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  1. http://kirbycafe.jp/ · This is my dream place to visit, dammit... ;_;

  2. My answer to the question can be summarized in one word: Overwatch. I have been playing this game since mid June and I haven't stopped playing it ever since. Currently going through Competitive Play, sitting at Level 56 in CP and Level 50 in general. I could go on about how much I am enjoying this game but I think I'll leave all of that to be posted in its official topic. Hopefully there should be some members around here to play the game with. =) Worth mentioning two recent game completions: Kirby Planet Robobot and The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D. The former game, all I can say is that it has been a mind-blowing experience as a fan of the series and definitely a game to recommend to anyone interested in the franchise (prior playthrough with Triple Deluxe recommended). As for Majora's Mask I have had this one pending for quite some time and I managed to finish it very recently; quite an interesting, intriguing and dark take in the series, yet I still liked the game even with all the pros and cons seen in the N64 Zelda games.
  3. Just dropping by to say hello to everyone after being inactive for quite a long time. Also to say that Planet Robobot is freakin' awesome~

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      I don't think we ever met, but nice to see ya!

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  4. For all the folks living in the UK, the Nintendo UK Store has been restocked with a truckload of amiibos just a few hours ago! Some notable rare ones include Little Mac, Rosalina, Ness, and all four Fire Emblem characters amongst others. Go get 'em while they last! EDIT: Gotta say that production and distribution over here has been picking up lately! For instance, I found six Shulk amiibos in my local Game store today. XD
  5. Kirby's Adventure. A game I have blasted through dozens of times... http://imgur.com/A1nO5ty ... booted up one more time, in memory of Iwata-san. Thank you for the memories! =) http://imgur.com/5TBFsK7

  6. Found myself shocked to see this news. Couldn't believe seeing this kind of news this late at night, felt my heart skip for a moment until confirming through other media outlets his passing. A few days ago, Gabz and me were discussing about Nintendo's future ventures and how things like their mobile games, their hardware and software divisions combined, their Club Nintendo successor, their partnerships and expansions, and pretty much everything surrounding the company were gonna be very exciting things to look forward to. We believed that, regardless of the turbulent ventures in recent years, Satoru Iwata could still bring big changes inside Nintendo and the video gaming industry as a whole. But I would have never thought that his opportunity would have ended this way... As the man who founded one of my favorite video game developers (HAL Laboratory), who coded and brought timeless classics such as Balloon Fight, Earthbound, Super Smash Bros Melee, Pokémon Gold & Silver and many others in such unimaginable fashion, who brought life, together with Masahiro Sakurai, to one of my most beloved characters of all time and which to this day, more than ever, I am so proud to be a die-hard fan of Kirby... As the man who stepped into Nintendo and contributed with his knowledge and passion to video games and changed the industry during the past 15 years, from the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS and Wii to the 3DS and Wii U, from his insights with developers (Iwata Asks) to his direct connection with consumers and fans (Nintendo Direct)... Thank you for showing your appreciation and love towards one of the most influential media in existence as well shaping the industry as we know today. Thank you for standing up through the past adversities and difficulties and giving your 100% to bring incredible products and games with the care and love you always gave. Thank you for making me spend countless hours playing all your games and for being a huge part of my love towards video games. Your legacy will always be remembered. God bless you and leave luck to heaven... Satoru Iwata (1959 - 2015) Rest In Peace
  7. Day 31: Why do you play games? Many reasons are given as for why I love to play video games. First off, video games are extraordinarily fun to play with, as they always give me hours of entertainment no matter what type of game is. While I have been playing solo most of the time, I always seek to play with friends and other people whether it's locally or online to further expand the experience and the fun factor. Immersion is another factor to attribute my time playing video games; much like other forms of entertainment, video games can offer you a sense of immersion but with the advantage that your input and interaction plays a big role. Escapism is another reason alongside the immersion; going into different worlds and exploring 'em while taking part of the role of different heroes on their quests. I could say challenge is another reason I keep in mind while playing games. I like it when games offer a real sense of challenge and difficulty and many games from past generations to even current ones have given me a good share of challenge to enjoy. Yet not everything I play are for the sake of challenge: I can relax myself with other types of games that don't need to be challenging per se.
  8. Day 30: Favourite Ending Luigi's Mansion 2 The ending seen at the prequel was indeed a test for Luigi to overcome his fear and cowardice to ghosts in order to save his brother. Luigi's Mansion 2 takes this concept once again, and while the prequel was quite a charming scene to see this time the ending seems a little better developed to me. After defeating King Boo and restoring the Dark Moon so all ghosts are friendly once again, you also rescue Mario who's been trapped on a painting once again and he congratulates you. Your big brother congratulating you for all your efforts to reach this far and overcome your fear of ghosts is a crowning achievement not only for Luigi but for the player as well; being personally congratulated by one of the most iconic characters in video game history is something you don't see everyday! And on top of that, Luigi manages to befriend a ghost for the first time, the little Polterpup. Again, another achievement for the green brother as it somehow sets past his fear of ghosts for good (or at least in this game!). Such a charming moment, may I say...
  9. Day 29: Favourite Overall Cast Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door The Paper Mario and even the Mario & Luigi series have featured a consistent cast of great and memorable characters, going from your party members, the villains, and many side characters found throughout your adventure. The Thousand-Year Door's cast is probably the one that left me a really memorable impression back in 2004 when I first played the game and still remains at the top of my favourite casts in the entire Mario RPG series and, dare to say, even the entire Mario franchise. From the smart Goombella to the timid yet strong-willed Koops, from the adventurous Admiral Bobbery to the sweet and loyal Vivian... Mario's partners share their traits and personalities very well into the game as well as being proven as powerful allies to Mario on his journey. The X-Nauts, commanded by Sir Grodus, are also proven to be a threatening group to the point of capturing Princess Peach for their evil plans; Bowser, while on a secondary stance for the majority of the game, can offer its share of evil (albeit quite entertaining for the most part!) alongside Kammy Koopa; and even other bad guys such as Rawk Hawk do a pretty good job at their role as well. Even Luigi makes a noteworthy appearance in this game as he tells his brother all about his journey on Pudding Continent, proving to Mario he can try to be just as strong and brave as him. (Post finished, but I'll have to leave an introduction later as I gotta go to work) .w.
