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  1. http://kirbycafe.jp/ · This is my dream place to visit, dammit... ;_;

  2. My answer to the question can be summarized in one word: Overwatch. I have been playing this game since mid June and I haven't stopped playing it ever since. Currently going through Competitive Play, sitting at Level 56 in CP and Level 50 in general. I could go on about how much I am enjoying this game but I think I'll leave all of that to be posted in its official topic. Hopefully there should be some members around here to play the game with. =) Worth mentioning two recent game completions: Kirby Planet Robobot and The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D. The former game, all I can say is that it has been a mind-blowing experience as a fan of the series and definitely a game to recommend to anyone interested in the franchise (prior playthrough with Triple Deluxe recommended). As for Majora's Mask I have had this one pending for quite some time and I managed to finish it very recently; quite an interesting, intriguing and dark take in the series, yet I still liked the game even with all the pros and cons seen in the N64 Zelda games.
  3. Just dropping by to say hello to everyone after being inactive for quite a long time. Also to say that Planet Robobot is freakin' awesome~

    1. Failinhearts



      I don't think we ever met, but nice to see ya!

    2. Kiah


      Hey there! Welcome back!

  4. Happy Birthday! Hope it's good one! c:

  5. For all the folks living in the UK, the Nintendo UK Store has been restocked with a truckload of amiibos just a few hours ago! Some notable rare ones include Little Mac, Rosalina, Ness, and all four Fire Emblem characters amongst others. Go get 'em while they last! EDIT: Gotta say that production and distribution over here has been picking up lately! For instance, I found six Shulk amiibos in my local Game store today. XD
  6. Kirby's Adventure. A game I have blasted through dozens of times... http://imgur.com/A1nO5ty ... booted up one more time, in memory of Iwata-san. Thank you for the memories! =) http://imgur.com/5TBFsK7

  7. Found myself shocked to see this news. Couldn't believe seeing this kind of news this late at night, felt my heart skip for a moment until confirming through other media outlets his passing. A few days ago, Gabz and me were discussing about Nintendo's future ventures and how things like their mobile games, their hardware and software divisions combined, their Club Nintendo successor, their partnerships and expansions, and pretty much everything surrounding the company were gonna be very exciting things to look forward to. We believed that, regardless of the turbulent ventures in recent years, Satoru Iwata could still bring big changes inside Nintendo and the video gaming industry as a whole. But I would have never thought that his opportunity would have ended this way... As the man who founded one of my favorite video game developers (HAL Laboratory), who coded and brought timeless classics such as Balloon Fight, Earthbound, Super Smash Bros Melee, Pokémon Gold & Silver and many others in such unimaginable fashion, who brought life, together with Masahiro Sakurai, to one of my most beloved characters of all time and which to this day, more than ever, I am so proud to be a die-hard fan of Kirby... As the man who stepped into Nintendo and contributed with his knowledge and passion to video games and changed the industry during the past 15 years, from the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS and Wii to the 3DS and Wii U, from his insights with developers (Iwata Asks) to his direct connection with consumers and fans (Nintendo Direct)... Thank you for showing your appreciation and love towards one of the most influential media in existence as well shaping the industry as we know today. Thank you for standing up through the past adversities and difficulties and giving your 100% to bring incredible products and games with the care and love you always gave. Thank you for making me spend countless hours playing all your games and for being a huge part of my love towards video games. Your legacy will always be remembered. God bless you and leave luck to heaven... Satoru Iwata (1959 - 2015) Rest In Peace
  8. I have been quite adamant to not resort to buying amiibos from scalpers. The most likely candidate to go through that option could be Ness since I bet it's gonna be extremely rare to find after release but, once again, it's a very remote possibility to go at this moment. I'll keep searching for any opportunity to grab it at the original retail price; really tough task but not an impossible one... I hope! As previously hinted, I have decided to upload a picture of our current collection of amiibos (with more to come!) past the spoiler tag.
  9. April has been absolutely insane in terms of amiibo preorders as well as games. This is a list of all the shit I have pre-ordered between the Nintendo UK Store and GAME: Smash amiibos (Greninja, Jigglypuff, Palutena, Dark Pit, Zero Suit Samus & Ganondorf) - £66 Splatoon & Triple Pack amiibo - £60 Yoshi's Woolly World & Triple Pack amiibo - £80 Kirby & The Rainbow Curse + Free Kirby plush - £35 Accounting only just what I've got pre-ordered so far I've spent over £240 worth of Nintendo products alone. And I haven't even pre-ordered Codename STEAM yet, which could be potentially another £35 - £40 spent. Nintendo knows how to steal my money, that's for damn sure! XD EDIT: Since I didn't post for quite a while here on SSMB and didn't contribute to this topic until now, I better mention something in regards to the current status of our amiibo collection. While amiibos are the only 'toys to life' figures we are collecting (although still on the verge of getting several Disney Infinity) chances to collect them all are getting very slim the more figures they are announcing and releasing. It's insane how these little buggers sell out really quickly: it's either you pre-order them or your potential chance to get them is gone in a matter of minutes! o_o I've missed a handful of amiibos such as Captain Falcon (misjudged its eventual rarity), Wii Fit Trainer (sold out during its first weeks of sale) or Ness (gone at the time of pre-ordering the rest of its wave), and while some others are quite common to pick such as DK, Diddy or Zelda amongst others I am still hopeful to eventually grab them either when they are restocked online or very casually at some random retailers across Europe; last time I picked Pit at Intertoys (a Dutch toy store) during our trip to Holland a couple of weeks ago for just 15€, so there are definitely chances to grab them all eventually. I might as well post a picture of our current collection later on...
  10. Day 31: Why do you play games? Many reasons are given as for why I love to play video games. First off, video games are extraordinarily fun to play with, as they always give me hours of entertainment no matter what type of game is. While I have been playing solo most of the time, I always seek to play with friends and other people whether it's locally or online to further expand the experience and the fun factor. Immersion is another factor to attribute my time playing video games; much like other forms of entertainment, video games can offer you a sense of immersion but with the advantage that your input and interaction plays a big role. Escapism is another reason alongside the immersion; going into different worlds and exploring 'em while taking part of the role of different heroes on their quests. I could say challenge is another reason I keep in mind while playing games. I like it when games offer a real sense of challenge and difficulty and many games from past generations to even current ones have given me a good share of challenge to enjoy. Yet not everything I play are for the sake of challenge: I can relax myself with other types of games that don't need to be challenging per se.
  11. Day 30: Favourite Ending Luigi's Mansion 2 The ending seen at the prequel was indeed a test for Luigi to overcome his fear and cowardice to ghosts in order to save his brother. Luigi's Mansion 2 takes this concept once again, and while the prequel was quite a charming scene to see this time the ending seems a little better developed to me. After defeating King Boo and restoring the Dark Moon so all ghosts are friendly once again, you also rescue Mario who's been trapped on a painting once again and he congratulates you. Your big brother congratulating you for all your efforts to reach this far and overcome your fear of ghosts is a crowning achievement not only for Luigi but for the player as well; being personally congratulated by one of the most iconic characters in video game history is something you don't see everyday! And on top of that, Luigi manages to befriend a ghost for the first time, the little Polterpup. Again, another achievement for the green brother as it somehow sets past his fear of ghosts for good (or at least in this game!). Such a charming moment, may I say...
  12. At last, Mario Kart 8 is here~! Gotta play a few GPs before heading to work!

