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    From what I remember the glove is only here to make blood transfer easier. Normally you cut yourself and drop a little bit of blood and Senketsu/Jenketsu jumps into you and transforms. Really, the glove isn't that necesarry, it's just here to ease the transformation process.
  2. I swear I never saw that thread when I was looking for one. Oh well. Anyway, I'm Daya and kinda a fan of Sonic, I grew up with his genesis games and I came back to it when I played Sonic Generations. I draw, I read comic books (from everywhere) and play video games (duh!) and I got a taste of modding thanks to Quake and I intend to use this for a Sonic mod designed around the keyboard/mouse combo (but first I have to be familiar with mapping, so not now). Hope I'll have a good time here because being ignored most of the time kinda hits me, even harder when it's about my work.
  3. Gotta add my own take of Sonic and Shadow here that I already posted in my thread (assuming people care about my works...) What I did: -The skin color has now been turned white, to give a retro style to the characters. The bump behind the nose is also gone. -Both Sonic and Shadow have hairy chests and Sonic's skin/white belly is also applied to Shadow. -Sonic has shorter spine, like in the classic games, and they're also pointed upward, to make more emphasis on the Speed part of the character. Shadow's spine has now a simple thunder pattern and are as long as they were in the original designs, to make him more unique than Sonic. Also his stripes on his face has been modified so that their end would go up to his ears. -The style for the eyes have been changed, going for the yet cartoony but realistic eyelids to something more pattern like: a white oval at the center surrounded by a thick black circle. In here there's to shaeds of color: a brown one at the top which is universal to everyone, and another color at the bottom, depending on the character's original eye colors. -Sonic's shoes has been changed, taking the patterns of mutiple sneakers and simplified/exaggerated them, as well as making them more triangular shaped. SA1's light speed dash upgrade is also added in there for both style and practicalness (The Lightspeed Dash being permanent). Shadow's Hover Shoes are now Hover Boots, to emphasis the miliatry side of his. -Sonic's gloves have now a button on it, to make the gloves more interesting to look at while still making it simple. Same thing with Shadow, who not only has also a button on his glove (that is shaped by the Project Shadow's logo), but his gloves are changed into agauntlet, again giving more emphasis on his military side. Hope this post won't be ignored because I really care about this.
  4. Actually the whole "having lots of humans and little to no animals" is a Japan thing. Down there they treat anthro characters as children only up to the uncanny valley because it enters in the whole "Aaaah it's something that tries too hard to be human" and all. This is actually illustrated well with the difference between the american sonic cartoons and Sonic X: one side has a lot of anthro characters and very few humans, and the other have a shitload of humans, to the point of having a boy going around with the heroes, supposedly for it to not look that "childish" or "disturbing" in Japan's eyes.
  5. Kinda feel useless and alone here...

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  6. Y'all forgot the actual summaries: So yeah, the whole "The planet is fucked" is still going on, it's just the cover that's misleading. EDIT: Got ninja'd by goku262002
  7. Thanks a lot Jairo! I stupidely realized that this whole section is not Sonic-exclusive, so I might as well take advantage of that and post more stuff. This one was done for the Fanzine Club in my college. The theme was to illustrate a music of our choice, and so, I chose Queen's Killer Queen. We also had to make this black and white because of physical limitations. Stupid stuff! I just drawn whatever my hand/hand came up with. Someone at Tumblr said they'd love to see Ryuko (from Kill la Kill) with Jolyne Kujo's outfit (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure), so I did! It is here I finally figured out a good base to make female characters. The following drawing I made are for a game I'd love to do. Realm Founders: Arnael is a metroid-like game and I made lots of concepts for it (Won't throw everything here, there's too many), as well as a Portfolio that has maybe like 10 pages or maybe more. This guy here is from a comic I'm working on called "Zarode" that takes place on the same universe as Realm Founders, but not on the same scale (Realm Founders uses a whole universe while Zarode uses a single planet) Here, in an alternate earth, after a huge war during the dawn of the modern age, strange phenomenon occurs and 5 humanoid races appear on the planet, with superior intelligence and strength than Mankind. Fortunately, they don't want to destroy us. I want to experiment with a lot of stuff in there. And finally here's an oooooold one. Out of all the oldest drawings I've posted on DA, I feel like this one embarasses me the less. It's a deviantart meme where I do lots of stuff.