  10. Just a couple of hours until MK8 drops into our mailbox. Not long now, dang it! >.

  11. Day 27: Favourite Developer Game developers are, beyond any doubt, the masterminds behind the creation of any video game. These groups of programmers, designers and many other key talents create and shape the games we've been playing ever since the inception of the industry. While there are hundreds of developers working hard on shaping the industry, there are certainly a good amount of these teams whose work and history have given many players across the globe really amazing experiences to remember. As far as personal preferences and honourable mentions go, I can name sooo many talented developers that I absolutely like. First off, Clover Studio / Platinum Games, Rockstar Games, or Atlus are some of my major third-party choices, while Jonathan Blow, Edmund McMillen, or Dean Dodrill are some of my favourite indie developers. Under Sony's flagship, Naughty Dog, Insomniac Games, or Japan Studio just to name a few; Sega's past list of development teams are still highly regarded to me, going from DD1 / AM1, DD2 / AM2 (Yu Suzuki), AM5 / United Game Artists (Tetsuya Mizuguchi), AM6 / Smilebit, AM7 / Overworks, to of course the still ongoing Sonic Team (Yuji Naka / Takashi Iizuka). Going into Nintendo's long history of developers (1st and 2nd party)... Nintendo EAD, Intelligent Systems, Monolith Soft, Retro Studios, AlphaDream, Camelot, Game Freak, Good-Feel, Next Level Games, Sora Ltd, or even Rare (during Nintendo's partnership) are just some of the many incredible talents under their flagship; with the compromise with the players to deliver the greatest quality and experience possible, Nintendo holds an incredible array of video game developers and each of them pursuits to deliver the best gaming experience possible thanks to their vast amount of beloved IPs and characters. There is, however, one particular developer under Nintendo's flagship which I haven't mentioned on the list and happens to be my favourite one, and it's indeed... HAL Laboratory The most obvious reason as of why HAL Laboratory is my favourite developer among the many incredible Nintendo 1st and 2nd party developers? Kirby. They are the masterminds behind the round, cute 'n cuddly pink puffball we all know and love, with Masahiro Sakurai as the father of such creation. Created as a franchise accessible to everyone (from beginners to advanced players alike), Kirby has been around for more than 20 years giving players a really good share of fun thanks to its unique and easy-going gameplay as well as its versatile nature to adapt different styles of gameplay and visuals; from the crayon-styled graphics in Dream Land 3 to Epic Yarn's rendered textile visuals; from the accurate tilt sensor in Tilt 'n Tumble to the greatly implemented touchscreen controls in Power Paintbrush; from the 4-player treasure hunting action of The Amazing Mirror to the also 4-player co-op fun of Return to Dream Land. HAL Laboratory tends to take advantage of the console the game is released on, whether it's on a handheld or a home console, and as seen with their most recent release, Triple Deluxe, all I can say is they still have got a lot to give to this well-beloved franchise in future installments. =) But not all the praise HAL Labs gets go to solely the Kirby franchise! They are the masterminds of another incredible franchise also originally created by Masahiro Sakurai during his time at the company: the Super Smash Bros series. Who thought putting some of Nintendo's all-stars characters into battle stages also from Nintendo's most iconic franchises and let 'em fight each other for victory wasn't a great idea? Not only it's an incredibly fun franchise, but also one that serves as the perfect homage and tribute to Nintendo's long history in the video game industry. Aside from Super Smash Bros, HAL Laboratory also co-developed some amazing Nintendo franchises like Earthbound (more specifically, Mother 2 & 3) or some Pokémon spin-offs like Stadium, Snap or Rangers. So what else can I say about HAL Laboratory? They are the creators of one of the most beloved characters in Nintendo's history. They are an incredibly talented team and an important piece in Nintendo's big puzzle of developers, with Masahiro Sakurai being one of the most influential designers not only in HAL's and Nintendo's but even in video gaming history. Speaking of influential personalities, Satoru Iwata used to be a developer and president of HAL Laboratory before his appointment as CEO of Nintendo in 2002 by Hiroshi Yamauchi, whom he already saw as an important figure even during his days at HAL.
  12. Day 25: Least Favourite Character Bubsy The (Motherfucking) Bobcat The platform genre was an extremely popular choice for many developers during the 80s and especially the 90s; hundreds of platform games were spawned for every character and franchise, whether it was an existing license or a brand new one. The popularity and success of Mario and Sonic brought an opportunity for developers to take a shot a create the next mascot; there have been a fair amount of great and not so great characters, but Bubsy The Bobcat is the most infamous one to me. The guys at Accolade probably saw the recent popularity (at the time) of Sonic The Hedgehog and thought 'Why not create our next Sonic?'. And this is where the character fails really hard: his whole portrayal. Bubsy tries too hard on being cool and with attitude, and what we get is an annoying and obnoxious guy who delivers cheesy lines full of puns... REALLY bad ones, by the way. His most famous line, 'What could possibly go wrong?'... I swear, it's a line that always struck me. There I was back in the mid 90s when I first picked this game and popped it in my Mega Drive, and after pressing Start I heard this line for the first time ever; at first I thought the same thing, I said 'Oh yeah, this game looks promising and cool, I bet it'll be great to play!'... and what I get is a game full of bullshit level design, awkward controls and a character who's generic as hell and tries to be a Sonic wannabe with his speed and 'tude. Tell me if that phrase didn't scream maximum trolling at its finest or not, 'cause that's exactly what it feels to me even to this day! >.< And that's another thing too! Gameplay wise Bubsy is an utterly unreliable character to play as due to his unnecessary speed that screams 'HEY LOOK, I'MMA FASTER THAN SANIC!!' and his irregular and awkward as heck control. This doesn't solve the fact you can die with pretty much anything in one hit, whether it's by an enemy or by anything on the level which, by the way, will ensure you some bullshit moments to remember. All in all, I totally loathe this character for his obnoxious, annoying and generic portrayal, as well as the overall experience of the game itself. While Bubsy 2 did few fair improvements on the gameplay (yet not enough to guarantee a masterpiece of a game), his transition to the 3D world with Bubsy 3D killed the character for good with one of the worst platforming experiences you could find at the time and his worst portrayal ever. (Posted from my iPhone. I'll have to make any edits in the formatting plus the introduction after my return from Manchester!)
