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  1. I finished school for the summer now which is great ! And I'll be able to post more often on here.

  2. I'm yet to play it so therefore I cannot comment on it being "bad" or not. But, from watching gameplay videos and cutscenes on Youtube I'd say it looks ok but, it could have been better with it's level design, music and storyline. The Deadly Six have potential to be good characters but, they should have been given backstories. Sonic is a jerk and Tails is very much out of character. But, when I get a Wii U I'll give it go as the 3DS version looks pretty poor.
  3. I've spent all my money on the Steam sale so I sadly cannot purchase ASRT for a bargain price at £3.75. . But, on the plus side I picked up Castle Crashers for 99p, Garry's Mod, Awesomenauts and Sonic Adventure DX.
  4. I just wondered how the original Xbox versions of these games would play on a Xbox 360 ? As I wanted to pick up Heroes and Mega Collection despite the fact that I own them both on PC and Riders. Would I need to purchase a original Xbox gamepad to play in order to play or could I use a 360 controller ? Also are Heroes and Riders glitchy on the Xbox ? EDIT: Can one off the staff members delete my typing errors in the title of the topic ? Thanks
  5. Mine would have to be Rush Adventure, for the story, missions, travelling, levels and the music. Oh and Marine , yes I'm in the minority that liked. Also a notable mention goes out to Sonic Advance, which is the true sequel to Sonic 3 and Knuckles not Sonic 4. It's a really fun game to play and I occassionally replay it from time to time.
  6. The 3DS version looks decent to me and I aim to pick it up when I get a 3DS. From watching the E3 trailer, the gameplay reminds me a bit of the Sonic Rivals games. Am disappointed that Amy will not be a playable but, I can't wait to play as Sticks.
  7. I liked the first one and if impresses me at E3 I shall pick it up for my Xbox 360.
  8. Aw that really sucks as I wanted to go this year for the first time . It's understandable why there will be a break. And whenever the next SOS will take place I'll be there.
  9. Downloaded the iOS version for my ipad. I've been doing the World Tour with Tails and I've just bought Amy. I'll buy the 3DS version when I get a 3DS, and will pick up the 360 and PC versions.
  10. Here's some details about the Xbox One version of Kingdom Hearts 3. www.examiner.com/article/official-kingdom-hearts-3-details-posted-for-xbox-one-version
  11. Currently playing Mario Kart Wii and Sonic Adventure on 360. I am close to beating Sonic's story on SA1.
  12. I once had a dream where Mephiles was standing by the side of my bed and he summoned loads of clones around him. Tried to escape but,I could not. Shadow appeared out of nowhere and saved me. We ended up in Crisis City and saw Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Rouge, Omega, Silver, Blaze and the Chaotix. Silver , used his telekinetic powers to pin me against a wall. He turned evil and injured all the other characters I mentioned. Managed to attack off guard and give him a round house kick.
  13. When Classic Tails speaks in Sonic Generations. Kate Higgins did a pretty good job voicing him.
  14. Should I get ASRT for PC or Xbox 360 ?

    1. w00tkins
    2. Indigo Rush
    3. Biggs


      If you can run it, PC, obviously.

    4. SuperBrandon


      Yeah my laptop should be able to run it. It is not the best for gaming but, it is good enough to play most games. Also are the keyboard controls good ?

    5. DLR_Nexus


      Depends on the Hardware. Otherwise go for the XB360 if ya can.

  15. I hope that Vector, Espio, Charmy and Omega eventually become playable in Dash. I am looking forward to be able to play as Cream in the near future.
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