  8. Sonic for me is also game-centric, while I find the comics/cartoons to be a nice addition. It started with the first Master System game, where it was a nice platformer. Here I thought Sonic was one of those typical animal mascot. Afterwards at my cousin's house, he showed us his Genesis and Sonic 1 and 2: This is here that I truly discovered Sonic, with his sense of speed, flow and pinball stuff, and while I really liked it, it wasn't the game that made me love Sonic, aside for Super Sonic but I was a DBZ freak at the time so eh. In 2003 just after I got my Gamecube with SSBM I looked for another game to not make me bored (Ha! Getting bored of SSBM!) with my brother. I had the choice between SA2 and Luigi's Mansion. Wanting to try Sonic 3D for the first time, my brother hold me on that, saying 3D Sonic sucked, so with that I took Luigi's Mansion instead (And I thank him for that: Playing the game on the PC in 2012 was a terrible experience.). I got Sonic Mega Collection later that summer and found THE game that made me love the Hedgehog: Sonic 3 & Knuckles. So freaking good. For some years until 2007 I didn't cared that much about Sonic, and I didn't even knew about S2006 even though it was this year that I begin to get on the Internet... and it was also in this year that I went into that originalcharacterdonutsteel phase that I want to forget. As I said before I tried Sonic Adventure 2 on Steam in late 2012, and I hated it (aside from the core concept which was cool). Thankfully I got immediately afterwards Sonic Generations, and it was a can of fresh air after playing SA2 and was the game that brought me back to Sonic. It showed me that Sonic Team can make good stuff when they're willing to make effort. I'm still disappointed Adventure!Sonic's gameplay is not the norm, but that's just me. And finally I use 5 words to describe Sonic gameplay: Platforming, Speed, Flow, Physics, and Set Pieces. You still can make a decent Sonic game without one of these elements (set pieces and physics are more likely to get canned).
  9. EDIT: Edited the title the moment I realized the whole section is not Sonic-exclusive. Howdy everyone! Here will I post every Sonic related drawing I've made. For my complete gallery here's my deviantart: http://alphonsedaya.deviantart.com/ Everytime I wanted to draw a character that already exists, I mostly want to redesign them because just redrawing the same character with the same style kinda bugs me for some reason. Sonic redesign: Shadow redesign (Love the new spines and stripes!) A silly joke I've made during the whole "no used game" Xbone controversy: Retrying redesigning Sonic with new shoes and a bit of a reference stuff:
  10. Sorry for double-posting, but here's the Sonic Dissected chapter on 06: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JEHCmSEVx8 Don't except your typical rant about the game or its story. Rather it focuses on the difference between Western and Eastern culture and how it is represented in the structure of the game.
  11. For the 2006 model swap I think this is a traditionnal approach, where a higher poly model is used for cutscenes while during gameplay it is switched to a lower poly model to save memory. But nowadays it's not a problem anymore, you can just keep the same Hi-poly model for both cases.
  12. On that note. I'm still wondering how the hell did Sonic Team manages to model 2 mouths while only showing one. That or the mouth moves on Sonic's face, which is still highly questionnable from my experience with 3D models.
  13. I'd like a 3D Sonic game that take Sonic's adventure gameplay and take it to a new direction: First, the homing attack would no longer be automatic. You'd have to spindash in the air and releasing it depending on wich direction you go (the camera would be fixed at Sonic's direction and a crosshair would appear. Also the aiming would not be limited to a single axis.). On that also 2 things would be made: Since this is an actual airdash and not an automatic one, you actually bounce out of the impact at an enemy. Also you can aircharge walls so you can bounce off them (but only from a certain angle: if you're charging normally near the ground, you will not bounce off it and you will start running.). The bounce bracelet would be there too, althought it doesn't have the versitility of the air charge, it launches you immediatly downward to great speed and the bounce's power depends on how long you've been falling, meaning if you do that to a huge pit, you will bounce off extremely high. LW's parkour system would be there too, but improved. It'd work by holding a certain button while running towards a ledge/wall or by jumping on it, but holding said button would also cap your running speed. And for last: Rolling. That's something that baffles me: in SA1, Knuckles and Tails could roll, but not Sonic? Why? It'd be so much easier to deal with enemies without launching yourself to maximum speed just so you could destroy that enemy.