  13. Day 23: Favourite Song Super Mario Galaxy (Ending Credits) The entirety of Super Mario Galaxy's soundtrack is a superb work and an absolute bliss to listen to. The use of a philharmonic orchestra as part of the audiovisual representation of Mario's journey into space was an excellent choice as we can hear through every single piece composed by legend Koji Kondo and his team; from traversing through Egg Planet or Wind Garden to strolling at the Comet Obseratory, listening to this soundtrack while you play one of the greatest games of all-time in recent years is an experience like no other ever seen before. The main theme used on the ending credits is the ultimate culmination of such experience, the perfect representation of what your journey into space has been like: a journey through distant yet fantastic worlds filled with the best platforming action you will ever embrace from the masters at Nintendo EAD Tokyo. (Posted from my iPhone. I'll have to make any edits in the formatting plus the introduction after my return from Manchester!)
  14. Day 22: Favourite Art Style From a technical standpoint, graphics in video games have been a particular subject to many developers in order to catch the attention of players. A visually stunning video game may make use of a unique style which not only serves as the main purpose to stand out among other video games on the market, but also potentially catch the audience's attention. Thanks to the advancements applied to the hardware and the creativity of game designers, video games have managed to embrace different art styles to create unique experiences which are also blended with unique gameplay styles. I am particularly fond of any video game which features unique art and graphical styles, and in terms of honourable mentions, games like The Wind Waker, Jet Set Radio, BioShock, Paper Mario & Mario & Luigi, Vanillaware's Muramasa or Dragon's Crown, UbiArt's Rayman Legends or Child of Light, even Sonic The Hedgehog's Unleashed and Colours are some of my choices. This time, and since I am more of a fan for charming and adorable stuff, my choice has to go once again to... The Kirby series The entirety of the Kirby series have always had an edge for depicting immense amounts of charm and cuteness in every single game released to date. From the characters and enemies to the levels and environments, the overall design is so comforting and eye-catching and such a soft and heartwarming style is what makes this franchise so appealing to everyone who gets the chance to enjoy any of the Kirby games. For starters, Kirby's round and simple design as well as his personality is one notable characteristic of this franchise. His round shape not only is a versatile element for certain gameplay styles in the series, but also one to adapt into different artistic styles as seen in, most notably, Kirby's Epic Yarn. As I already mentioned back in Day 8 (Favourite Ability) and as seen in the picture above, Kirby's signature move Copy brings out a vast array of unique designs to blend with the character and strengthen his charming and cute appeal even more than how he already looks; not only that, but such character design and style perfectly blends with his cheerful and innocent personality. As far as enemy design goes, most of the foes featured in the series (outside of some nightmare fuel final bosses!) follow the same charming and adorable pattern than the titular character himself; the box art for Super Star Ultra, for example, is a good reference to this statement. The series' fantasy world of Pop Star is filled with colourful and bright designs in every area you visit; from typical locations such as fiery caverns, open meadows, water-filled or submerged areas, icy mountains and similar nature-based places, every level you visit is always a bliss to run, float and jump around in. The attention to detail in such level design is incredible, from the different patterns used on the foreground designs to the astonishing environments seen in the backgrounds. Such detail on the levels' scenery has been present throughout the entirety of the series, especially in the traditional or the more three-dimensional styled side-scrollers. Just look how gorgeous Kirby Return To Dream Land looks for example! While a core style is present in all of the games, the Kirby series isn't short of recurring to unique art styles in certain entries. Kirby's Epic Yarn is possibly the most notable art style used in the franchise in recent years by combining graphics rendered in a unique knitted design based on animated yarn blended with cloth and textile environments. Epic Yarn takes full interaction between the game and its graphical style, such as allowing Kirby to pull buttons, threads or zips to reveal hidden areas or alter the shape of the terrain. On top of that, such art style not only makes the game incredibly gorgeous to the eye but also irresistibly adorable! *_* All in all, the Kirby series features a particularly beloved style that has always been so appealing to me among other video games. I love the overall design on the characters and levels, I love the charm and cuteness and I totally appreciate the different takes the franchise can do into other unique styles which I hope will be expanded in future installments.
  15. Day 21: Most Memorable Unlockable Unlockables have always been a great element in any video game due to the fact that not only serves as an additional content that players would achieve to expand the experience of the game but also as a reward for his or her hard work in his or her progression to completion of the game. Unlockables ranges from new characters, new game modes, custom and/or alternate designs or any other extras; such unlockables can also be described as unique to certain games either in the way you unlock them, in the fashion they are depicted or in the way they are conceived to be used. Going through at least one honourable mention, I could say the Super Smash Brothers series have always been particularly special to me when it comes to character unlockables; the fact you battle against mysterious challengers which in most cases you aren't certain about how you did make these challengers approach to you for a fight is always exciting and even nerve-breaking at times. Going from huge desire to beat the challenger so you can eventually play as him or her later to even feel certain degree of fear as you try not to be defeated by your opponent and therefore losing the chance to unlock him. The sense to finally being able to select the character after his or her defeat is always a well-deserved reward to me after the fight. My choice for this question, however, has to be a very memorable unlockable from the Kirby series, which is... Meta Knightmare (Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land) Playing Nightmare in Dream Land was certainly a delightful experience for a Kirby enthusiast back in 2002. Released as a remake of Kirby's Adventure, this game brought enhanced graphics and sound, tighter controls and a couple of new additions such as brand new minigames and, as seen above, Meta Knightmare. Unlocked once the player reaches 100% completion of the game twice (both in Normal and Extra Mode), this mode is essentially a third playthrough of the game in Extra Mode... but as Sir Badass Meta Knight himself! Yep, the