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  1. Yup, I use 3 nicks. >3> So, I don't have any good drawings of sonic, but I've read the rules and I think its ok to post other things... Hope I'm right. Ponys. Non-pony
  2. I LOVE this game XDD Can you tell me what is that in your signature? Itsa game? o_o

    1. Snail--Day-And-Night


      You mean the giraffe thing that turns into an elephant? It's from a very crazy (and funny) Japanese game. Look up Japan World Cup 3 in YouTube :P

  3. Welcome!

    1. Furryaoi


      Thank you very much! ♥

    2. Diz


      You mentioned that your English is not good, but I think it is good. Where are you from?

    3. Furryaoi


      uhn, Brazil ^^'

  4. Thank you very much ^w^ Oh, I will... I just need some time to understand how the forum works and things like that. :3 But thank you again ♥
  5. Hello, I'm Furryaoi but you can also call me Luke. Tails, Shadow and Sonic are my faves. :3 My english is not good, but I try my best. >.< I'm a shy person, but I really enjoy chatting! I like yaoi, animals, sweet food in general, games that needs you to use your brain [Like Professor Layton ♥], but also like calm games like Minecraft or terraria. I'm not a healthy person, and I can't work. For that reason, I sell drawings to help with house bills. You can see what I make by searching my nick on google. x3 I think that's it for now~
  6. Welcome to SSMB! =)

    1. Furryaoi


      Thank you darling ♥

    2. FourCartridge
  7. I watched a lot of animes... Inuyasha, Pokémon, Dragon Ball\Z\GT, Sailor Moon, YuYuHakusho, Yugioh, Saint Seiya, Sakura Card Captors, Digimon... But I don't watch anything in special today. I'm watching Ranma 1\2 again, only. I also love yaoi. >\\\>
  8. I noticed that too.. And I think Cheerilee voice is strange now. Am I crazy? Well, Twilight is surely taller...
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