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  1. I’ve changed so much since I last made an effort to post on this site. It’s hard reading my old comments because of how overboard I went with my envy of Sonic, I was more impressionable at the time than I realized. I even called him a “perfect being”, and said even his flaws were perfect, so obviously I was getting a little too into it. But the thing is, I still remember what it felt to think that way and to live that way, and I kinda miss it. I had a moderate issue with putting myself up on a pedestal because of it, but otherwise it was just harmless optimism and enthusiasm.

    I was always so happy back then, and I really don't think it’s just because I was 5 years younger and had more energy and no job. To spend my time out “adventuring”, to always push myself to explore further, ride the bike faster, feel purer by enjoying the outdoors more, a lot of it just felt right to me.

    Maybe it’s time to go back to that in some way. Since that time in my life I graduated high school, started College, drifted away from a lot of my old friends, progressed as a racer, got a job, spent countless hours trying to understand this “Trump” cunt, and went through the worst consecutive 2 years of my life... so maybe the growing I’ve done will help me approach this in a less insane way than before.

    So here’s my new mission relating to Sonic: to continue adventuring as he had inspired me to do, without going so far mentally that I’m actually pretending to be him. 

    1. PaulyBFromDa303


      That's life. It happens. We learn from our pasts for the better future. Young and dumb. But what a feeling it is right?

      Glad you're back. Good to meet you. I'm Pauly

    2. TryhardDreamer


      I didnt expect anyone to even read that, hey Pauly!

      So I haven’t been here in a long long time, is it still a pretty active forum?

    3. PaulyBFromDa303


      I've only been here since 2016. I've meant to come here since 2011, somebody here wrote an article on me and my music, during a time of my Hiatus so coming here was pointless. Nowadays, I've tried here, Sonic retro, Sonic Paradox, the Sega forums shut down just days after i joined. Yeah this place is one of the most active. It's been awhile since I've been on retro, I should probably get back to it. Only thing is i prefer status updates. You're in the correct zone here

    4. Chaos Incarnate

      Chaos Incarnate

      Glad to see you’re back. :) 

  2. I have successfully gone nearly a full year without visiting this site, how does someone even do that?

    1. Ming Ming Hatsune

      Ming Ming Hatsune

      I did it once. 2013ish I think. I wanted to leave.

    2. Ming Ming Hatsune

      Ming Ming Hatsune

      Oh and welcome back! =D

    3. Gabz Girl

      Gabz Girl

      I did too. .-.

    4. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      not much has changed since last August

    5. Kiah


      I have no idea. I tried not coming to this place for just a week and I couldn't lol. Anyway, welcome back! :)

  3. Sir... I am going to attempt to email this to Sega or Nintendo... this is an incredible idea and it has just made my day. Thank you very, very much... The above comment exists. Fact.
  4. Haven't played NASCAR Unleashed, but I have played (get ready), NASCAR 99, NASCAR 2000, NASCAR heat for ps1, NASCAR heat 2002, NASCAR thunder 2002, NASCAR thunder 2003, NASCAR thunder 2004 (favorite), NASCAR 2005 chase for the cup, NASCAR 06, NASCAR 07, NASCAR 08, NASCAR 09, NASCAR: the game, NASCAR kart racing, NASCAR: the game inside line, and various arcade sims. There is no reason at all why NASCAR should be used in that game, its not NASCAR! Games like this make people have an unrealistic idea of what NASCAR actually is, then pisses them off when there isn't destruction and crap. This, NASCAR kart racing, and Jimmie Johnson's shitty game, shouldn't be NASCAR because they just aren't NASCAR! Sorry if the text makes me sound real pissed, I just don't see why mediocre racing games are made into NASCAR games. The above comment exists. Fact.
  5. Well I've beaten the original 4 Genesis sonic games (1,2,3, and S&K), so they're my favorite with sonic 1 at the tip top. After that would be Colors because I don't have generations (which would be in that spot). After that I don't know, mostly cuz I don't have Sonic adventure 1 yet and that may be in the spot after Colors. Also beaten secret rings, riders (zero g), shadow t.h., Unleashed, and colors. (Sonic 1 with all 6 emeralds and no deaths) The above comment exists. Fact.
  6. I've made a couple videos of myself and my friends exploring the abandoned Garden Plaza Hotel (find on my YouTube channel Midget and Delta), don't have incredible interest in the history though I am somewhat interested. Mostly I just appreciate the intensity of being in an abandoned structure and the thrill of escaping in time to not get caught! Not many abandoned buildings near me, but I plan on going to an abandoned elementary school soon. Don't worry, I don't break things on purpose but my friend does, he's kind of an asshole like that. The above comment exists. Fact.
  7. I'm obsessed with being just like Sonic personality-wise, but I have almost nowhere to buy merch and little money, so I only have games. Other than merch, I am obsessed undoubtedly. Sonic's attitude, his environment, the energy of the levels and music, the Sonic universe is entirely perfect, so I try to bring that to life via imitation in order to have an incredibly happy and accomplished life. If I had the opportunity, I'd leave Earth right now and meet Sonic in Green Hill Zone to start a life of incredible adventure, high speed, and more! It. Would. Be. Perfect. The above comment exists. Fact.
  8. Before I fill 5 paragraphs with my answer, I'll just say that he is to me, the perfect character if not the perfect being. Even his flaws are amazing. He's impossibly powerful, perfectly care free, matches many of my own personal ideals, there's nothing to not like! He's the best! The above comment exists. Fact.
  9. This topic is for local fans to find out who else in the area is a Sonic fan. If you feel the need to give specific location, please PM and don't share that info publicly. The above comment exists. Fact.
  10. I did cross country last year as a freshman, made it all the way to districts and finished at 21:45. The above comment exists. Fact.
  11. My thoughts on Rouge: irrelevant with nice tits (nuf said) The above comment exists. Fact.
  12. I like Sonic and The Secret Rings, if you play through a bit the controls get better because sonic gets faster and new moves allow you to get through easier. The plot isn't that great but the gameplay is fast and fun. The above comment exists. Fact.
  13. Sonic and Mario should always be playing at the same time, and whoever the player chooses to play as the other character would be AI controlled (or controlled by second player). As far as levels, I like the system of 8 worlds, but I'd prefer 8 zones with 4 to 6 acts in each world. In all there should be 16 worlds, meaning that depending on your character you will experience a different set of levels.
  14. Hmm... that isn't a bad idea at all. That gives a chance to make a new game mechanic on sonics part. The downside is that it wouldn't necessarily be Mario and sonic, more like Mario and humanoid sonic. Good idea though.
  15. Was thinking more along the lines of sonic and Mario fighting a common foe (eggman, browser, etc), how would it work?
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