knight of the silver mask starring as a playable character in his own game mode for the very first time in the series. Wielding his sacred sword Galaxia, Meta Knight must clear his way through Dream Land in order to prove his worthiness. May seem as a simple task, yet not only you play with only a powered-up version of the Sword ability and nothing else but much like in the previous Extra Mode you only count with 3 hit points; to make matters worse, there's no auto-save whatsoever in this mode so you have to clear through the entire game in one go, all while you attempt to complete the game under the lowest time possible. Playing through this sub-game back in 2002 was really memorable to me not only for being a sweet reward after reaching 100% completion in both Normal Mode and the harder Extra Mode as well, but most importantly for being a sweet treat for a die-hard fan of the series like myself. The fact you could play as one of the most badass and most mysterious characters in the series (and quite possibly in any video game!) was something I always looked forward to see in the Kirby series and, lo and behold, Nightmare in Dream Land made this possible. Meta Knightmare's first introduction in this remake also led to a new revision of this sub-game in another remake within the series, being simply known as... Meta Knightmare Ultra (Kirby Super Star Ultra) Now this time featured in Super Star Ultra, Meta Knightmare Ultra plays the same concept seen on its first incarnation: you rush through the game's first five sub-games (Spring Breeze, Dynablade, The Great Cave Offensive, Revenge of Meta Knight and Milky Way Wishes), each of them as Meta Knight himself. This time, however, Meta Knight counts with four special moves powered up by collecting points from defeating enemies: Meta Quick (temporary boost on his movement speed), Knight Call (summon a Blade Knight or a Sword Knight as a Helper), Heal and Mach Tornado (damage all on-screen foes). While aspects seen in the first version of Meta Knightmare are not present in Ultra such as the lack of auto-save or the drastic reduction of hit points, the speed-running element is still present as the game registers your clear time. Aside from the core gameplay, Meta Knightmare Ultra greatly expands its plot in comparison to the original. Meta Knight wants to become the greatest warrior in the galaxy, so in order to do so he embarks on a journey through Dream Land and, later on in Milky Way Wishes, through the different planets scattered in space. Once he revives the destroyed comet Nova, he wishes to fight against the greatest warrior in the galaxy; Nova gladly summons the ancient warrior known as Galacta Knight, a warrior who was sealed away for fear of his overwhelming powers. An incredible battle between the two unfolds, with Meta Knight's chances to victory in the hands of the player. Once defeated, Meta Knight accomplishes his journey to become the greatest warrior in the galaxy. While these sub-games may not be intended to feature any canonical plots of any sorts (question yourself why Meta Knight would destroy his own Halberd in his run through Revenge of Meta Knight), the real appeal of both Meta Knightmare sub-games is simply being able to play the titular knight, and as previously mentioned, it's an incredibly well-beloved character by many fans (including myself). Seriously, who wouldn't pass the opportunity to play one of the most badass characters ever?
  16. Day 20: Favourite Side Character Fidget (Dust: An Elysian Tail) Mentioned as my favourite Indie title back in Day 5, Dust: An Elysian Tail had a pretty captivating story as well as a good cast of characters to interact with. Fidget not only serves as one key component in the gameplay but a great companion throughout the story. At first, Fidget comes across as a rather useless character on her own (and even Dust snarks at her for using her projectile attacks which barely inflict damage on enemies), but combined with Dust Storm her energy blasts can multiply into several dozens which can home into nearby enemies. Through game progression, Fidget learns fireball and thunderbolt attacks which can also be combined with Dust Storm to create greater attacks and deal greater amounts of damage. Fidget's magical powers can be raised whenever Dust levels up and when you equip items which can multiply her damage up to 3x, becoming a powerful ally from the mid to end-game if her attributes are well managed early on. Fidget serves as the guardian of the Blade of Ahrah, one of the five blades of Elysium; in terms of personality, Fidget is the total opposite of Ahrah's cautious and wise personality, whereas is seen to have a playful, lighthearted and even mischievous view of things. Fidget's interaction, bond and trust with Dust grow stronger as the story progresses and more of Dust's memories and mysterious past is revealed. Another aspect I love about Fidget is her comic relief which blends perfectly well to the darker and more serious elements of the plot, and her constant use of metafiction to break the fourth wall and make the player have more than just a laugh with her dialogues and even references to other video games. (Just finished my post before the next question is up! I'll have to leave my introduction and honourable mentions a bit later once again...) .w.;
  17. Day 19: Favourite Antagonist Ganondorf (The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker) Among all the incarnations of the titular antagonist in the series, Ganondorf from The Wind Waker is possibly the deepest in terms of characterization as well as a clear background and motive for his villainy. While in Ocarina of Time we saw a Ganondorf in hunger to conquer Hyrule by the power of the Triforce, the newly established timeline given in The Wind Waker broaden up the reasons for such desire, which was the contrast between the arduous life of his people in the harsh Gerudo Desert and the amendable life of the Hylians from verdant landscape of Hyrule Field. Aside from this, The Wind Waker gave another twist on his characterization to the point of turning Ganondorf into a villain to even sympathise with; he was a man who desired to bring the good ol' Hyrule back to the surface, a land he greatly misses and feels nostalgic for it, and therefore would do anything to bring it back, even with the use of the Triforce. As mentioned before, being raised and living in the harsh Gerudo Desert gave Ganondorf a sense of desire to claim Hyrule's properous land in the past, and in his depiction shown in The Wind Waker, he still seeks to claim what he desired a long time ago. Throughout the game we see Ganondorf's determination to accomplish such desire to bring things back to what they were, back to the good ol' days (and of course done to his own evil scheme), but such dream is shattered by Link. Such sympathy is what really gives this version of Ganondorf a bigger appeal to me in comparison to other incarnations in the series; while his actions to bring Hyrule back to the surface and claim it for himself as he long desired are still from evil deed, you can't help but feel bad for ultimately ending up his dream. Aside from his characterization depth, his design as depicted above makes him look so badass. (Post finished, but I'll have to do an introduction and a few honourable mentions later on I'm afraid) .w.
