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  1. I wish I could experience the game for the first time again, as you two guys above are doing right now. Enjoy the game! =D
  2. The part at 14:00 with the beanstalk growing out of the Question Block was a very clever find.
  3. That was a pretty damn great video. Yes, he really does. Surprisingly, he speaks more slowly than usual with this video, compared to other videos. XD
  4. Since the Direct was titles up until Spring, is this a guarantee Spring release? Maybe in Japan at least? NO! I will hunt you down. >.<
  5. I love what was shown so far. Definitely the most graphically impressive game on this console. Really hoping for some interesting design with these tracks. I could do without the babies though. Doing tricks in MK Wii with the babies always made my ears bleed, especially Baby Peach.
  6. Speaking of Zelda, I find it ridiculously shocking that Gamespot, of all sites, selected A Link Between Worlds as their Game of The Year. I guess I'm just surprised that a handheld game took the title. Video below. Other candidates were: The Last Of Us GTA V Super Mario 3D World Assassin's Creed 4 Path of Exile Tearaway Edit: The real winner are the salty comments of the video.
  7. I think the main focus will be Mario Kart 8. Could be wrong though.
  8. ^OMG THAT GIF!!!! Best thing I've ever seen. xD Those are some pretty interesting numbers. It seems that the only thing on the list that it beats is the Dreamcast's second November. ....Wii had 2 million in November of 2008? What game did the Wii had for that particular year? D=
  9. Only 220,000. That's pretty damn terrible. I thought my prediction of 250,000 was too low, but it didn't even meet that goal. D= So.....what's next?
  10. Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World was the first without an overworld as far as I know.
  11. So, I assume that this will be the final Playstation 3 Tales? Hopefully. Really wanted a Playstation 4 title, but I totally understand why it's on this console instead.
  12. Not officially the 12th in the US, but I'd like to wish you a Happy Birthday anyway. Have an excellent day tomorrow. =D

  13. I'm so happy the camera is now activated by pressing L + R simultaneously. You guys don't know the countless times I accidentally activated the camera.
  14. A compilation of some of the most awkward moments for people who wasn't able to watch. =P I've heard that Geoff and Joel lacked chemistry, but I had no idea things were THIS terrible. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qmJUebAZdo
  15. Still disappointed that they cut out the entire clip of Ash's mother looking at the group picture of all of Ash's Pokemon. =/
  16. I know most of you don't really care for the English dub, but after looking up the episode count of the entire series and the amount 4Kids have dubbed, I find it interesting that this upcoming season will be the point, in which the current voice actors will have dubbed more episodes than the original 4Kids voice actors. Never thought I'd see this happen. Pretty cool.
  17. Eh, that's a bit disappointing. In that case, I would like for it to be Super Smash Bros or Bayonetta 2, but I strongly feel that it'll be DKC Tropical Freeze.
  18. Correct, you need all Green Stars, Stamps, and Gold Flag Poles. Have fun in the final world. I look forward to your tears of frustration. =)
  19. Now beat that stage with the other four playable characters. Haha. =P
  20. My mistake, I just turned on my game and realized I was wrong. I thought that was the name of the stage for the Mystery House, which I count as courses as well. But yes, the final main course is very hard as you say.
  21. It's nothing compared to the final level. Be prepared for that. Looking forward to your reaction on THAT stage. =D
  22. Really love the skin. I'll consider keeping it, even after it's no longer the default skin after New Year's Day.
  23. I still wonder why did they release this in the UK on the same day as the Playstation 4's launch. >.<
  24. Weird, I know I had more than 5 Marios in Single Player. O__O I'll definitely check when I play again.
  25. My turkey came out great. Awesome!!!! =D

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