  13. Day 29: Favourite Overall Cast Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door The Paper Mario and even the Mario & Luigi series have featured a consistent cast of great and memorable characters, going from your party members, the villains, and many side characters found throughout your adventure. The Thousand-Year Door's cast is probably the one that left me a really memorable impression back in 2004 when I first played the game and still remains at the top of my favourite casts in the entire Mario RPG series and, dare to say, even the entire Mario franchise. From the smart Goombella to the timid yet strong-willed Koops, from the adventurous Admiral Bobbery to the sweet and loyal Vivian... Mario's partners share their traits and personalities very well into the game as well as being proven as powerful allies to Mario on his journey. The X-Nauts, commanded by Sir Grodus, are also proven to be a threatening group to the point of capturing Princess Peach for their evil plans; Bowser, while on a secondary stance for the majority of the game, can offer its share of evil (albeit quite entertaining for the most part!) alongside Kammy Koopa; and even other bad guys such as Rawk Hawk do a pretty good job at their role as well. Even Luigi makes a noteworthy appearance in this game as he tells his brother all about his journey on Pudding Continent, proving to Mario he can try to be just as strong and brave as him. (Post finished, but I'll have to leave an introduction later as I gotta go to work) .w.
  14. Just a couple of hours until MK8 drops into our mailbox. Not long now, dang it! >.

  15. Day 28: Most Anticipated Game The past generation of video games has left us with so many incredible games, all showing ambitious projects and experiences possible in their respective consoles. With the leap taken to the next generation thanks to the Wii U, Xbox One and PS4, we may expect even more ambitious projects only possible in these three consoles as well as the 3DS and PS Vita in the handheld category. So far the list of upcoming games for these consoles is starting to increase with more interesting titles which may gather the attention of gamers and therefore place 'em as their most anticipated games of the year. This time I am going straight into my most anticipated title of the year while giving my close second game and a couple of other choices afterwards. First off, my most anticipated game of the year goes to... X First off, I would like to mention my past experience with Xenoblade Chronicles, a game that I absolutely enjoyed every single minute of it and which is still regarded to me as one of the best (if not THE best) J-RPG of the past generation of consoles. Monolith Soft made an outstanding job on creating an immersive open world thanks to its extensive maps and areas to explore as well as all the monsters they all populate in, a dynamic and fun combat system, lots of sidequests, tasks and achievements to complete, all while enjoying possibly one of the most engaging stories seen in recent J-RPG history. All in all, Xenoblade Chronicles was an incredible experience only possible thanks to the fantastic talent behind Monolith Soft, and all I wished to see was more from these guys in future projects under Nintendo's flagship. Lo and behold, X was announced on a Nintendo Direct back in January 2013 and I was absolutely amazed at how the project looked like at the time. The idea of a Xenoblade like experience taken to a whole new level in an even more open world and played online was pretty much what I asked for at the time, and I was glad to see the steps taken by Monolith Soft were the indeed the correct ones. Since that day, X became my number one most anticipated title not only on the Wii U but in my general list of upcoming video games; the more I saw from the trailers back on E3 2013 and the Nintendo Direct in Februrary 2014, the more hyped I am for this upcoming masterpiece, and I cannot wait for the next couple of weeks until E3 2014 to hear more about the game. =) While X is my most anticipated title for 2014, there is another game I am absolutely looking forward to enjoy this year and is a really close second to me. That game is... Super Smash Bros. for 3DS / Wii U Cannot say no to what's going to be the brawler of the year indeed. From the character roster to the stage selection, from the game modes announced so far to the different features implemented, this entry in the Super Smash Bros series is shaping up to become the best one, or that's what promises to be at least! Words cannot describe how hyped I am for this game as well, being the 3DS version the one to look forward first and foremost while patiently waiting for the even bigger experience on the Wii U version. Just like with X, I cannot wait until E3 to hear more about this game. =) Other games I am looking forward to play this year include Project Cars, Destiny, Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, and hopefully more games such as Yarn Yoshi or Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem will make their way for a 2014 release.
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