  14. Looking at those screenshot again, this reminds me of something that's annoying me reguarding Sonic's model in this. In those screenshot he actually looks decent despite his long limbs. But as soon as we go to the first demos, the model went back to a higher-poly version of Sonic's model in Adventure 2, where his face was butt-ugly, considering his questionnable eyebrows (When you see him from profile, he looks good, but when you're in front on him his face's like all squashed and he looks like he's angry as fuck) and centered mouth. And that grin had to be in the final. Fotrunately Unleashed came in and Sonic finally looked good ingame (I still think the Heroes and DX model beat every other ones from the 128 bit era). Also I'm still wondering if in that latest build you could jump into enemies. Afterall Sonic just crashed that wall without Homing attacking, unless you could do that in the final game. I'm still baffled about that gameplay design. From the beginning jumping was an assurance. Here, none. Why? Just because you mostly use the HA to attack enemies in 3D doesn't mean you should scrap that other move!
  15. I wasn't entirely talking about that. What I pointed was a need for Lore and an established universe. Now maybe Lost World and Sonic Boom is an indication that Sega FINALLY found something they'll stick to, but I'm just gonna guess they're just gonna do a roulette every 3 games because they're so paranoid, while Sonic's still Video Game's punching bag despite their efforts.
  16. I really hate when that happens. It breaks the immersion and just feels like "Oh pfffr since everyone hate story in a sonic game and kids are dumb, let's write something very simple so no one will be angry". If you don't want to write a story for your game then you need CONTEXT. Basically explaining who you are, who is the enemy, where we are and what is the goal. Doom did it (You're this space marine, hell invaded the mars bases and you need to stop the invasion), Super Mario did it (You're Mario the plumber, Bowser invaded the mushroom kingdom and captured the princess. You must stop him and his armies as well as saving the princess). Work with that instead and don't bother trying to write something more complex because clearly you just can't do it properly. And that makes me kinda angry because I, too, want Sonic to have proper stories and a coherent universe, but the closest I can find that is in the Archie comics. Coming back to Spin Attaxxx's statement, even freaking Super Mario has a universe on its own, and it's a coherent one, it's a universe that has been build exclusively FOR video games. But Sonic?... The poor bastard derivated so much and has so many people having their own vision of Sonic and his universe it has become as subjective as Art. I wouldn't be so bad if it was just the cartoons and such. So at that point maybe rebooting the franchise story-wise won't be such a bad idea.
  17. So wait, back at the Sonic Bible talk, hasn't there been at least a character bible during SA1's development? If this is real, then what happened from it? Did SEGA threw it out during Heroes' development thinking they won't use it anymore?
  18. Really doubt that because Sonic Retro's wiki states that Unleashed begun just after 06's fail: http://info.sonicretro.org/Game_Development:Sonic_Unleashed
  19. The better question is: "How the hell can you make a game so big in a span of a single year, considering developpment started in 2005?" It's typical SEGA idiocy here. See the Saturn and the Dreamcast marketing-wise. It took Unleashed 2 years, the whole "15th anniversary" was stupid from the start and should've just been the game that marked Sonic's coming on the Next Gen.
  20. I'd like to talk about the engine's latest build which was shown at E3 2006, with crystal clear quality: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuTeFr4-Okc Aside for the obvious faster characters and prettier graphics, you'd notice Sonic lacks his power bar. Which would mean that the idea of the gems were scrapped late in development to give the same power ups seen in SA1 and 2. That or they wanted to focus on Sonic's base capabilities. I heard the idea why this isn't in the retail version of the game was because the latest build was unfinished, so they had to go back to an older version of the game, which was more stable: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_o5bQ3SzMM This kinda makes me laugh. On all the thing the game has unfinished stuff, the engine is the most finished one.
  21. Would be better if those ports get into Steam!
  22. >Continuity Hahahahaha. This is Sega we're talkign about. Of course they will be none. Each season/arc will have a different Earth where nobody would remember past adventures and actions.
  23. I think Sonic Adventure 2 has already proved Sonic can work with it.
  24. When I started to think about it, it's trickier. I see people praising the S3K aproach, which I can see wy, but for me I strickly play as SonicXTails/Sonic alone, mainly because the other characters don't bring something that makes me want to play as them. Sure they have different abilities, stats, and Knuckles has a different pathway, but they don't have something unique that makes me want to play as them. But then there's Sonic 06 when the other characters are so radically different, but play so bad you just don't want to play as them. So here's my thing: Make them have different stats and abilities while not making them going too far from the initial playstyle (Looking at you, Big [and maybe Silver]) and the most important thing: Having them going through different stages. If I have to go through the same game but with just a different character, I don't go in (And looking at you, Sonic Heroes).
  25. ...or the franchise reboots everytime Sonic Team changes (from Unleashed to Colors/Generations/Lost Worlds)?
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