  18. Day 17: Best Combat Certain video game genres may feature gameplay elements which involve characters getting into the fight of enemies and even player-controlled characters. Throughout the years, many games have introduced different types and styles of combat oriented gameplay mechanics, ranging from beat 'em ups and hack 'n slashes, action games, RPGs, and of course fighting games among other genres. Personally I quite like most of the offerings given in several beat 'em ups and hack 'n slashes such as Streets of Rage or Bayonetta, action games such as BioShock (especially the 1st game) or Gears of War, RPGs like Xenoblade Chronicles or the Paper Mario / Mario & Luigi series or fighting games like the all-time classic Street Fighter series. In fact, my all-time combat system comes from the fighting games genre, which is the one featured in... Super Smash Bros. series The Super Smash Brothers series has been and will always be the epitome of fun in video games to me. Starring a plentiful cast of all-star Nintendo characters ready to brawl in a diverse range of Nintendo-related stages filled with frenetic chaos and fun. While the Smash Bros series is known in a big part for how it pays a tribute to Nintendo's history and their franchises, the fighting gameplay elements is also a really big asset to the series' credit. Picking up Mario and beating the crap out of, say, Pikachu, Link or even Sonic never has been sooo much fun to do, and all thanks to its particular combat system while mixing up platforming elements. Behind its simple concept of hitting and beating your opponents as much as possible so its percentage is high enough to send them out of the ring, a good chunk of strategy is added in terms of knowing when to hit or dodge your opponent, when to take the most of your items, and how to take advantage of the scenario's layout. Yet it's difficult to keep yourself away from the chaos these battles always bring up, since the vast array of items, the passive events from the scenario, or even unexpected attacks coming from other opponents will guarantee combats where anything can happen and bring the victory to anyone's hands. Hectic, challenging, and most importantly, extremely fun. Masahiro Sakurai, alongside the guys at HAL Laboratory, made an exceptional job by introducing this new twist to the fighting genre back in 1999 with their Nintendo 64 instalment. Such combat system brings out endless possibilities to every single fight in a game that also pays an excellent tribute to Nintendo's long history in the video gaming industry.
  19. Day 16: Most Tragic/Saddest Moment As previously mentioned, the story component of a video game have been one of which has been in constant evolution across different generations, offering players a plot in which to take part of as they experience the gameplay of the game. Much like any story featured in other forms of entertainment, the ones in video games may have different takes including the emotional side, making the player feel emotionally attached to the characters that are part in the game. As far as I can remember, few games have given me a certain degree of emotional attachment to the point of finding a particular moment in the story sad or tragic to remember. Yet there's one that has been stuck with me in recent years due to its charm and emotional side (which has also been mentioned throughout today's question by other people). My saddest moment in a video game is... Rosalina's Story in Super Mario Galaxy As many already know (and definitely already commented throughout this topic in several occasions), Mario games are not known to have a deep story outside of their RPG installments. However, finding out that Super Mario Galaxy's plot was quite deep enough to even feature a backstory to their newest character in the series, Rosalina, was quite a surprising yet pleasant surprise. Her backstory is explained through her storybook which is told to the Lumas at her Comet Observatory's library and as you progress through the main game more chapters of her story will be available. Rosalina's backstory is certainly a sweet and charming one to listen to, yet features a sad side of her past as it tells more about her family and how she ended up living in the Comet Observatory alongside the Lumas. Rosalina, who wants to search for her mother, goes with the Star Child while leaving her father and brother behind. All to find out that Rosalina's mother is sleeping under the tree from the hill where she lives. That line pretty much sums up how Rosalina is feeling for missing her mother, a beloved one who's been long gone and how her feelings are comforted by the Lumas who have been accompanied by Rosalina during her travel. This story is possibly one of the saddest featured in the Mario universe, a sub plot that goes deep into the emotions of how someone feels for missing a really close family member while giving depth to a brand new character (at the time of the game's release) with a proper backstory, something quite unusual in the main Mario platformer games. An incredibly charming story as well as touching, so touching that even brought me into tears. ;_; Such backstory, on the other hand, has been a particular reason as of why Rosalina is one of my big favourite characters in video games.
  20. Day 15: Favourite Moment As a form of entertainment, every video game that pursuits to fulfill the player's experience as best as possible must contain elements that make such experience memorable. Opening or ending sequences, any cutscene in particular, a certain gameplay element/s, a character/s portrayal or featuring scene, or diverse moments found in a particular stage or boss fight... moments that the player will find memorable to watch, remember, and even go back to multiple times. Personally, there are several moments that I can quickly come up here being really good ones for me to remember. Kirby 64's 02 boss fight, The Wind Waker's Hyrule Castle revelation, Metroid Fusion's SA-X appearances, Sonic Adventure 2's Finalhazard boss fight, Smash Bros Brawl's The Great Invasion sequence in The Subspace Emissary, BioShock's confrontation with Andrew Ryan... so many moments to list, yet I will mention one particular moment (an opening sequence, to be more specific) that I absolutely adored the very first time I ever watched it and still love to watch to this day. It's going to be... Mario Power Tennis' Opening Sequence The Mario series has always been one of my all-time favourite gaming icons for many reasons, from their marvelous gameplay featured on both their main and spin-off games, the phenomenal amount of memorable and charismatic characters, to the immense charm they provide, leaving many legendary moments for me to remember. Whether it's the main platformer games, the RPG series or the sport spin-offs there's always a great Mario game with some great moments to be found, and Mario Power Tennis is one of those. One of my favourite Mario sports games which has one great moment in it that I always found really cool and funny and has always stuck with me as being one of the few Mario openings featuring not only a relative chunk of story but also lots of personality! The opening starts off with Wario and Waluigi losing a game of tennis to Mario and Luigi at the Peach Dome Tournament, which of course makes them very angry. They then start drawing on the faces of Mario and Luigi for a laugh before being chased by the police. After escaping the fuzz, they stumble upon Bowser's lair who promptly shows off his awesome tennis moves, proving that if they forcibly train hard enough they too can become tennis masters! The brothers manage to practice hard enough, and to the surprise of the two finalists Mario and Luigi, Wario and Waluigi decides to take over Yoshi and DK's participation and both bad guys alongside Bowser commence to give the Mario Bros an explosive final by launching a bajillion Bob-ombs, which Mario and Luigi, alongside the crowd, are up to rally back. The result of that entire scene is a total blast, literally. XD Anyway, this opening is simply brilliant. It's amazing to think that this 5-minute opening has ten times more charm and hilarity in it than half of the other