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  1. If it's the same, I'd like to see that backstory expanded upon. They could even use some details from the games, like Jet's father or Stolen.
  2. I would like 3D models for Trainers in battle. As nice as the art for every Trainer was, it was also boring because nothing really happens. As for the models, It annoyed me how inconsistent they were with them in the Gen VI games. All the notable members of Team Flare (even the Grunts) had models, but only Maxie and Archie had them in ORAS. Diantha had stock artwork (despite, you know, being the Champion), whereas Steven had a model. And why didn't the Gym Leaders get models? Surely they're more important than random Trainers you fight on the field.
  3. He's Kukui, which is also a tree. So he's Hala's son? If so, he's Juniper 2.0. It's Hawaii, so it's probably not literal. Speaking of which, where are the Lilo and Stich/Rocket Power jokes? C'mon guys. If the rabbit connection is hard to follow. Look up its previous forms, Lekismon and Lunamon.
  4. To those wishing Moon Legendary was a rabbit instead of a bat, I'd like that too. But...Digimon had Digimon World Dawn and Dusk years ago on the DS. And their mascots were Apollomon, a lion, and Dianamon, a rabbit. While it's just a coincidence, I'd rather not have Digimon fans try and claim Pokemon is copying Digimon or something. Also, I just realized something. In the ninth Pokemon movie, a Buizel, an otter Pokemon, was a member of a traveling circus. Oshawott, another otter Pokemon, evolves into Samurott, a seal lion. Popplio is a sea lion that is a circus performer. Have we come full circle?
  5. I'd like it if battles wouldn't slow down if more than two Pokemon are on screen at the same time.
  6. It's a goddamn good thing Game Freak decided not to go with their usual policy of leaving features out of future installments to avoid making other games lose their uniqueness. Hopefully they'll expand on it to include stuff like body types, and more hair options. Now how about bringing back the Key System, eh? And stopping the idiotic "need to beat the game to unlock it" thing.
  7. We were hatless in the beginning of XY, too. But since we're not in our PJs, it could mean anything.
  8. Jack shall be missed. Drago too. They were the greatest punching bags this comic ever had.
  9. I started reading My Hero Macadamia Nuts. Tsuyu is best girl.

  10. Why do I have the feeling that it'll be nothing but the Fates petting minigame?
  11. ESP Kirby is Ness. So, uh, how about bringing back the other Earthbound reference. What was it called....oh yeah, Yo-yo. And Animal. And Bubble. And Squeak Squad Magic. Heck, bring back a lot of old Abilities. It's really annoying that a majority of the Copy Abilities here are taken from RtDL. You know, like Triple Deluxe. I want to see Clean, but not terrible like it was in its original game.
  12. All they said was that it would be the first showing of SM on TV. And it was just that. Nothing was ever said about gameplay footage.
  13. And to the surprise of absolutely no one, we got nothing. See you in 2 weeks when CoroCoro comes out.
  14. I have become a squid. Sadly, I am no longer a kid.

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