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  1. Hey everyone, welcome to my topic of music. I will show some SMPS I've working for some time, some music ported / converted to Mega Drive. Enjoy and feel free to send feedback! Before post my stuff... For who don't know, "The Sample Music Playback System (SMPS) is a sound engine used in several games for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis and the Sega 32X, including all major Sonic games except Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball, which uses GEMS instead. The engine's name has not been completely confirmed, as a large group of users have come up with serious doubts about it and no concrete proof has been found". If you want know more, click here and here. Now, I can post it, hope you guys like that (the SMPS will be into spoiler)! When (if) I do more, I'll post more, right? Here's my Soundcloud if someone have interest. That's it, for now. I hope you guys enjoyed it, just remembering I am not the best guy at this job (I love do it though)! Cheers~ EDIT: How I can make Soundcloud box smaller in the posts?
  2. Looking back my old posts and GOD, they were horrible as hell!


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  3. Bump Time! Anyone still remmeber this little thing? Anyway, since I released this in the last year on Sonic Hacking Contest, I'd though I could post it here too. Welp, let's start it. About Hack For those who still don't know, It's been 2 years I've developing on a Sonic 3 & Knuckles hack named as Sonic 3 & Knuckles: Pro Survivor. Sonic 3 & Knuckles: Pro Survivor it's an palette and layout hack; the point on this one it's to have a extra difficult and hard layout (though fair), with some improved gimmicks. For who played and still remember about the last contest: In the last year, I wasn't very happy with the state of the hack, so this one I decided to give it a better effort and polish everything with my best effort (with new content, of course)! Unfortunately, it's still just a demo and not a full version. So the 5 only levels available are: Angel Island Zone, Hydrocity Zone Act 1, Ice Cap Zone, Flying Battery Zone and Sandopolis Zone Act 1 (unfortunately too, AIZ and ICZ2 isn't ready yet for Knuckles, so I hope you understand). Also, it has a new Main Menu and a New Time Attack mode (up to you unlock), and in the future will have more features. Some Images Media / Preview / Walkthough NeoFusionBox Art: Bakayote AsuharaMoon Coding: Electroball TheBlad768 Jdpense NeoFusionBox Music (SMPS Ports): NeoFusionBox S_T_D Cinossu Crash Ivan Yo TheBlad768 Eduardo Knuckles - MIDIs porting Beta Testers: SonicVaan TheBlad768 Electroball Shockwave Bakayote KingoFHarts JoenickROS EditChris Hcktrox Eduardo Knuckles Painto Maniak Test on Real Hardware: Ralakimus Bakayote Special Stage Layout: Painto maniak Other Credits: Flamewing - Flamewing Sounddrive / Error Code Generator Stealth - SonED2 / Sonic 3 & Knuckles Disassembly MainMemory - SonLVL ValleyBell - SMPS2ASM / MID2SMPS / SMPS Research Pack And for who all did others programs for hacking... Special Thanks: TheBlad768 Electroball - Porting original ROM into Disassembly Shockwave Bakayote SonicVaan DiscoTheBat Some Notes Sting Chameleon music (SMPS) isn't looped yet in this build and there was supposed to demo finish in Sandopolis Zone, but there has a mistake, and it finish in Flying Battery though, you still can play this in Time Attack mode. I'm sorry about that. Also, this build still have some bugs that I didn't had time to notice and fix in the time, so, I may already knew about some bug reported here (but you still can report it in thread). I would release some revision soon. I hope you have fun with this hack and remember, critiques, feedback and reports are always welcome. Have a good game! Hope you guys are fine with this bump!~
  4. new. underwater pallets, hydrocity and launch base. not changed yet. comments and criticism are always help.
  5. Recently, I am using new songs (from other games). ie all were replaced. no, no, no. he does not lazy, just the songs is not the best in of the word world. =\ EDIt: also, thanks to comment .
  6. news pallet of s3k pro survivor *WIP* this is good, comments and feedback to give?
  7. OK, In this game you must associate one word with another(for example:sega-> sonic)etc...very simple. starting with me. house->
  8. hey guys, what is last game you are playing? Here you can. share, the last game. you're playing recently.... I'recently are playing:grand theft auto V, rayman origins, counter strike 1.6,samp (gta sa online) [plataforms: xbox360/pc....] Share with people the last, game you are played!
  9. I'listing this all time...I'love Blaze Heatnix Theme, I never get tired to listening to this song <3.
  10. I agree, most soundtracks are awesome. but honestly I do not really like the music of Sonic 4 episode 1, as well but that's my opinion (and I'm actually here to talk about the music I like) my favorite song from Sonic the list are many great and a bit, here goes .... -Sonic the hedgehog- green hill zone, scrap brain zone. -Sonic the hedgehog 2- emerald hill zone, oil ocean zone, metropolis zone, wing fortress zone. -Sonic 3 & Knuckles- hydrocity zone act1, mushorrom hill zone act1, flying battery zone act1 & act2, lava reef zone act1, death egg zone act1 & act2, The doomsday zone, act2 boss theme, title screen & inviciblity theme "Sonic & Knuckles. -Sonic drift- gren hill place, marble place. -Sonic 3D Blast- "mega drive version" rusy ruin zone act1 & act2, volcano valley zone act2, diamont dust act1& act2, all two boss themes and final boss. -Sonic CD- colission chaos zone past music, stardus speed way all musics version, intro (version jap), ending jap and eua version. -Sonic advance 2- Leaft forest act1. -Sonic advance 3- route99 act1. -Sonic adventure- Emerald Coast, windy valley, Speed Highway, sky chase, sky deck, Final egg. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well... these are the songs that I like, is too many right? :V
  11. oh, ok. I will try to push myself. EDIT:sorry for my laziness.
  12. I'm a big fan of sonic, I like of the majority of the Sonic games. but I Talk about the specific games that I like... -sonic the hedgehog (mega drive & master system) -sonic the hedgehog 2 (md and taxman version with hidden palace :>...) -sonic drift -sonic 3 & knuckles -sonic adventure -sonic heroes edit:some changes In post.
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