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  1. I don't understand the negativity coming from both sides of the argument. If someone likes the adaptation, fine, don't be a dick. People like what they want. If someone doesn't like the adaptation, fine, don't be a dick. You can't force someone to like something. I personally don't like it. I know it's an adaptation, and that the Archie universe is vastly different from the games one, but it's very loosely adaptated, so much so that the only things from the game left are the introduction of Chip, the werehog, Pickle, Dark Gaia and Orbot. And the whole buisisness about the werehog going feral... No thank you. Hopefully it's a one-time thing, just the first time, but I feel like turning Sonic feral is just like reading a run-of-the-mill awful Unleashed fic, not something that gives the werehog creedence or coolness. Also, if someone is giving legitimate reasons as to why they like/dislike this change, stop being so ANAL. Sheesh, seriously guys, take a chill pill.
  2. How come nobody's talking about the Sonic Boom rumors?

    1. Enderwoman


      oh believe me, we have

    2. super saiyan weegee

      super saiyan weegee

      there was plenty talk about it going on earlier today

    3. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      Cuz obvious phonies are obvious

    4. Kiah


      There was plenty of talk about it via the status updates and the Sonic Boom topic earlier today, and I do mean plenty!

    5. spinny
    6. Emperor Robrainiac

      Emperor Robrainiac

      Wasn't it confirmed to be fake?

    7. Sinister-the-luck-dragon


      Trust me there was talk.

    8. Victoes


      yes it was.

    9. Snail--Day-And-Night


      Ooh I know it was fake, Shadow in a Hawaiian shirt tho

    10. Sinister-the-luck-dragon
    11. Snail--Day-And-Night
  3. Here's another thing related to Pokemon! It's a Sonic-esque fakemon I made up these days. I called it Classog (as in Classic + Hedgehog), it's a normal type and it evolves into another Pokemon that looks more like Modern Sonic. Ignore the watermark I posted, I like to do that with concept for new characters so that no one tries to be all cute and steals it.
  4. I think everyone forgets to mention that even if the game comes as a good idea and people actually like it (which chances of happening are once in a purple moon, mind you), it wouldn't be so much of a good idea overall for two reasons: Like everyone commented: It would be a huge money-grabber. I'm pretty sure all of you have gone to Walmart/Target/GameStop/whatever sells videogames and have seen the prices for the starter packs of Infinity and Skylanders. They're exaggerated. Let's not mention the stand-alone figurines, which I have seen up to 20$ each. Granted many would consider buying it, expensive game with expensive updates that only a few can buy < average game with a bigger consumer rate. The story. Even if the story was nonexistent like in Generations, the story is always linear. If OP is correct, then this doesn't stay true to the Sonic series. The story would have to be linear. Even in Shadow the Hedgehog there was only one true ending, and we all know how the fanbase went after discovering there were far more scenes.
  5. Here's another one! It's not exactly Sonic, it's Pokemon. However i tried to do it in the style of the credits of Night of the Werehog, you know, the part with stylized cartoony doodles. Might do more of these...
  6. They have taken domains? Well, if that's true, then you're right. A list would be handy, because all in all, there's a slight chance it gets cancelled before anything even happens.
  7. Do you ever see the trailer for an upcoming videogame/movie/TV show and you're just sitting there, thinking: "Oh yes, that thing will defineatly pull on my heartstrings pretty nicely."?

    1. Sixth-Rate Soma

      Sixth-Rate Soma

      My exact thoughts on seeing the Duke Nukem Forever trailer

  8. I agree, the story may have been a bit wierd, but the cartoony animation definaetly suits Sonic. The thing about the plot leaves me wondering, though. What would be used for the plot? Which elements do you guys think the movie may or may not use?

    1. T-Min


      just another day in the life of jimy nutrin

    2. Victoes


      "Bond with me jimy"

  10. Around Tumblr I have seen people criticize the sudden sassiness of Tails in the first and second act, so I suppose the argument part has to do with Tails. I've also seen people getting their panties tight due to the fact that Zomom apparently is the stereotype in which fat people are always dim-witted and only think about food. IMO, I didn't like Tails' sassiness that much either. I get he can be a bit of a smartass sometimes, but sassy? Ehh... That's mostly my biased opinion, though. I hate sassy characters that have no other motivation but to be jerkasses. I really do.
  11. Octodad for SSB4

    1. KHCast


      You mean Playstation All Stars 2.

