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  1. This game all my feels….as a big fan of both franchises I welcome this collab. I saw that Zora armor link in the trailer and fell in love again.
  2. Yeah well the one(two things) thing that's tellin' me "PLEASE GO SEE IT" was this scene from the trailers and Zoids Rhino :3
  3. I'm on the fence with this one(but the Spidey suit looks spot-on), my friend is eager to get me to see it, but I think they are presenting too many characters this time around. (SM3 echoooooesss)
  4. man I would love the stage more if it had more than just Yellow Devil, also I wonder if the Lost WOrld stage will be the only sonic stage, a Chemical Plant level would be cool, or hey maybe for the 3ds version we can get a Dark Brotherhood stage *shurgs*
  5. Welp with everything said here, I'm definitely going to purchase it! I've been meaning to play the classics again but since my gamecube got bricked (where I played the Sonic Mega Collection) I didn't have no means to.
  6. I enjoyed Lost World, wasn't THAT bad, but I love platformers with a passion altogether.
  7. the Graphics are amazing with such a low end comp and the steam sale, this game was amazeballs. I wish iw as exposed to it earlier.
  8. Edit: apologize for the bluntness. I likie the Rouge, best thing to ever come out of Sonic Adventures 2, she has been a very explosive character in general and I love that they gave her Knuckles mechanics in most cases of her being a playable character. Also I felt that she was awesome in Sonic X.
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