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  1. Here's a thought I had months ago: If Sonic 2006 was scrapped when Yuji Naka left/during production, and SEGA jumped straigth to Sonic Unleashed, what would've happened to Sonic's reputation?
  2. I get the feeling sega might reboot Sonic (without touching the classic games) if they finally find THE 3D gameplay they can't stop experimenting on.
  3. Well then. I also think Sonic in 3D should really benefit on rolling and pinball physics. Why is this an unpopular opinion? Marble Madness 3D and Trackmania's loops prove that it can definitely work!
  4. I'm glad Yuji Naka left Sega. I couldn't stand more non-stop dash panels and ultra realistic environments (If he was responsible for those).
  5. Well that's disappointing But again, maybe I just give SEGA too much credit to create a cohesive universe for heir own freaking mascot. Thank god for Ian Flynn.
  6. I always thought that first cutscene was Shadow hyperspeeding because he is floating, and that's not a pose we find when we play as him, except maybe when he lightspeed rings.
  7. This is something I recently got confused about. In SA2, Chaos Control allows the user to warp Space and transport oneself to almost anywhere it wants. Sure. But in Heroes, Chaos Control freezes time, in ShTH it both freezes time and warp space depending on the situation (stage/boss), in 06 it allows to freeze time and travel through time (we'll ignore that last part because time stones and 2006 sega stupidity), and in Generations it slows down time! It's like CC changes whenever it wants. Can anyone clear me through this? Because I got the assumption that Chaos Emerald = Space and Time Stone = Time.
  8. I'm aware of this. I recall an interview when Ian tell that, indeed, 06 already happened because of the retcon at the end of the game. The thing is, he mentionned a possibility about solaris escaping the retcon a-la Doctor Who or something like that. Now of course, we don't talk about actual adaptation but taking the curent event of past games and shaping original stories out of it.
  9. I've been reading archie's sonic and megaman si nce some months via scans, and Ian Flynn is doing a great job on both of them. Sadly I'm in France, which mans no one publishes them (yet...), so I have to rely on scans. I'm kind of annoyed because I really want to support the comics. Anyway, here's some speculations about a S06 adaptation (if there will be one): Just throwing my 2 cents on it.
  10. Popular: *SA1 Sonic is the best 3D Sonic gameplay wise, aside from the slow-ass lightdash and lack of rolling. *S2006 could've worked if Sonic Team didn't just make a HD skin of SA1/2 with a Final Fantasy set on it, instead of, you know, fixing the Adventure gameplay. Unpopular: *The recent games have too much 2D. Give full 3D a chance! *SA2 is the most overrated game in the whole series.
  11. Now that's just sweet. It's both funny and cute.
  12. I've been looking for this kind of thread to leave my impression on SA2, instead of wasting a thread about it, so here we go:
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