spin-off Mario games. The amazing portrayal of Wario and Waluigi is the most notable thing about this entire opening, showing what they are best known for: a dynamic duo ready to create so much mischief, chaos and trouble all over the place in such high levels of hilarity. Moments like this in the Mario series make me reinforce my belief that Nintendo should give either a role to Waluigi in Wario Land or, better yet, something more like Wario & Waluigi RPG; these two fellas have tremendous potential to star in their own game, I'm telling ya! What makes it incredibly funny is the voice acting by Charles Martinet for both Wario and Waluigi, who mostly speak in short phrases and gibberish; my favourite moment is when they first land in Bowser's lair and Wario mumbles "Ehhh... what is this dump?". XD All I can say about this opening is how incredibly charming and fun it is to watch, and it's a perfect opening sequence for a really amazing entry in the Mario sports games, as well as reminding the audience the moral of cheating in sports is never a good idea. I would love to see more sequences like this in both the main and spin-off series because, honestly, the incredible cast of the Mario franchise is so full of charm and charisma to the point of being a very valuable asset; such asset is precisely why I love the series among many other reasons. One more thing! As an extra bonus, Mario Power Tennis contains two blooper-reels of the opening sequence in the credits, being the only Mario game so far to feature such content. These bloopers are extremely fun to watch as well, as they also give us the view of how these characters are doing their jobs for the purpose of making us gamers happy. =3
  21. Day 13: Most Disappointing Game While there will always be incredible and memorable experiences found in video games, sometimes there are times where you may hit a game that doesn't live to expectations. Games where they don't deliver the promised experience due to certain flaws on its design and therefore may leave players disappointed during their experience. For this particular question, I could have gone for a past game such as Super Mario Sunshine, Metroid Other M, Paper Mario Sticker Star, or even the infamous Sonic The Hedgehog (2006); instead, I am going to take only a step back to last year and take a look at a game that while it was universally acclaimed by the media it left me disappointed as a fan of the series it belongs to. I am talking about... BioShock Infinite Alright guys! Before I start elaborating my post, I want to leave very clear that I DO like this like for reasons that I will later explain down below. The BioShock series is considered one of my favourites featured in the past generation for giving the first person shooter genre a very unique twist not only on its gameplay elements by featuring traditional shooting with elemental powers in combat but also for its deep narrative, memorable characters and ground-breaking settings combined with horror elements all featured in the mysterious underwater city of Rapture. After enjoying the first two games in the series, I expected BioShock Infinite not only to carry every single element that made its prequels so incredible to play but also surpass such expectations. And to tell you the truth, they were almost there... In terms of settings, story and characters, Ken Levine left an impressive job (if not the most impressive yet) with BioShock Infinite's overall narrative. The city of Columbia had a really unique appeal, showing a bright image of perfect city to live yet with a mysterious and shocking scheme behind ready for the player to unveil throughout the game; much like Rapture in the previous games, Columbia was filled with immense amount of detail while portraying a very clear and effective art direction, resulting in a visually captivating experience. The characters are memorable as well, from the main protagonist Booker DeWitt and his companion Elizabeth, the antagonist Comstock, to the mysterious Robert and Rosalind Lutece, all playing their respective roles really well and serving as another important asset in BioShock Infinite's overall narrative; the role of Elizabeth, in fact, is the most noteworthy, establishing an emotional bond between her and the player as the player him or herself progresses through the game. The story, in fact, is not only the best in the series but also one of the greatest in recent video game history. All in all, I can say hands down that BioShock Infinite's narrative is one of the best I've ever experienced. So why do I list this game as my most disappointing? Because while the overall narrative was ground-breaking, the gameplay on the other hand didn't meet my expectation. Gameplay is what matters the most to me in any video game, and if a game lacks on this important aspect it falls apart regardless of how amazing the graphics are or how well thought the story is. The basic gameplay elements of previous BioShock games are present in Infinite, which are traditional shooting with a good range of weapons to get and casting powers with Vigors (the equivalent of BioShock's Plasmids) blended with the interaction of the mysterious city of Columbia and its hostile atmosphere, the search of collectables (ie. Voxaphones, the equivalent of BioShock's Audio Logs) and the many secrets to discover. These two elements are also combined with several newly introduced ones such as the Sky-Line travelling or Elizabeth's role in combat. However, the combat elements suffer from several flaws that lead to become monotonous and predictable. In BioShock 1 & 2, you battled against random hordes of Splicers scattered all across Rapture, and in most cases, these could come from different points of the area and attack you from different spots (even from behind you), making the player being in constant alert of enemies. In BioShock Infinite, they decided to throw ridiculously big hordes of enemies in open areas of the map, and all of these will always come in front of you. And because there are loads of these big and open areas, you end up predicting when you will engage into combat; it doesn't help the fact there are areas with tears ready to be opened and be engaged in battle (which I will explain shortly after). Elizabeth, who I praised on the narrative department, falls apart gameplay wise by providing bland and limited support to the player. Being a character known to be such a force of nature for her Tear-opening powers as seen on the story, her role on the gameplay is reduced to ridiculous levels. While in battle, she can scavenge the area for supplies such as ammo, health kits and Salts (the equivalent of BioShock's EVE), as well as money. She doesn't attack any single freakin' enemy at all, instead she just runs around and scavenges items. Don't get me wrong, it's nice to receive a little bit of support while in battle, but aside from receiving such support inconsistently (sometimes you don't receive the specific element you need to be replenished the most) she doesn't help Booker on actually attacking the enemies. It's mind-boggling how Elizabeth, who's known to hold incredible powers, doesn't use them in battle! Well, I gotta correct myself: she does use her powers, but only to open tears that leads to boxes with items, weapons, environmental features or automated defense units. That's just it. Why doesn't Elizabeth uses her powers to full potential or even combine them with Booker's Vigors to wipe enemies off? The strangest thing though is that there is gameplay footage of this game shown during its development where Elizabeth used her powers to defeat enemies. Why did they scrap the idea off the game? I guess we will never know. The exploration of Columbia entices the players to interact with the many elements and details of the city, but unlike BioShock's Rapture, Infinite's Columbia feels more lineal not only in progression but in exploration too. The game contains a lot of collectibles such as Infusions which grants you permanent upgrades in your health, Salts and shield meters, Gears for passive abilities and Voxaphones to listen different character's testimonies and know more about Columbia's inhabitants. While Rapture allowed you to backtrack at any time in order to collect Audio Logs or rescue Little Sisters, Columbia locks you up at different points in the story. Elizabeth warns you in those moments, stating that once they step into whatever next area they will go, they cannot go back later on in the game. Backtracking is reduced due to this inconvenience so players are forced to make sure they collect every single item in one full playthrough. Not only that, but the game is shorter to beat in comparison to its prequels. In conclusion, BioShock Infinite is a mind-blowing game on the story department, but a disappointing experience on the overall gameplay. The really appealing aspects of the series are not only the breathtaking setting as well as the captivating narrative but also the joyous feel of engaging the hostile atmosphere of the city with a well thought combat system. Unfortunately, Infinite doesn't make justice on the latter aspect and instead offers an experience seen from a typical run-of-the-mill generic shooter, which is not what I expected for a BioShock game. Thing is I'd still recommend this game as the excellent narrative is definitely worth checking out; it's just the gameplay what doesn't live up to expectations though. =(
