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  1. Has this video I'm about to put below, been posted yet? If not, watch it and enjoy it.=P
  2. ^Glad to hear that we have confirmation, although I still wouldn't be surprised whatsoever if a delay into 2015 occurs.
  3. Wow, two of the three characters I was sure would get cut are back in as of now. The three characters were Toon Link, Lucario, and ROB. Guess anything is possible now. Whatever, just give me Palutena already, please. =(
  4. With their new strategy of entering the health/fitness market, I wonder if sometime in the future, if that miraculously goes successful, they'll bow out of the gaming industry(assuming they still go downhill in this industry). Eh, I could be wrong of course.
  5. I love how he immediately begins by mentioning that they have no plans to develop on other platforms. Thank goodness.
  6. The meeting is in 45 mins, so I'm guessing we'll get some info within an hour or two.
  7. Also, we have Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate coming to the West in 2015.
  8. The rumor stated that it's being released 'first' in the West in Fall 2014, but wasn't it confirmed that Japan was getting the game in the Summer? Hmmmmm.... =P
  9. GODDAMN!!!! The music was definitely the highlight of the videos, especially World 3-1. David Wise still pulls it off after all of these years.
  10. I think you were required to have certain games saved on your Memory Card to obtain trophies in Super Smash Bros Melee as well(someone correct me if I'm wrong), which was unnecessary. Failed to 100% the game because of this.
  11. Oh wow, you guys were able to use the skip hammer? I eventually completed on Intense, but it was pretty frustrating to do this mode without taking much damage on the first 9 bosses, only to throw it all away with Tabuu. Are there any other differences between the EU and other versions?
  12. My username is probably the most lacking in creativity. It simply comes from my real name, Craig Anderson. Take the first letter from my first name and combine it with my entire last name. It's hilarious seeing and hearing how people pronounce my username on other forums. xD
  13. ^Doesn't the UK usually get our US intros? Or does the UK create it's own openings?
  14. very happy to see AGDQ raise over a million dollars for charity within a week. Glad to be part of the gaming community. =)

    1. Red Cap

      Red Cap

      This year's AGDQ was amazing. The hype was too real.

  15. watching the guy on AGDQ playing Super Mario 64 with one hand is amazing. =D

    1. Boomer


      ... What's he doing with his other hand?

  16. I was expecting more from this thread bump. =( Still good news I guess. xD
  17. Currently finishing up A Link Between Worlds. Coming from someone who's least favorite Nintendo franchise is Zelda, by far, I'm really enjoying this particular Zelda title. It's my 2nd favorite 3DS game of all time after Kid Icarus Uprising. This is a Zelda title I actually see myself replaying for once, unlike other games in this series, excluding WIndwaker(my favorite Zelda game).
  18. Tetris turns 30, Gameboy turns 25, Playstation turns 20, DKC turns 20, and DS turns 10 this year. I feel old!!!! ='(

    1. KrazyBean


      Playstation turns 20?! Wow...time flies.

    2. Celestia


      Playstation is just a bit older than me, dang.

  19. Hope everyone on SSMB have a fantastic 2014. Happy New Year! =)

  20. Haha wow! Funny how the first thing that came up in my mind was Devil's Third and as I read that thread on NeoGAF, others actually think it's that game as well.
  21. sick on New Year's Eve again. guess I'm staying home. =(

    1. Kiah


      Sorry to hear that. I hope you feel better soon!

  22. For you Sword Art Online fans, they've announce a new SAO series to launch in 2014. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2013-12-31/sword-art-online-ii-tv-anime-to-launch-in-2014 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0Ghr_rbJmQ
  23. Is the 3DS Eshop up as of now for anyone? It's still down on my end. =(
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