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  1. Now I wonder, will early adopters of the Xbox One end up getting rewarded for their purchase? I'm going to assume Microsoft has no plans to do so.
  2. North America commerical. Seen this once, earlier in the day. Hell of a lot better than the dreadful Mario Kart Wii ads. X_X
  3. Although I never play Battle Mode in the Mario Kart series, I do feel the pain of those who was hoping for Nintendo to put more effort into that mode, since, from what you guys are saying, Battle Mode hasn't been good since Double Dash. Anyway, May 30th needs to arrive now.
  4. Ah, so that Gamexplain video just shot down the possibility of unlockable characters. Guess that roster we've seen was final. Not a huge deal for me at all, but I'm sure a few of you guys are heavily disappointed. Also glad to hear that the game doesn't suffer from frame drops at all. Very impressive. I almost never touch Battle Mode in the Mario Kart games, so what they did there has no affect on me
  5. Really can't wait to check out the dub, although I've already seen the first 5 dubbed episodes at the Anime Boston convention last month. This will surely boost ratings for the entire Toonami Block for sure.
  6. The 1st and 3rd rows look ridiculously similar. I'd kill myself if we get a Baby Rosalina and Baby Metal Mario. xD As you guys say, it'll probably be Diddy and Bowser Jr. Not sure of the bottom right slot.
  7. Wow, that's something I did not know about. It's really tracking below the Dreamcast in the US? Eh, not much to say, except hopefully they'll make some major changes in the coming years.
  8. The numbers he listed were from Japan. The numbers were higher for those 2 last week, as well as all gaming devices(which also plummeted this week). As for the US, the Wii U only managed about 70K for the month, while 3DS managed 159K(not sure if this is bad or good), from what I see in the NPD thread on NeoGAF.
  9. Very happy that there will now be a third PAX convention: PAX South. =D

    1. AlphaRuby


      Why can't there be a PAX UK?

  10. This was by far the best Direct that Nintendo has ever presented. Nothing comes close(including the Jan 2013 Direct) IMO. My highlights were definitely the Final Smashes of Megaman, Pit, and Kirby. Rosalina's FS was really lame though. Looking forward to obtaining both versions later this year. Question: Is Smash Run Mode for 3DS confirmed to have online?
  11. What I want: 3 new character reveals, a Fall release date, SSB64 and Melee on Wii U VC with online. Okay, maybe I'm asking for too much. =P
  12. 40 minute Q&A from Gamexplain. Enjoy! Also a Thought and Impressions video.
  13. As for the poster who asked about the possible final name, I predict Super Smash Bros Clash.
  14. Oh wow, I didn't notice that actually. Thanks for letting me know. That's excellent news. Then, I'll be glad to destroy more friendships. =D
  15. For the N64 Rainbow Road, I'd rather they cut that borefest down to two laps. Was a pain being on that track for 5 minutes.
  16. ^I love Toad's Turnpike, so you're not alone. Screw Extra(Mirror Mode) of that track though. That and please bring back Royal Raceway(my favorite course in MK64) Edit: inb4 delay til Fall 2014. =P
  17. Although, I prefer to have the updated model, I can totally understand why they kept this original model. Andross was always one of the best Assist Trophies in the game. I actually love seeing him vomiting big pixels over the screen.
  18. Disappointing to see that Nintendo is skipping PAX East this year

    1. Koala Poop

      Koala Poop

      Yeah, I was hoping to check out Mario Kart 8.

  19. Disappointing g

  20. So Sony introduced their VR headset, which looks amazing. I look forward to seeing their final product. :D

  21. Well, looks like Lightning strikes again. =P Never was a huge fan of the character, but I won't complain.
  22. I actually wouldn't mind if all characters receive new Final Smashes, rather than rehash the ones from Brawl. Though, I won't complain if that's not the case.
  23. ^Adding to that, someone in the NPD thread on NeoGAF posted: 175K > 3DS + PSVita > 180K. Not sure what to say about that. So Wii U has improved this month. That's great I guess, but I worry for the next 3 months.
  24. I'd say that I play equally well with ALL control schemes, including the Classic Controller, which was the most difficult to use in the beginning. I'm most comfortable with the Wii Remote and Nunchuck though. Glad to see my favorite character from Brawl, Zelda get a buff, which she needs. Yoshi reveal tomorrow??? Possibly??
  25. What I'm really curious is how the game will sell. If it performs well, then it'll encourage them to put out more titles like this. =(
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