  22. Day 12: Fondest Next-Gen Experience Mario & Sonic's First Step Into 3D Platforming Growing up with Nintendo and Sega during the 90s was one of the greatest moments I've had during my childhood, having the best of both worlds in the form of the NES & Master System and the Super Nintendo & Mega Drive with their great amount of games to play and, especially, with their respective mascots pulling out impressive games. Being a die-hard Mario and Sonic fan, I enjoyed their adventures during the 8-bit and 16-bit era, and the idea of playing two of my all-time favourite franchises in 3D was something I was looking forward to experience. Super Mario 64 was to me (and for millions of people) the first contact I had with the Nintendo 64. As I mentioned back in Day 1: Most Nostalgic Game, Super Mario World was an amazing step forward in the franchise after Mario's also incredible endeavor on the NES. Super Mario 64, however, not only was an amazing step forward, but an unmissable mind-blowing experience. The day I got my hands on the console thanks to an old friend of mine allowed me to take part into the generational jump from 2D to 3D gaming for the first time ever, and Super Mario 64 was the perfect boarding pass to get into such generational leap. Jaw-dropped at the full 3D environments and seeing Mario run and jump, the secrets behind Princess Peach's castle and the vast worlds to explore, the amazing 3D graphics at the time and the majestic composition of the music by Koji Kondo... everything from that game was one wonderful treat after another. Even to this day I still keep going back to this game and enjoy all of its platforming goodness, which is still acclaimed as the most revolutionary step taken not only in the genre but in the video game industry. In other words, an unmissable experience and, truth be told, must consider myself lucky to experience it back on the day. =) As for Sonic's platforming endeavor into the 3D world, the release of the Sega Saturn had the potential to see a real Sonic platformer in 3D but as we all know it became an incredibly missed opportunity (let's face it, Sonic 3D Blast nor Sonic R weren't enough games to make justice of the Blue Blur). At the time when the Sega Saturn was around, I was really looking forward to see the coolest video game character step into the 3D realm. Years later when the Dreamcast came out, Sonic Adventure was, much like the N64 and Super Mario 64, the perfect way to step into Sega's newest console at the time and to experience the next leap in video games. Sonic Adventure was an incredible transition from the classic Mega Drive games, and seeing the Blue Blur running at incredible speeds throughout 3D environments, blasting away robots while freeing little animals just like in the good ol' classic series, the story and all the mysteries to uncover throughout each of the character's story segments, the enhanced 3D graphics pulled by the Dreamcast and the incredibly crafted soundtrack by Jun Senoue... so many incredible moments, so mind-blowing that even the whole generational await the character took in order to release this masterpiece was worthy. All in all, I can say that both Mario and Sonic brought me the best experiences I've ever had with their respective first 3D platform entries. Both games were incredible experiences and very joyous treats for a young boy at the time who spent hours and hours playing with their past entries and enjoyed the best of both characters' universes. (I'll leave my introduction to the post a bit later on. I had to hurry up composing this post before the next day started!)
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  24. Day 10: Most Immersive Game Being a relatively young form of entertainment with a few decades old in the whole industry, video games have been always striving for innovation and to push the boundaries of what games can possibly do. From the form of storytelling, the artistic style, to the gameplay mechanics, games have tried to pursuit the best way to impress the player with the best experience possible, something only the best designed games can possibly achieve whether it's from the biggest developers in the world to the most modest indie ones. Being a video gamer for more than 23 years I have had the chance to experience a good amount of games from different genres that had a degree of immersion. Metroid Prime remains to me as a extremely close second for taking the first person shooter genre an incredible twist as well as the entire Metroid series; The Wind Waker is also a pretty damn big contender on this question for giving The Legend of Zelda a sweet taste of open-world goodness as well as a fantastic artistic style, giving altogether a complete fresh of air to the series. However, the game I'll mention next is so damn incredible that even to this day remains to me as the best one in this category. The game is... Mirror's Edge As much as I dislike the current Electronic Arts for their way of doing business in the video game industry, I cannot disregard their past output of really original IPs during the first half of the 7th Gen of video games. Mirror's Edge is, beyond any doubt, not only one of the most innovative games of that generation but possibly the most immersive I have experienced yet. Being a die-hard fan of platforming games I was really impressed with the take DICE took in the genre by giving it a first person perspective. Under the role of the game's protagonist Faith, Mirror's Edge gave you the chance to run, jump, climb, wall run, slide, combat and do many impressive moves around the city all in glorious parkour style. The level of immersion in that game was simply incredible as the first person perspective gave platforming a sense of realism aside from giving you a city as the perfect playground to run and jump freely. While the story mode gave you a certain lack of freedom to run and jump around in the city, the time trial mode was the real deal since you had endless possibilities to complete the levels and you had many routes to play and explore in order to achieve the best time possible; with the story campaign being a little bit too short, time trials added up a tremendous chunk of replayability to the point of being a game mode to consider very seriously if you want to enjoy this game in every sense. Best way to summarise my thoughts in this post? I want Mirror's Edge 2 sooo bad. XD As I have mentioned before I may dislike EA so much for their current trend of anti-consmer friendly business but on the other hand it's the only game I am looking forward from them (although I am cautiously optimistic for their final output!). From the looks of it, the sequel will grant a free roam parkour experience which will guarantee to push the sense of immersion even further in the series: a whole city just for you, all ready to be explored in glorious parkour style. =) EDIT: Forgot to add just a few of my other all-time favourites at the introduction as I try to do throughout this 30 Days challenge! It's all there now. X3
