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  1. Is there any announcements for DLC for the 3DS version? (other than that omochao sonic pre order bonus) I'd love to see this on the 3DS, especially with Yoshi's New Island coming out for it...
  2. Why haven't they killed off Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon? Can I do it for Hasbro?
  3. Alright, so this is a WIP of my current banner - pretty much traced, because I suck at art The only things that are coloured in atm are the eyes, nose and the ear. New WIP because
  4. You do need to be able to be a bit wise here, it's not like other forums...

  5. kind of cheated with my name :P

  6. I like Black Knight Sonic best because chilli dogs were canon he seemed more heroic in that game then from the 06 'reboot' or after. He was willing to put aside the current task at hand to help people who needed help (the video of him saving the girl not listening to Caliburn is a good example of this)
  7. The case that characters like Rouge not being in recent games is because they are much more based off comedy (not completely) and wacky storylines is that dark characters like her Shadow and the others that were in the games from Adventure 2 - 06 had darker stories (i.e. a character almost dying, that would never happen in recent games).
  8. I just seriously hope SEGA will make Xbox 360 games and PS3 rather then PS4 and Xbox One for a while after the Nintendo Deal is closed (if it isn't permanent), because atm everyone hates them.
  9. Any idea how to beat him? He just keeps on following me around, and no matter what I try, I can't absorb him with Asteroid and a poke with Sonic loses a life...
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