    2. Old dead account
    3. Snail--Day-And-Night


      *cries because I only own Nintendo consoles*

  12. Thanks! And I do? I've never really noticed I've developed much of a style e.e But I guess it's true. Thanks a lot anyways!
  13. *casually fangirls over Sonic Unleashed's ship tease*

    1. Komodin


      Ship tease? Between whom?

    2. Nepenthe


      ............. Wut?

    3. Wraith


      are you talking about the sonic and amy thing

    4. Diogenes


      eggmanXorbot otp

    5. Snail--Day-And-Night


      It's that Sonic and Amy cutscene where Sonic gets all sad. Ship Tease is a trope in which a series makes a little shout-out to a fan pairing, although it's not official :> DA MORE U KNO

    6. Snail--Day-And-Night


      You're right, Eggman x Orbot true OTP

  14. Okay, so I'm not really the best at dem arts. But I just thought I'd share with you guys two of my Sonic pictures that I really like. Both of them (and some other pictures) are on my DA so I may put up a link to my account in my profile, but we'll see about that... So the first is one I did many months ago, it's the Werehog, but kinda in the style of Sonic the Doodlehog. And the next one I don't really know if you guys will like. It's a drawing of what I think Sonic would look like as a human. It's not great, and the pose is very static but I like how the colors came out e.e Aaaaand that's it for this topic. Please tell me what you think! If you have constructive criticism please do tell! I may or may not update this thread with more art as I keep on making it. Currently I'm working on a wallpaper-sized picture with all the wisps e.e
  15. Agreed. But with the demographic. Well, we'll have to see how they pull it out. After all, MLP:FiM was originally targeted for little kids and their parents, and look at how popular it has become with older demographics. (I'mjustusingthisshowasanexamplepleasedon'tmakethisaponythread) The action-comedy thingy. Well, maybe if the humor was a bit like Lost World it could come out as funny while still keeping the action part intact. I'm not saying LW was the epitome of all Sonic humor but it's something.
  16. That's because they're messing up a long-standing design out of the blue. It's just not cool at all. If there is something I like about Knuckles (and many other people do), is that while it's one of the franchise's power characters, it's not buff by default, showing that power can come even in small packages. Making him buff all out of sudden not only makes no sense, but it also defeats that whole idea honestly. And more so with Sonic, the fact that they suddenly change his design, even a little bit, is outraging. You're playing with a world-famous icon right here, and besides the change they gave to him in 1998 was minimum, yet people went apeshit. Do you even fanthom what would happened if they tweaked their design even more? And also, it's not confirmed that it will be based off Sonic Boom. We know nothing about it.
  17. IMO, I don't really care about the voice actors either way. But I agree that if they use famous voice actors, they should give them to the whole cast, since giving just one to, say, Tails, it would be distracting, since he'd be the only character who got a fancy popular voice. If they do make the movie, my only hopes are that is not live-action (and preferably has an animation style like Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, dat noodly animation), it's not based on Archie or SatAM, and that it has a decent plot. Aaaaand, IDK that's it. I don't care if they keep the videogame voice cast or not, if they don't atleast get a person who can resemble the voices. Also Griffith master race off with you and your Japanese dudes
  18. No, but unless Doctor Eggman plans to utilize the Aether or SEGA is planning to do Sonic Almighty I don't see how they'll fit in e.e
  19. That, my dear, is a secret. Nah just kidding, I'm just as surprised as you are. I wonder how OP managed to notice the 3 new hoarded URLs...
  20. Oh God please tell me the last two lines of text were a joke. If there are humans in Sonic Boom/that Sonic movie, I hope they're like the humans from Unleashed, since their designs match with the surreal cartoony look of the main cast. Then again SEGA currently likes to make Sonic and friends live in a barren land with them as the sole inhabitants. Screw NPCs I guess.
  21. Why thank you kind sir. But yeah, there's still a chance Sonic Boom is good. I mean, we don't really know much about it, save the character silhouettes look ridiculous. And if they do make the movie based of Sonic Boom, we'd have to wait until we see how the cartoon comes along.
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