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  1. ^It's like you said, it's not over till is over. =P I also have to go with With Me. XD
  2. Wow, so this year will be 18 years since the first Sonic game was introduced. Pretty cool! I don't usually do anything Sonic-related, but it's always good to know the day he came to existence.
  3. It's obvious which track will win this time. I'll still go with Apotos Night......so relaxing =)
  4. Main Themes: The World Adventure- Orchestral version, Endless Possibility Stage Themes Day: Apotos, Spagonia, Chun-nan Stage Themes Night: Apotos, Chun-nan, and Shamar Town Themes Day: Apotos, Shamar, Adabat Town Themes Night: Spagonia, Holoska, Chun-nan Boss Theme: Vs. Egg Dragoon, Vs Dark Gaia, Boss Battle-Day. ='( Other Gates: Just the Gate Temple. I'm not familiar with the Tornado Defense stages. Ugh...I don't remember the event themes once again. Sorry.
  5. Darn. ='( I'll go with Un-Gravitify. I like this topic. =)
  6. The Palace That Was Found. Seven Rings in Hand is the only song in this game I dislike. =P
  7. I'll go with the Solaris Phase 2 theme. I don't like the others =(
  8. I think this is more annoying than horrible. I also have to mention Final Foretress as Team Chaotix. It's the one where you have to find 10 keys. I believe there aren't too many checkpoints.....so it can be really difficult to A rank.
  9. Wow, I didn't know this was such a huge issue. So this was mentioned in a couple of magazine??....Just...wow. XD I'm just glad to see that I'm not alone. I just looked at the manual, and I don't see anything on how to get past it.
  10. If this isn't worth discussing, feel free to lock it. I just want to know if any one had difficulty getting past that certain barrel in Carnival Night Zone Act 2, in Sonic the Hedgehog 3? I asked because in the other topic I created asking for your worst stages, a decent amount mentioned this stage just because of that 1 obstacle. I wonder if there are hundreds, even thousands who had a problem with this. I'm guessing this wasn't a huge issue. XD(correct me if I'm wrong) Also is there anyone who got through this obstacle with no problem?
  11. After reading the first page, I thought this topic was going to turn into a 'barrel of doom' topic. I struggled with that as well. I think someone should make a topic on that by the way. XD Anyway, I'm surprised at some of the stages most people listed, especially JezMM's stges. All of the stages you listed besides Lost Impact, I really enjoyed.......Interesting! XD For the ones that played Shadow the Hedgehog, I thought most of you would choose Cosmic Fall. The camera on that stage is really terrible. It cost me plenty of lives.
  12. Hello everyone! I have a question on the Legacy stages. Does anyone have any tips on how to 5-Star those stages? I managed to 4-star every one of those stages. No matter how quick I am with those stages, I've never 5-Star any of them. Tips anyone? Thanks!
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