda like how some people view japan was and no one had a problem with that. in fact i still view america in the same way. 

    4. JezMM


      Well that's the thing, while weeaboo is a popularised specific term for Japan, it's not a good attitude to have with any country.  Anglophiles are a thing too, people who love England due to watching BBC dramas like Doctor Who and Sherlock and knowing next to nothing about the country as it really is.

    5. Vertekins


      Problem is,a number of weeaboos are obstinate and don't really display the ability to look past their biases about Japan to view it in a more objective light. I personally find Japan facinating and would love to go there. To see Joypolis and the Shinkansen especially. Japan's society is so likable because they're a hardworking and honest people. But Japan has big problems too such as it's low birth rate and ageing population, suicide rate and it's objection to individuality amongst many other issues. Weeaboos ought to acknowledge contrary to their assertions that Japan is not defined by the anime, games and manga they love and there is far more to this facinating nation.

    6. Rey Skywalker-Ren

      Rey Skywalker-Ren

      Of course I agree. I written something on the issues in the past and when it comes to things like feminism, America seems like a paradise. I guess what I don't like is it is used to inflate the white ego rather than call out misguided people. 

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