  25. Day 9: Favourite Boss Just like in any form of fiction featured in the media, video games need the role of an antagonist to fulfill any story and its development. Villains in video games, however, not only have to accomplish the task of serving as a major threat to the hero/es but also a challenge for the player once they have to engage them in the form of a boss fight. Boss fights have served as a key component in the climax of a stage or even the entire game depending on whether it's a specific stage boss or a final boss fight respectively, and much like the previously discussed stages, boss fights are another ingredient to take in mind in order to impact the player's perspective and impressions towards the game throughout his or her playthrough. This time, once again, gotta pull the Kirby trump card. Sorry guys! XD Before I go into detail, I have a good amount of boss fights that I quite enjoy to play, from Bowser in Super Mario 64, Galaxy, 3D Land & 3D World, Meta Ridley, Kraid and Mother Brain from the classic side-scroller Metroid series, Ganon & Ganondorf from Zelda A Link To The Past, Ocarina of Time and The Wind Waker, or Big Arms, Perfect Chaos, Biolizard/The Finalhazard, or Nega-Wisp Armor just to name a few from the Sonic The Hedgehog series. But with all that said, I have got a Kirby boss fight for this question, and boy is it a really good one! So my favourite boss fight is... Massive spoilers for Kirby Return To Dream Land! Behind the spoiler tag contains info about the final boss fight. Proceed with caution if you want to play the game first! With his all new powers he sets to conquer the universe, starting with Pop Star (Kirby's home world). Now it's up to the heroes to defeat Magolor and stop his evil scheme. There are several reasons attributed as to why I chose Magolor as my favourite against any other boss in the entire franchise. For starters, the battle is split into three different parts, making it the longest final boss fight in the series; and as you will see throughout this post, these battles are one of the most challenging as well. Let's get started, shall we? The first battle against Magolor is done in a 2D shoot 'em up style (a format that has been featured in almost every main Kirby game to date). On board of one of the little Landias, you will traverse through Another Dimension in a short level while shooting down all the enemies that Magolor sends you. When you reach the end of the stage, he will summon his Lor Starcutter and start shooting loads and loads of star bullets at you, trap you into a tornado and even fling straight into you. Just like any game in the sh'ump genre speed and accuracy is crucial to beat the boss as well as dodging and predicting his moves; the battle itself is quite fun as you defeat his ship all in glorious Gradius-style. After this, the real battle begins. The second part takes place on land somewhere in Another Dimension after Kirby and his friends are taken down by Magolor. Now, hear me out when I say this, but Magolor is probably one of the most difficult final bosses if not THE most difficult of any Kirby game. His repertoire of attacks is extremely varied as he can go from teleporting, summoning time portals and black holes, shoot dark spheres as well as a huge SHOOP DA WOOP beam, spring out dangerous energy needles from the ground... and all his attacks are ridiculously powerful as they can drain even a quarter of your health if you don't watch out. Once you have depleted his health completely, he will shield himself up; the only way to defeat him is by using Ultra Abilities five times, the last one being the Ultra Sword. The way you defeat him with the Ultra Sword is intense as he will attempt to block and repel your attack, but once you manage to deliver the final slash... man, so epic! But wait! I mentioned this was a three-way boss fight, right? Indeed. After you finish him off, the power of the Master Crown brings him back to life, showing his final yet grotesque form, Magolor Soul: If his original form was tough, Magolor Soul will make you embrace into an incredibly difficult battle of grandious proportions. Some of his past attacks are present but strengthen as well as expanded into bigger magnitudes, and yet he's got even more tricks up his sleeve! Most of his attacks are focused on casting portals; for example, he can shoot out a beam into a portal and cast a hell of a lot of beams throughout the field, fly into a portal and ram himself at you, cast energy needles across every corner of the stage, invert the screen and create a dark star and spread it across the screen. Not only that, but he can literally create his own Ultra Abilities and use them against you too! Talk about a really nasty bugger! Magolor Soul is a powerful threat which will surely give you more than just a headache due to its his very chaotic fight, but to tell you the truth, this is precisely why I love this boss fight! Magolor Soul is possibly the strongest opponent in the franchise as well as his fight being the most challenging one, and rightfully so! And on top of that, the final boss fight theme is an incredible orchestrated version of Return To Dream Land's theme, so incredible that John Williams would be so proud. In conclusion, Magolor's three-way boss fight is something very unusual for the standards of the Kirby franchise, but is certainly something that will please any veteran Kirby fan and even any enthusiastic video gamer. Lengthy, challenging, intense and epic: the perfect ingredients blended altogether to bring you possibly the best Kirby boss fight ever. =) Oh, and to make the challenge even greater than what it already is, Extra Mode is the answer. There is, however, one boss fight in the Kirby franchise that deserves to have a few paragraphs worth mentioning. My honourable mention goes to... Masked Dedede King Dedede has been Kirby's arch nemesis since the very beginning of the franchise. While he's not my top favourite boss fight of the franchise, he used to be in that spot back when Super Star Ultra came out back in 2008. Being a close second, I will list why Masked Dedede deserves its attention here. First of all, among all the battles between Kirby and Dedede, this one is held up as the most intense one in their history as big rivals. Unlike any other classic Kirby vs Dedede fight, this one takes its setting into a whole new level; after being defeated so many times, King Dedede is very determinant to defeat Kirby once and for good as we can see in Revenge of The King (Super Star Ultra), so determinant that he really will mean serious business once you battle against him. Remember how their very first battle took place like? In the first picture, they were battling each other in a fair ring at Mt Dedede's castle with a huge crowd supporting Dedede. What's the scenario like in Masked Dedede? As seen in the picture on the right, this time the battle is taken into a one-on-one deathmatch with no audience watching (except Bandanna Dee) in a very enclosed ring. That's when you notice things are getting really personal! Gameplay-wise, Masked Dedede is very heavily based on elements found in previous fights with Dedede, so you can expect him using most of his standard attacks such as jumping, inhaling and smashing with his giant hammer. However, notice his hammer is entirely different from his usual one: his new toy is pretty much what spices things up a lot in this fight. He can spin around fast while his attack range covers up a good chunk of the battle ring, shoot missiles and throw fire as well as create massive shockwaves. Also, as you can see in both pictures, another element introduced in this fight is an electrifying cage that will limit your space to float around the stage. Makes the battle a little bit tougher indeed! All in all, this honourable mention goes to the fact this boss fight contains all the classic Kirby vs Dedede rivalry charm with a more intense setting and atmosphere than in any of their past conflicts in the series. It's also a pretty damn thrilling boss fight and one to be aware of if you rush through The True Arena.
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